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Gary Floyd


Hello TSM. How are you? Are you comfortable? May I offer you a beverage?


Anyways, things are alright. Classes are alright (I'm taling a class on Satire, which seems like it's going to be great) and it's snowing. Actually, it's jst snow on the ground at the moment. Anywho, it's been largely uneventful lately. Ortonsault hates me (fine, I'll shut up about Leena), and I'm about to lose to 909 in the Best poster tournament round 1 (at least I'm up against a good poster.)


Oh well.


I have class a feature story writing class at 8:30 in the morning now, so I'm pretty tired just about all the time at the moment. I have a roomate too now, though I lucked out this time, as he's a good guy (and a fellow H.P. Lovecraft fan)-oh, and he works part time as an Indy Wrestler. This is the second guy I've known who works part time for Indy promotions.


And that's what's up with my world. Hope you're happy TSM.

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