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Quitting Declaration Premature

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Well, I've decided to postpone my retirement from the internet. When I said I was thinking of quitting, it wasn't a big show, or an attempt to work the board, or anything like that. When I made that declaration, I was about 99% certain I was going to take an indefinite hiatus from the internet. Well, the 1% proved to be enough for now. So, sorry to disappoint everyone that was looking forward to me being gone.


Random story: I was leaving a meeting this afternoon, and stopped to talk to one of the executives. The cute surfer-looking girl from our IT staff, Dani, walked by on her way to the bathroom, chatting on her cell phone. Me and the exec talked long enough that we were still standing there as Dani walked out of the bathroom. She was still talking on the phone, leaving both of us to presume that she chatted while pissing.

"Do you think ...?", says the exec.

"That's hot," says niskie.

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