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WWE Cuts

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Gary Floyd


Well, the economy is has seen better days, and employees are being fired and fucked in the ass (metaphorically speaking) on a regular basis. WWE is no different, so you know what that means-Talent Cuts!


D'Lo Brown-Poor guy was never given a chance. He returns, only for nobody to recognize him. He goes nowhere, and hets fired. Why was he rehired again?


Bam Neely-He was on ECW. I never had time to watch the show, so I'm sorry, I don't know how to react.


Val Venis-First of all, whoever started the "Not Val Venis!" joke is an idiot. That joke was never funny. Second of all, I guess after all those years of not picking up the phone, he finally did it. I'm amazed he was employed as long as he was too. He'll porobably go to the Japanese promotions now (it would probably be a good idea), or try to get Ron Paul in the White house by 2012.


Tim White-Well, he finally has a reason to commit suicide in real life.


Kevin Thorn-Who? Oh yeah, the dude who played Mordeci.


Gavin Spears


Mike Kruel

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