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27. Knicks blow. #7.

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I used to be a huge Knicks fan, back in the day. And not just because they were sort of successful in the mid 90's. The players on the team were awesome. How could you not love the hustle of Charles Oakley. The disgusting sweating gorilla, Patrick Ewing. Anthony Mason, the big, mean, really ugly dude who'd overpower everyone... and looked like a porn star shoving her tits out, every time he dribbled. Even guards like Starks and Derek Harper would get into it with people, while bricking most of their shots. The Knicks were an awesome group of big cheaters, and everyone hated them. So, of course, I liked them.


Now, they're horrible. But, this trend started long before drooling moron Isiah Thomas thought the guard connection of Starbury and the Franchise could coexist, and EVERYONE ELSE knew it would fail. And seriously trading for noted asshole, Tim Thomas. And the Scott Layden years before that, when they had like 8 shooting guards in the lineup.


But, this all started nearly a decade ago. The Knicks were cool when they were all big, burly foul machines. Not petty thugs, who seriously try to murder people.


IPB Image


7) The Knicks sign Spree.


Just look at this asshole. Enough reason not to sign him.


I don't care that the Knicks made the finals in '99. This signing alone killed my love for the Knicks. And for that, Spree will always be hated.


The end.

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I loved Spree when the Knicks signed him. But just as fast as i loved him, i forgot about him. Didn't he start out with like two 40 point games for NY?

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I liked Spree in New York...their biggest problem was not preparing for life after Ewing. He retired, ALlan Houston was getting injured constantly, it was going downhill fast...then Isiah came along and helped in down the rest of the way.

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Spree wasn't the reason for the Knicks' decline...


I just didn't like the guy on my team.


It was the beginning of the downfall of my love.

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There's no doubt that Sprewell was a talented player, but I agree that the Knicks should have stayed away from him. When a guy tries to strangle another person, you know there's a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.


It kind of surprises me about Rasheed Wallace. Yeah, he's still draws a technical a game, but before he came to the Pistons he seemed like the second coming of Dennis Rodman. I guess playing on a winning team with great chemistry helps.

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I'd put that Detroit starting 5 up against any championship Starting 5 ever...would they beat any starting 5? Maybe not...but they could match up with any of them solidly.

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