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TSB Sim Season: Divisional Playoffs

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AFC Divisional Playoff: Miami Dolphins vs. Los Angeles Raiders




Scoring Summary


LA: Allen 1 Run

Mia: Stoyanovich 20 FG


LA: Jaeger 58 FG

LA: Jackson 75 Run


Mia: Clayton 59 Pass from Marino

Mia: Stoyanovich 45 FG


Mia: Duper 28 Pass from Marino

LA: Horton 23 Pass from Beurlein


After squandering a couple of first half scoring opportunities the Dolphins appeared they would be on their way to another second half comeback playoff win but Steve Beurlein came off the bench for an injured Jay Schroeder to lead a 4th quarter touchdown drive for the win. The key sequence in the game came late in the first half when Mike Hardin intercepted a Dan Marino pass in the endzone and would be followed a few plays later by a 75 yard touchdown run by Bo Jackson to give the Raiders a 17-3 halftime lead.


NFC Divisional Playoff: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Minnesota Vikings




Scoring Summary


PHI: Sherman 14 Run


MIN: Fenney 1 Run

PHI: Ruzek 50 FG


MIN: Carter 21 Pass from Wilson

MIN: Fenney 28 Pass from Wilson


PHI: Barnett 38 Pass from Cunningham

MIN: Carter 56 Pass from Wilson


Wade Wilson threw three second half touchdowns, two to Anthony Carter, as the Vikings continue their surprisingly strong season with a trip the NFC Championship Game. After killing the Redskins with both his arm and legs in the Wild Card round, QB Eagles was unable to break any big runs in this one.


AFC Divisional Playoff: Houston Oilers vs. Buffalo Bills




Scoring Summary


Scoreless First Quarter


Hou: Givens 54 Pass from Moon

Hou: Hill 27 Pass from Moon


Buf: Mueller 1 Run

Hou: Givens 57 Pass from Moon

Buff: Reed 14 Pass from Kelly


Hou: Hill 31 Pass from Moon

Buf: Thomas 64 Pass from Kelly


The Houston Oilers go into Buffalo in a playoff game and don’t blow a big lead! Warren Moon was unstoppable with four touchdown passes as he leads the Oilers to their first AFC Championship Game appearance in 12 years. Thurman Thomas had over 200 yards in total offense in the losing effort.


NFC Divisional Playoff: Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers




Scoring Summary


LA: Ellard 47 Pass from Everett

SF: Craig 4 Run


LA: Warner 6 Run

SF: Rice 4 Pass from Montana

LA: Warner 4 Run


LA: Ellard 15 Pass from Everett

SF: Rice 55 Pass from Montana

SF: Craig 4 Run


LA: Gary 4 Run

SF: Rice 12 Pass from Montana


SF: Taylor 65 Pass from Montana


In a classic shootout, the 49ers outlast in their divisional rival Rams in overtime 41-35. This game featured some “great” Tecmo computer logic in overtime as after the Rams won the coin toss the 49ers decided to catch the Rams off guard I suppose by going for an onside kick. It backfired and the Rams returned it to the 49ers 35. Then rather than try to move the ball closer the Rams elected to attempt a 52 yard field to win it but Mike Lansford’s kick hit the left upright. Joe Montana would hit a wide open John Taylor on the next play for the winning touchdown.

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