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11/13: Calling People Countrywide

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8:30 p.m.


• So for the last few days the better half has been bitching because we have been getting calls from Countrywide -- the place which has our mortgage. They call mostly during the day and she doesn't bother to answer the phone. Finally they called when I was home; about 30 minutes ago while posting picks for this week's kkk Bowl VI contest. I don't think they'll be calling again. No, I didn't wish cancer on the telemarketer, but I did make her laugh. Here's how the conversation went.


*ring ring*




"Is this Mr. kkk or the better half?"




"This is so-and-so from Countrywide. Thank you for your business blah blah blah."




"I'd like to make you aware of blah blah blah it will only take a minute to get a quote blah blah blah."


"Please don't take this the wrong way because it's not aimed at you. I am perfectly happy with the mortgage I have at my fixed rate. And I know whatever special offer you have for me will probably screw me over at some point. If Countrywide is happy with me making my monthly payment on time for the past four years I will be more than happy to continue making my payment with a little something extra each month..."


I was about to go into the housing CRISIZ and make some remark about giving loans to minorities, but I really wanted to get my kkk Bowl picks done. Besides, this phone conversation was recorded, and if I should ever make the news I can imagine that phone chat getting out to the media.


Then again, all a reporter needs to do is discover TSM and I'd really be in trouble.

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