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23. Platitudinous.

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experienced a DP?




I'd sing that Twins beer song for this occasion, if it didn't totally fucking suck and force me to never watch Sportscenter during football season. But, moving on...


Don't you hate it when at work, certain people DEMAND to be your friend? Especially when these people feel to share with you their entire fucking life story? I'm getting that now with a current co-worker. And she's a fat dirty... well, I don't need to get into race. But, nasty Mexican bitches are usually really nasty. No offense. It's like, bitch, I'm trying to play online. I'm busting my ass posting on crappy message boards for my $16/hour. You bust your ass doing work, like mowing the lawn or picking weeds, or something.


I have little else to talk about. It sucks how your life gets completely boring when you work full-time. It's kind of depressing. This doesn't deserve it's own entry, but I had to update people.


But, for my next entry... I'll start some sports babbling like Bored does. Except like not all boring baseball shit like he does.



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OMG if I was right. You are such a flithy whore and I love you for it.






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