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Another Pointless Top 25 Poll #2

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So I waited two weeks before doing my 2nd Pointless Top 25 because I wanted to do some hard research on all 119 I-A teams...or I just didn't feel like it last week. You make the call!


Again I spend about ten minutes doing this so don't bother spending more than ten seconds reading it.


1. Texas

2. Alabama

3. Penn State

4. Oklahoma State

5. Oklahoma

6. Georgia

7. Missouri

8. Florida

9. Utah

10. BYU

11. USC

12. LSU

13. Texas Tech

14. Virginia Tech

15. Ohio State

16. North Carolina

17. California

18. Michigan State

19. Wake Forest

20. Boise State

21. Pittsburgh

22. South Florida

23. Kansas

24. Ball State

25. Tulsa

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If there are 119 I-A teams then UW would be ranked 120.


And USC at 11? Do you not realize that they won multiple titles several years ago? And that they're a power school? And that they're USC?!

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Sad thing is, for family reasons I do root for the Trojans against everyone except Stanford but I can understand why people are getting sick of them and constantly feel they are overrated. Them being ranked #4 in the Coaches' Poll and right back into the MNC picture is just hilarious.

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