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Hills Have Eyes Remake, and other stuff

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Gary Floyd


First of All, I saw the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes" last night. For the most part I enjoyed it, but I still like the original more. Also, as his second film, I'd have to say that Alexandre Aja's first film "High Tension" is better. Still, it's pretty good, and much better than most remakes.


Second of all, I would have to say this: Tina Fey is not funny.


Finally, to everyone who voted for me in round one of the TSM poster's tournoment, I say thank you. I don't expect to win round two, but I'm happy that I made as far as round two.

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I'm curious about this Hills remake -- is it a better remake than the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (it couldn't be much worse)?

It's much better than the TCM remake. Plus, you actually care about the victems in this movie.

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