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Boredom in Cubicle 211-A

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This is probably the most boring day of work I've had since March or April. I basically have nothing to do as my latest project is at a point where I can do nothing further until I receive it back from the accounting manager assigned to it and either rework whatever needs rework or proceed to the next phase.


So what am I left to do? Surf the Internet, of course. And post another high quality blog entry.


Much like kkk yesterday though, I don't really have much to talk about. And my post won't even have the awesomeness that is the whale picture so you, dear reader, are screwed.



A few minor news items, I guess:


1. I got a jury summons in the mail the other day for December 1. This is the second time I've been summoned for jury duty but the first time I will actually have to go. While I'm kind of excited about doing my civic duty to convict someone, I'm hoping like hell I'll get downtown and be dismissed rather quickly so I can go back home and play video games all day. My company pays us if we're out for jury duty so there is NO WAY I'm going to the office even if my jury day is over at 9 a.m.


Of course, my luck will be not only will I get picked, but it'll be a case that lasts for three weeks.



2. sfaJill's been bitching lately about wanting a new cell phone because hers hasn't been working too well lately. Or something. I don't know. Since our cell phone contract was about to expire anyway, we went down to the T-Mobile store last Friday to renew it. I took advantage of the massive discount offered (with a 2-year extension of course) and snagged their new G1 phone.


I've never got the appeal of the iPhone or any of that junk...


...until I played with this thing. I have no idea if it's 'better' than an iPhone or not but I don't care. I love this phone. I'm hooked. Call me a sheep; I do not care!


Now all I need is friends to call or (preferably) text...



3. I just returned from a lunch with sfaJill and one of her friends at Yao Ming's bistro/bar here in town. I'd never been there before and my unrefined tastes in food probably can't tell good Chinese food from vomit-inducing, undercooked crap...but this was good Chinese food. Lunch menu prices, too so it's a double bonus. Plus, Yao's uncle came around to greet our table. Dude is like 6' 7". It was kind of strange to see an Asian dude that tall and he's not on a basketball court.



Let's see...what else. The list of the world's most dangerous toys is out.


It's official: we should just wrap all the little bastards in bubble wrap each morning before we send them out into the world.


Remember potato guns?


Lawn darts?


Trampolines (without the net around it)?


Sleeping in an actual treehouse you built yourself?


TACKLE football??


Doing any of that shit would get your parents arrested these days.

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Pray you don't end up on a jury. Trust me.


Oh, and I got your back.









































































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