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Night of the Sorcerers (Day 16)

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Gary Floyd



16.) Night of the Sorcerers (1973)

Plot: A team of researchers go to Africa end up running into Leopard Vampire Goddesses and their zombie minions.

Review: From the man who gave us the "Blind Dead" series comes "Night of the Sorcerers", a wonderfully tacky exploitation mini-masterpiece.

First things first: this movie will offend some people. The African natives are portrayed stereotypically (you expect somebody to say "where all the white women at?" at any point"), with grass skirts, masks, voodoo rituals, and kidnapping white women, among other things. Those sensitive to such things should avoid this.

Those who fully embrace exploitation movies though, may have a blast. Yes, it's gleefully politically incorrect, but it's an exploitation movie. What do you expect? While there may not be a huge amount of zombie action, the movie fulfills it's exploitation elements: whippings, rape, zombies, vampirism, orgiastic voodoo ceremonies, gory beheadings, a face melted by acid, gratuitous nudity, melodramatic overacting, a fun score, hot chicks in leopard skin bikinis-what's not to love?

"Night of the Sorcerers" is not for everyone, but those who love exploitation at it's cheesiest will be in heaven.

Rating: 8/10 A real blast for fans of Eurotrash cinema.

Come back tomorrow for: The Dead Hate The Living.
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