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Reasons Why "Return To The 36 Chambers" is Awesome.

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Gary Floyd


  1. It's hilarious, distrubing, perverse, scatalogical, homophobic, mysoginistic, violent, schizo-in short, it's what many a white rapper has tried to accomplish, and failed to deliever.
  2. Rza's Production-"My beats are slammin' from the rugged programmin'"
  3. He brags about being on welfare.
  4. "Brooklyn Zoo" is awesome, but "Damage", "Proteck Your Neck II In The Zoo" and "Harlem World" deserve plenty of love.
  5. "Drunk Game (Sweer Sugar Pie)" in it's entirety. "I'm the baddest Hip Hop Man on the Planet!"
  6. He raps, sings, howls, bellows, forgets his rhymes-it's the musical equivelent of a paranoid crackhead on open mic night.
  7. Like The Gravediggaz "6 Feet Deep", it does what Insane Clown Posse and many of their peers tried to do, but failed to in the fact that it's violent, sexist, and really fucking funny instead of completely horrible.
  8. The opening. "Never in the History of Hip Hop" has never been used so appropriately.
  9. He randomly sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
  10. Words of aadvice: "Go To School. Take a shit. Don't wipe ya ass."
  11. His Hip Hop drops on ya head like ra-a-ain
  12. His balls are fragile like eggs.
  13. GZA's performance on "Damage" is among his most underrated-plus, it's fun to hear him loosen up a bit.
  14. Not only is there no other Hip Hop album like it, there's no other album quite like it. It's a realy one in a kind experience that everyone must experience to truly understand or love.
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