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Songs I never want to hear in bars again

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Gary Floyd


I frequent bars. Who doesn't? That out of the way, here is a list of songs I don't want to hear in a bar ever again, and why.


  • Bon Jovi-"Livin' On a Prayer" and "Bad Medicine"-There is nothing worse than coming into a bar and hearing a bunch of drunk fratboy's warbling Bon Jovi off key. These songs are the worst offenders, and need to be put to sleep in bars.
  • Metallica-"Enter Sandman"-It's done to death people-we get it, you like to sing along to it after a long day, and then get high fives from your best pals. Also, what is up with tough guys singing along to "Nothing Else Matters" and getting all weepy. That song has the power to turn these guys into pussies in no time.
  • Anything from Kid Rock-Really, just stop playing anything from him. Don't you ever wonder if the DJ, or if you frequent strip clubs (I don't-sorry) the strippers hate having to hear this, or at least get tired of it? Just stop playing this guy for the love of God.
  • Garth Brooks-"Low Places"-It's like the ultimate drunk redneck asshole anthem. It's cancer to the ears. I'm from Southern Ohio, and if there is any modern country anthem that needs to be retired the most, it's this one.
  • Fergie-"Fergilicious"-This has replaced "All I Wanna Do" and the works of Alanis Morrisete as the anthem from obnoxious FUPA and Gunt fat girls going crazy anthem.
  • Anything from Jimmy Buffet-Along with The Eagles and John Mellancamp, nothing fills me with more rage than the works of Jimmy Buffet. Cartman was right about him BTW.
  • Bob Seger-Turn the Page-It gets even worse if it's karaoke night. Actually, never go to a bar-ANY BAR-during karaoke night.
  • AC/DC-"Highway to Hell," "Back in Black," and "Shook me All Night Long"-I like thse songs, but bars have ruined them for me some.
  • Def Leppard-"Pour Some Sugar on Me"-Actually, girls dance really slutty when this plays, so keep playing it. So instead, let's go with...
  • Poison-"Every Rose has it's Thorn"-There, much better.
  • Anything from Sheryl Crow-Fat chicks with Jeff Hardy T-Shirts love singing along to her. It's as awful as you might think.

Those are my pics. Feel free to add your own.

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Recommended Comments

There was an article in some newspaper similar to this about a month ago and it basically included the same songs on this list. Clearly, these are really hated songs. Some of those songs can be fine on their own as a road song but not in a bar.

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Since I presume you're talking about jukebox songs, and not songs being played by an actual band on stage ...


Tubthumping: Yeah, we get it, the song includes lyrics about drinking and you're in a bar. It's not funny.

Anything by Skynyrd: There are other Southern rock bands that aren't as cliched or played out. Play something by one of them.

Anything by the Doors: There's not a good time or place to play something by them, and a bar includes a time and a place. Just don't, please & thanks.

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Anything by Skynyrd: There are other Southern rock bands that aren't as cliched or played out. Play something by one of them.

Especially "Sweet Home Alabama." I never liked Skynyrd myself.

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Skynyrd definitely has some decent songs ... I just never, ever want to hear them on a jukebox again.


Two good (and popular) options would be either Creedence or ZZ Top. Both have songs that are every bit as good as LS, but are played far less frequently.

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I've heard ZZ Top played a few times. Never heard CCR played though.


People really love to play "Roadhouse Blues." Fitting, but I never liked The Doors. Jim Morrison was a horrible song writer.

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