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Taking A Break Part 1

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Hello Everybody! Randomly updating this thing because I haven't since Feb apprently. Sorry about that. there's no excuse for me not updating this...just haven't done it.


So since I haven't updated this thing in such long time, I'll go ahead and talk about a few things that I've done here and there.


The first thing I'm going to discuss is my experiance working for a new company out here in CA called Big League Wrestling..or BLW for short. They were using DMW's ring so I got automatically booked to Referee at the show because I'm also apart of DMW's ring crew as well as a trainee. So we get there, set up the ring, and I'm under the impression I'm the only Referee at the show, later I find out from the promoter that I'm not the only other Referee. Which was nice because I really didn't feel like Refereeing 8 matches in a row.


The other Referee was a guy named Ronnie who Refs for another promotion out here in Bay Area. It was my first time working with him even though he's been around Refereeing for years. I guess he only Refs for this one promotion or if that promotion has influance somewhere else, he'll go and Ref for the company his main company has influance in.


So as I'm waiting to time pass and show time to come closer, Ronnie is not there yet and the promoter tells me what matches I have for the night. Which was 1, 3, and 5, which was basically all the matches that had DMW folk in them. I was fine with that, but I was hoping to get half the card and Ronnie could take the other half, but the promoter didn't know me and my history with just about EVERY wrestler working BLW, except Chris Masters and Relik. They were also on the show but I'm going to talk about them in a minute or so. So after hearing my line up, Rated 2-G, who are a tag team from LA who've I've worked with quite a bit, requsted my Referee services as well. The promoter agreed and now I had Matches 1, 3, 5, and 7...basically all the odd numbers.


The show starts around 6 and every one is there, the main event for the night was Chris Masters vs Relik. I was looking forward to meeting Relik as I've always been a fan of his and when he showed up, he was a really nice guy. First thing he did was walk around the entire kitchen turned into a locker room and shook everyone's hand and was really friendly throughout the night. Really easy guy to walk up to and talk to. Masters also did walk up and shake everyone's hand when he showed up....but to be honest, and this isn't a knock against him or anything, but he just seemed like he didn't want to be there. He just seemed he wanted to get through the night and get ouf of there.


I go out there and Ref the first match, get done, go to the back and watch the 2nd match happen as I want to watch Ronnie Referee......I can't my opinon about his Refereeing (counts way to fast) skils. During the 2nd match, Rik Luxury (who was also working the show) asked me who was doing his match,the 4th match. I told him Ronnie and I was informed it was actually me. Ronnie ended up telling the people in the match that he didn't have it, which puzzled me because I was never informed of the Ref match listing change till right then.


The 2nd match ends and now it's the 3rd match. Which was one of the DMW guys vs a guy who works with the same company Ronnie works in, (sidenote: I'm advoiding names here for good reasons.) who also holds a belt that was on the line. Before I walk out for the match, I noticed that Ronnie had not returned to the back yet, which puzzled me. I walk out there and I see Ronnie standing in the ring, waiting for the wrestlers to come out. I tug on my shirt and point to myself to give him the sign I have the match. As he's getting out the ring to walk past me, I pat him on the back and tell him I have the next 3 matches. Which was match 3, 4, and 5.


I get into the ring and about 20 seconds later, I turn around to see Ronnie getting back in the ring. I ask him what he's doing and he points to the promoter who is now ringside. The promoter gives me the "come here" sign and I get out of the ring to ask the promoter what's going on. He tells me he screwed up and that Ronnie actually this match and I get pist. I go to the back and I'm asked why I'm in the back instead of out there from the guys in the back. I explain to them what happen and they're not happy about it either. A few people have an idea on why I was switched out of the match as a Ref but I'm not going to go into that here as I have no clue who will read this.


So the match ends and I go out for match 4, still pist about what happen but it's over and hopefully nothing like that will happen again. Match 4 goes well and now we hit to intermission....which is half an hour long. Long intermission but people were signing autographs and Relik was in the ring taking pictures, so it's understandable why intermission was so long.


Now it's Match 5, which was Helfyre vs DMW Champion Jason Vega for the DMW title in the DMW's championship first road defense. When the match begain, the three of us did a little something. Helfyre climbed the turnbuckle to get a cheer from the crowd, then Jason did the same thing, then Helfyre repeated the turnbuckle crowd cheer as did Jason. After they both did it twice...I decided to do it as well. So I do it and the crowd cheers...yay. The match goes on and Helfyre ends up beating Jason to win the DMW Championship.


After the match we go to the back and I peak out the window to watch the match 6 and what do I see? What's the first thing I motherfucking see? The two wrestlers and Ronnie the Referee do the same excat thing Helfyre, Jason Vega, and Myself did with the turnbuckle crowd cheering. It just pist me off more. First he got my match switched and now he pulls that crap? Fuck him. It actually kinda backfired though because I know people in the crowd found it really dumb that they just did the same excat thing myself, Jason, and Helfyre did and actually doing it the match after ours. If anything, it just put me out there because it just made people think of the three of us doing it, so I guess it favors me and Jason and Helfyre in the long run but still...fuck him.


I'm alright though because 2 of the 4 matches he was suppose to originally Referee (this was before he got my match switched at the last minute) in, the wrestlers involved in those matches told me how they wished or wanted me to Referee their matches as I know what I'm doing and how I know my place in matches and how I can keep up with the guys involved in the matches...while Ronnie...while to be blunt..Ronnie sucks and he made it painfully obvious that night.


The BLW show itself was cool. I had fun doing it other than the minor problems I had with Ronnie that night, but the show itself was fine, but sadly that is most likely the last show I'll be doing with BLW as......well...I plan on taking a long break really soon.


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I'm curious. What's the biggest name you've ever worked with? Pick a name that's big "right now" and an "all time" selection. Please note I don't follow wrestling all that much.

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I'm curious. What's the biggest name you've ever worked with? Pick a name that's big "right now" and an "all time" selection. Please note I don't follow wrestling all that much.

Honestly....that's kind of a hard question to answer, espically since you really don't follow wrestling all that much. I would say The Great Muta, but since you're not a big wrestling fan, you may not know who that is. So I'm going to throw out The Sandman's name....umm if it'd be easier I could make a list and you could go from that.

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I know both. Not personally, mind you. (Should have stated I don't follow wrestling since '01)

oh! Okie dokie, then I would diffently say Muta. That was a dream come true, honestly.

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