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Liberal college bias, furniture shopping, and sfaJill gets embarrassed

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For anyone who thinks that college professors are not liberally biased, I present this evidence to the contrary:


WASHINGTON — Texas university professors overwhelmingly favor Democratic candidates in their campaign contributions, a Houston Chronicle study of Federal Election Commission records has found.


Faculty members have contributed $406,384 to Democratic candidates or committees in the 2008 campaign season — 71 percent of their political donations. Republicans have received $135,216, or 24 percent, of donations through the end of March. University personnel gave $27,915 to nonpartisan political action committees or third party candidates.


Am I surprised? No. Do I really care about this? No. There is liberal bias in the press every day; what does it matter if there are liberal professors in college classrooms, right?


Speaking from personal experience though, I graduated from a Texas college and I don't recall a great deal of liberal bias in any of my classes. Then again, I was an accounting major and wasn't required to take very many courses that could be politcally slanted. Although the prof of my graduate-level international management course had a crazy, almost personal obsession with Augusto Pinochet.


The most political prof I ever ran across was in, strangely enough, political science. That guy made it clear from day one that he was liberal and never made any bones about touting such views. You'd think that could make lots of folks unhappy, but, surprisingly, the women in the class were the ones most appalled by him. The most entertaining day of the entire semester was when he pissed them all off by saying that women should lose their right to vote because we elected great guys like Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln before they could vote and guys like Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 41 since they got the right to vote. Highest of high comedy that day...




So where has "Notes From Cubicle 211-A" been the past two and a half months? Busy. Thanks to our company reorg, I've been reassigned to our Project Accounting division and my new duties have left me with precious little time for TSM, the no-longer-green board (WTF happened there??), and porno. It's a real bummer. Hopefully though, all this real world shit has finally eased up and I can get back to my normal daily routine of pretending to work.


Ah, wedded bliss:


We did some furniture shopping over the weekend. sfaJill's been having some trouble sleeping and has decided that it's my fault because my tendency to toss and turn several times during the night disrupts her. And of course, to her, the obvious, not-expensive-at-all solution is to buy a new, king sized bed. After most of Saturday shopping, we found exactly one that we she liked. The price for the just the king bed though is $2,200 so it's back to the drawing board.



Also while we were out, we stopped into JC Penney so I could pick up some new slacks for the office. While sfaJill was waiting outside the dressing room for me, this little boy (who couldn't have been more than 2) who was waiting nearby with his mother, started talking to her. sfaJill loves kids so of course she was eating this up. So when I come out to model the new slacks for sfaJill, the little boy moves behind me and is now standing between me and the dressing room door. I turn to walk back in, and this exchange happens:


Boy's Mom: "Jared, please come here and get out of his way."


Me: "Oh, he's fine. I've got a dog at home that is always in the way, too."


I didn't think much of it. In the truck a bit later though, sfaJill, who had been sitting in silence most of the way, suddenly said, "You know, you really embarrassed me back there."


"What are you talking about?"


"With that little boy. You compared him to a dog right in front of his mom."


"What? You're embarrased by THAT? It was a harmless comment."


"You called him a dog in front of his mom. I don't think she liked that."


"Did she say anything about it?"




"Then how do you know it offended her?"


"Well, it embarrassed ME, so I would think it bothered her, too."


"Oh. Um...I'm sorry? I guess my 'filter' broke again."


"You should really get that thing fixed or replaced or something."


I thought about sarcastically asking her to put it on the honey-do list, but decided it was best not to risk pissing her off and ruining the rest of the furniture shopping fun.

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I did a little over a year at UW and was suprised that I didn't really encounter any 'liberal bias' from my professors. I damn sure did from the students, but not the profs. At EWU I was an accounting major as well and didn't have any problems with any accounting profs, but I did have an English teacher that was quite the hippy. Oh and I guess I did have one at UW as well, because my English teacher there was crazy too. Well, either she was crazy or she was right and I AM a nazi. Either or.

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The most interesting English professor I had was this crazy old man who often insisted that there was some level of sexual perversion in damn near every piece of literature we discussed. Listening to that far-fetched shit was unbearable after a while.


I don't know if that's worse than having a hippie teacher or not.

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...women should lose their right to vote because we elected great guys like Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln before they could vote and guys like Nixon, Reagan, and Bush 41 since they got the right to vote...


Wow, that's actually funny. I might have had fun with this prof. I don't mind commie profs as long as they don't mind having it thrown back at them.


Oh, and you probably pissed that mom off. Whatever. You're a guy. That's what we do.

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