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2/28: A Message To The Unemployed

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Even in this HUSSEIN RECESSION, it's still possible to find work. Mrs. kkk finally did. We got the message on the answering machine Friday afternoon. Back to the university, back to her previous salary, back to the benefits package, back to ... driving through Wilkensburg (aka the ghetto) to get to and from our little corner of suburban paradise. Oh well, nothing's perfect. Truth be told, driving through this shit hole twice every weekday really motivates you to work hard and justify your job. If you don't, you could be among the trash in these near-shantytowns. The offer is going to made sometime next week by the useless University Human Resources department, and in about a week or two after that the better half will be riding shotgun yet again in my morning/afternoon commute. Thankfully, we have been treading water the last several months, but after a while not seeing your bank account increase at all it gets a bit old. In fact, our savings account remains untouched, and I only need to put in about $1,500 into the checking account in order to get it back up to the $5,000 mark, which is the minimum we keep in that account; anything more than that goes to paying off debt/investing/etc. Actually, this $1500 "hole" isn't so bad, considering we had to replace our furnace this winter, which took a healthy bite out of the checking account. However, when you PREPARE and SAVE MONEY FOR THESE KINDS OF THINGS, something like a new furnace is only a temporary dip in an already established account instead of being harbinger of DISASTER YET TO COME for a WORKING FAMILY. Maybe I shouldn't have paid my mortgage and asked ACORN to squat on the property whenever the foreclosure man comes a knocking.

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That's cool. How long had The Mrs. been out of work? Is she going back to the same idiot boss you used to write about?

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