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Taking a Break (part 2)

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[Writer's Note: This post is going to be a very open post, so if you're a friend or someone who I know from the wrestling buisness (wrestler, Referee, fan, or whomever) please do not be upset if you read something you don't like. I'm just being very honest and open here about my personal life. I hope you all understand. Thank you for reading.]


In the middle of May, I had gotten pretty sick. I wasn't throwing up blood or anything, but my body was in pain, a lot of pain. It wasn't non-stop pain, but it was random shots of pain in different parts of my body that last about 4 days, but during those 4 days I was pretty worried about my well being. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, I had a lot a trouble being at work because it affected pretty much everything I did at my job, weather it was lifting title or just driving, the random shots of pain in random body parts would want to make me stop doing what I was doing and ride it out until I felt better...but I never did that.


I couldn't take a few days off of work because I needed money to pay my bills, but at the same time I couldn't afford to go to a doctor because I didn't really have the money to go, plus my job screwed up with my benefits and for whatever reason, I never got a medical card. During the 4 days that I was sick and in pain, I took some time and kinda thought of where my life was going and I realized I wasn't happy with the way my life was going.


I kinda realized that financially and personnally, I wasn't in a good place. Financially, I made 14 dollars an hour, but I was barely getting by on my bills and if something happen to the point where if I had an emerancy or if my car broken down, I didn't have anything saved up to try and take care of those things. For someone who makes 14 dollars an hour, there shouldn't be a reason why I'm having trouble paying my bills.


Personnally, I was starting to miss out on a lot of things. My very good friends were having a baby and invited me to come up to the Sacramento area to come and meet the baby for the first time, but I was so busy with shows and being on the road, I couldn't go. I felt horrible. There were other things that happen on weekends as well that I just couldn't do or go to because a weekend was swamped with a wrestling shows, or something always seemed to fall on a day I had a wrestling show. It really felt like I was revolving my life around Pro Wrestling instead of revolving pro wrestling around my life and to be honest, it was starting to bug me, but the way my financial being was, was what was really bugging me......a lot.


In March I had re-taken a warehouse job that laid me off due to cut backs in November of 2007 as a second job. The job I already had was just a temp job, so when the warehouse job called me and asked if I would come back because they had a job opening since an employee had been fired. So I took it, once the temp job ended at the end of March, the warehouse job became my only full time job, which I knew was a gamble and it became more apprent at the end of April and the beginning of May and that's when I got to wondering if I should stay with the warehouse job....then I got sick and that's when the wheels in my mind got to turning about where I was in life.


So I kinda got to thinking about things and just realized I wasn't happy with the way things were going. My job, while paid well, was either a dead end job that really gave me no experiance when it came to other jobs that I could do or it was a company that was really on the rocks due to the bad real estate market and could lay me off at a moments notice or could just close down and because I really didn't have anything saved up, I wasn't ready to be laid off again.


So I decided to do what's best for me and act like an adult and take care of what I need to and figure out what I need to do to make my personal life better. So I decided to sit down and take a real hard look and think about things and figure it all out. I decided that I needed to take advantage of my job's schdule and go back to school and learn something that could really benefit me job wise, something I could fall back on, something that I know it won't be something useless, but at the same time, I need the time and money for me to really get going, so unfortunaily, I needed to cut back on one thing I really loved doing, and that's Pro Wrestling.


While I love being in this buisness, it's a big drain of my wallet, between training to be a wrestler and the gas prices of traveling to shows, I was spending a lot of money, but that's mainly my fault for doing so many shows that I was doing on a weekly basis. Some weekends, it would only be one show, then in another weekend it would be two shows, some weekends it was even three and it just got to a point where I was spending so much on gas and milage it was starting to affect my bills.


I also put a lot of time in pro wrestling. I was training two to three days a week and/or I was doing a show or shows every weekend and I knew if I really needed to put the right amount of focus on my life and my working career, I would have to take the focus off pro wrestling and stop spending so much time doing it and start spending a lot of my time on my personal life and career.


It was a hard choice, but in a long run, I think it will just be best if I took a break and focus on what I need to. After I had gotten better from being sick, I went to my trainer Helfyre's house early before a training session and sat down and talked to him about my choice and while I knew he wasn't happy with my choice, I knew he understand. The ironic twist in this entire thing 5 days after I told Helfyre about my choice...the warehouse job laid me off again. What I wasn't ready for and what I wanted to have a plan for, blew up in my face 5 days later after I told Helfyre about my choice. If anything that was really a kick in the teeth for me.


I finished out my Referee dates with my last show being on June 21st. June 21st was really a timeframe for my 3 year being around in Pro Wrestling in Nor-Cal, and I started it training with Helfyre in WCWA, I felt it was best for me to have my last show, be at Devil Mountain Wrestling, which is his promotion and also the promotion where I had been training and learned how to Referee.


So want to know how I'm kicking off my leave from pro wrestling? Well here ya go, the end of the last match I Ref'ed.



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