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Kirby Puckett Moments

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I'm not someone to get overly sentimental about someone famous dying. If I didn't know someone personally I just don't have a lot of emotions. Sure it's sad they died but in the end I can't feel an overt emotional connection to them, whether it be Eddie Guerrero or now Kirby Puckett. Being that I'm 27 years old, Puckett was of course in his prime when I was a kid. I personally don't have any unique Puckett memories, everyone remembers his Game 6 homerun against the Braves, and my perspective on him is a little odd being an A's fan. The Twins were their biggest rival during the late 80's and early 90's in what was really a great, forgotten rivalry. Naturally I couldn't stand the Twins or Puckett and I would dread the A's every trip to the Metrodome.


So in an attempt to do some sort of "memory" post I figured I'd go to retrosheet.org and scan Puckett's daily lines and pick out some of his great games.


May 8, 1984 - Twins 5, Angels 0

Puckett's MLB debut where had four hits. He'd hit safely in 19 of his first 20 games.


April 22, 1985 - Twins 9, Mariners 5

Puckett hits his first career homerun off of Matt Young after not hitting one his rookie year, he went 3 for 5 on the day.


July 18, 1986 - Twins 7, Orioles 3

Puckett's first multi-homerun game, leading the game off with a homerun off of Scott McGregor.


August 1, 1986 - Twins 10, A's 1

In the same game where Bert Blyleven gets his 3,000th strikeout, Puckett hits for the cycle getting it with a homerun in the 8th off of Darrel Akerfelds.


August 30, 1987 - Twins 10, Brewers 6

After going 4 for 5 with two homeruns the previous day he follows that up with a 6 for 6 two double, two homeruns performance.


October 24, 1987 - Twins 11, Cardinals 5

Goes for 4 for 4 as the Twins force a Game 7.


May 13, 1989 - Twins 10, Blue Jays 8

Puckett goes 4 for 5, all of his hits are doubles.


June 26, 1989 - Twins 4, A's 3

Puckett goes 3 for 5 and hits a walk off homerun against Todd Burns in the 10th inning.


October 13, 1991 - Twins 8, Blue Jays 5

Went 4 for 5 the previous game, hits a 1st inning homerun off of Tom Candiotti, finishes this game 3 for 5 as the Twins win the ALCS and he wins the series MVP.


October 26, 1991 - Twins 4, Braves 3

Needs no introduction.


August 14, 1992 - Twins 9, Mariners 6

Hits two homeruns, six RBI, includes a grand slam in the 3rd inning off Brian Fisher.


July 13, 1993 - American League 9, National League 3

Wins All-Star game MVP, 2 for 3 with a homerun off Terry Mulholland.


August 15, 1993 - Twins 12, A's 5

Goes 5 for 5 with a two homeruns in the second game of a double header.


August 10, 1994 - Twins 17, Red Sox 7

Matches his career high with seven RBI, which he did against the Red Sox earlier in the season, hitting two homeruns with a grand slam in what would end up being their last game of the '94 season before the strike.


Puckett's Year-by-Year Win Shares


1984: 16

1985: 19

1986: 26

1987: 29

1988: 32

1989: 27

1990: 22

1991: 21

1992: 31

1993: 18

1994: 20

1995: 20


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The 6-6 game against the Brewers is my favorite regular season Puckett memory.


One season that always stuck was 1994. He had kind of slipped a little. That year really under the radar he was awesome. 112 RBi's in I believe 112 games.

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