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  1. Xena Asomugha

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    Sounds like a good signing! But, you know, niggaz at the Cocksucker's Playground. And the yearly tradition of me obnoxiously AIM'ing playoff opponents' full names to The Czech Republic when the Cubs are getting swept. Apparently, Mr. Pat Burrell equally hates the game of baseball.
  2. Xena Asomugha

    RICKEY~ and Jim Rice elected to HOF

    The Baseball HOF committee hasn't improved since Rabbit Maranville was elected due to his 52 Jocularity Over Replacement Player.
  3. Xena Asomugha

    Cromartie Worst Poster Tournament

    Recent doesn't count. You will suffer through March.
  4. Xena Asomugha


    Xavier likes everyone. Unless you insult his hero, Barack Hussein Obama II. So, kkktookmybabyaway and me.
  5. Xena Asomugha

    Cromartie Worst Poster Tournament

    cabbageboy has gone back to using wrestling terms in the sports folder. Unanimous champion.
  6. Xena Asomugha

    1/10: kkk's Worst Poster Tournament

    I want that Okoye poster. I have a similar poster like the Rice one signed. It's probably worth like a quarter.
  7. Xena Asomugha

    Miss Cromartie Tournament II

    I used to have many images show up on images.google.com with my old Facebook name. But, I do not wish to participate since I'm very sensitive about these things. I don't have any nominations since I don't follow these model types. I'd only recommend like tennis players and underage Eastern European porn stars that would lose 1R.
  8. Hi. I'm Viktoriya Vegas. I have sand in my cunt. The Annual Maff Clique Jerkoff is a yearly tradition where I irrationally insult everyone. Czech said I could post this, so I'd recommend throwing him in The Gulag with Battlenuts, Marvin, Jingus, and Marney's rotted, tumor-filled corpse. 1) Dr. Venkman d. 16) Angle-Plex. - I didn't know "Agnes" still posted here, other than the joke in NoCalMike's new employment thread. And that was uncalled for. Temp-level office work would be a huge step up for 95% of you fucking losers. Venk has slipped some since becoming a full-time Maff idiot, but I enjoy his work in the Retards' Playground. 9) bigolshitty d. 8) Dandy - Even though shitty's an asshole, he's one of the few respectable Liberals in the echo chambre. Dandy's a tool. Anyone that chastises me for being a cunt at the Rotting Shithole of the Internet needs to be slapped unmercifully for their ignorance. 13) HarleyQuinn d. 5) Incandenza - I hate the "kool kidz", so this is a win by default. I like HQ's FCS stuff, although he does give off the alkeiper mastered "I know everything about sports because I religiously go to stat-based websites" knowledge. Of course, not as much of a douchebag as Alan. 12) Cancer Marney d. 4) EHME - RIP, Megan. It astounds me that EHME still isn't banned here. Hey, idiots, he's been doing the same awful gimmick for years and it's never been funny. 2) Bulb, Byron d. 15) Urban Warfare - Meh. Why would two people nominate the Florida fanboy? I like Paramore. 7) Cheech d. 10) Brooklyn Zoo - Cheech has become a really annoying clique fag lately, but I hate that nigger in the sports section. He's a clueless homer on everything. 3) Slayer d. 14) Brody - I HATE Slayer. Seriously, I'd stab him in the brain stem if I ever met him. Fortunately, I assume he has no contact with humans. Brody... oh, forums.thesmartmarks.com, you're so desperate to find anyone lower in the food chain than you. 6) Ortonsault d. 11) Thoth - Xavier is a man. 1) Kinetic d. 16) Twisted Intestine - Already 2 unfunny, unoriginal "Look at me! I'm so funny!" fucks I have to settle on. I care about not screwing up Danny's Excel sheet. 9) snuffbox d. 8) Broward83 - Who is nominating poor sports posters?? Man, TSM is getting bare these days. Good thing you kids are so welcoming to new posters. 13) Spaceman Spiff d. 4) Matt Young - Made fun of for years at a bad message board? Keep suckin' up until enough posters leave. Fag. But, I'm just jealous of Matthew's physique. I've always liked Spiff. He shouldn't still post here. And fuck Santino. And Kennedy. You're not alone. 5) CanadianChris d. 12) Burning Whatever - Chris is quality, even though he mocks me. I don't know who the other is. Thanks for the name changes, Dan. 15) UYI d. 2) Mellow - I can't recall a UYI post, but I'll take that over a new cocksucker desperately trying to fit in. 7) Bored d. 10) Obi - Bored is quality, even though he's an old curmudgeon. The other one insulted Ortonsault. Shut your fucking mouth and respect quality. 3) Edwin d. 14) JAxl - I don't care. 6) Fazzle d. 11) AndrewTS - Andrew's a know-it-all snatch. Fazzle posts in wrestling, I guess. 1) KOAB d. 16) still fly - KOAB tries too hard, but I'm still enjoying Jingus Sucks Day. 8) TheFranchise d. 9) Smartly Pretty - ?? I think I hacked the 2nd one. Heh. 13) Smues d. 4) Sam Barron - How soon it's forgotten that Smues paid to moderate forums.thesmartmarks.com. The sad thing is that it's so far down on the list of pathetic acts here that nobody remembers. Barron, as always, a smug prick because he stalks celebrities or something. 5) Mattdotcom d. 12) the max - Awful sports poster vs. some guy. Ok. 15) Cowboy? d. 2) King Kamala - Useless clique douche vs. some guy. Ok. 10) Damaramu d. 7) pbone - Dama is more addicted to this board than I am. pbone is gloriously awful. A completely ignorant college kid that thinks he knows everything. Of course, perfect qualifications to be a secret board fag. 3) alkeiper d. 14) Luke-o - I'm voting for Alan, so you know Luke-o is really fucking terrible. I'd snap his anorexic, Pez ass in half if he tried pulling his "You're so arrogant and bitchy" bullshit with me. Hey, asshole, are you aware what fucking board this is. A rotting, decaying shithole. Shut up and post more fat bitches. 11) alfdogg d. 6) AOO - Good fucking God, why am I here. I hate both of them. But, Alf is a much less horrible mod. Czech, I'm near giving up. 16) Kotz d. 1) Kreese - WHY AM I HERE I HATE BOTH OF THEM. One didn't stalk me 6 years ago. Here you go. Congrats. 8) CanadianGuitarist d. 9) Cyber Mark - Oh, this one stalked me 1 year ago. We're on a good run. 13) KingPK d. 4) treble - Where are we at now... 11 straight fuckers I want to stab because they're awful posters and rude cocks to me for no reason. 12) Massito d. 5) Black Lushus - Dumb lying nigger cunt vs. some guy. Ok. The key to getting my vote, I don't know who you are. 15) Hawk 34 d. 2) Milky - Milky is a shitty gimmick. Choken One is fine when he wants to be. Hey, a poster I kinda like. Holy shit. 7) 909 d. 10) gary floyd - HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW THAT GARY FLOYD DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME. I just wanted to make sure. He doesn't share his thoughts on every fucking thing in the world about 50 times per day. 909 is clique douche, but whatevz. 3) Vitamin X d. 14) Scroty - Clique douche vs. really stupid guy. Ok. 6) LOTC d. 11) godthedog - Use the fucking shift button. Oh, know-it-all cunt too. Fuck you. Yay, I'm done. See ya in 2010. If God is willing, the owner will be Prince Paul by then. xoxo, Princess Leelee.