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Hippies and Other Such Things

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Gary Floyd


Anyways, I've been incredibly busy lately. Finals are this week.


Now, on with other things.


-Last Thursday, while I was leaving class, I saw something that plagues every college campus: Hippies. They were pretty much standing around, holding signs with big "I'm Pro-Life" and "Fuck Bush" written on them, one of them had a megaphone and was shouting all kinds of things like "Bush is a Shitty President" and basically being obnoxious hippies who refuse to make anything out of themselves or the opportunities given to them because they are too busy being jackasses and "Fighting The Man". I was tempted to come up to them and say something to piss them off-I mean come on, it's not lke they will gang up on me and beat me up-but I didn't. I wish I did though. Later on that day, I told one of my friends about this, and she pretty much defended them.


Anyways, here's my point: I'm very Anti-Bush. I'm not exactly a big fan of the war in Iraq. At the same time though, I really fucking hate hippies. I'm sorry hippies, but why do you continue to "Fight For The Cause"? I'm not happy with Bush either, but I don't go around annoying people because of it. Plus, hippies are utterly clueless. They don't seem to realize how the real world works. Sure, I have no problem with anyone who skips class, but if your going to do it so you can shout out lame slogans and such, then I'm sorry, but you suck. Get a steady job. Attend your classes. Hell, you are in college. You are being given the perfect opportunity to make something usefull out of yourselves. To actually contribute something to society and become something. Hell, right now, you have the fucking luxery of delaying entrance into the real world for a good four to five years. And how do you this: By conforming to every lame "Down With The Elite" stereotype imaginable.


Guess what hippies? You are a part of the "elite". You are a part of society. Sure, you don't contribute to anything like actually getting an education or going to work, but you are still a part of society. You are all conformists. Hell, everyone is a conformist, and you know what? It's great. Being a conformist is actually fucking awesome in reality. For now though, you don't realize that. You are to busy wearing your Che Guevara T-Shirts and smoking your joints to realize that you are utter failures.


Ok, I'm done ranting.


That out of the way, one more thing I've noticed: Though they preach racial equality, all hippies seem to be white. I'm a white guy myself, but It just further confirms my belief that the majority of idiots in America are white.

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