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12/11: A Message To Newsweek

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You guys are a supposed to be a news organization. You're supposed to up 24/7 trying to get the latest scoop and all that hippie stuff. Then how come there was nobody available for comment for this story? Granted the payroll is more than 100 warm bodies lighter, but still. I love it when media outlets clam up like the organizations they report about. Maybe you could print up another batch of "Osama Elected" SPECIAL EDITIONS for some quick cash.


10 p.m.


YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. That's all I'm going to say.


• So it was 7:20 p.m. and the better half and I were getting frisky. And by frisky I mean...




























Don't say I didn't warn you, because you were.


Now Thursday is when I get some peace and quiet Mrs. kkk's night for watching network television. She watches Survivor, CSI and some other crappy show after that. Now it was 40 minutes until Survivor, so I made a joke about what if you miss tonight's episode. "It's on On Demand," she replied. I go into the bedroom to, well, you know...
































...and I'm still waiting. The heck? It doesn't take that long to swallow a birth control pill. I walk out into the living room and what do I see?


She's setting the DVR to record Survivor. Glad the thought of my beefstick still gets her scampering off onto the love mattress.


And for the record, she finished in time for Survivor's opening segment.


• I generally don't like McDonald's ads, but I like this batch.




McDonald's has erected a billboard in sight of Starbucks headquarters declaring, "four bucks is dumb..."


Another billboard slogan jabs, "large is the new grande." The two phrases are displayed on 140 billboards in Western Washington, some of them near Starbucks cafes.


The hell?


Attack ads are popular right now: Mac vs. PC. Campbell's vs. Progresso. Dunkin' vs. Starbucks.


When have attack ads NOT been popular?


Then again, I don't think I'd want these two going at it head-to-head.




Oh heck, if you've made it through today's entry you deserve it...





































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The operative word being immediately available for comment. And the story was posted at 2:36am. I can imagine calling, getting the answering machine, and "PRINT!" It's a tremendous journalistic device.

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