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Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger: April 25, 2006

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DrVenkman PhD


Tip of the Hat:


- The Montreal Canadiens: I was greatly pleased with the ass kicking they gave to Carolina on Saturday night, and while I felt they had an ok chance to advnace to round 2, that win gave me great confidence in them. My confidence in them continued last night as they were up 3-0 at the end of the first, but I became quite discouraged in them when it became 4-3 for the Hurricanes. They were all set for a wag of the finger for giving up such a lead. However, with an amazing bounce back to make it 5-4 and an exciting 2nd OT victory, I was no longer angry that they gave up the lead. To be honest, I was a bit upset that the game even needed to go into OT, but the fact is they are the 7th seeded team. They aren't "supposed" to win. This is the first time Carolina lost back to back home games since November. If Montreal could score 3 goals in a row, statistically Carolina could do the same. Yes, it's not great that Montreal turned a 3-0 lead into a 6-5 OT win, but in the end they won the game. That was a really exciting 1st OT period to watch, too. I don't think they will win the Cup or anything, but I would like to see them advance, and then anything can happen, I guess.


- The booking of the 3 way feud going into Backlash: I know some people are upset at the even-steven booking of the feud, but I think it's been a good build with some excellent promos. On paper, Backlash has a few matches that could be good, but generally looks weak. However, this feud has me really interested in seeing the show regardless of what is on the undercard, and that's what a main event is supposed to do. Part of that may be the interesting crowd dynamic between the three of them and the fact that WWE is always changing their mind on who will be the champ.


- Youtube: The more you search for obscure stuff, the better that site becomes.


- SmackDown!: Not long ago I was always reading the spoilers, and it was really hit or miss on whether I decided to tape / download the show (I work while it's on) and watch it. These days, I love the show. I really love JBL's character these days (I was starting to come around in early 2005), and the US title is a great fit.


- Kingdom Hearts II: Beat the game Sunday night, and that is one hell of a final boss battle.


Wag of the Finger:


- Matt Hardy vs Booker T: It was a good match and I enjoyed that it made booth men look good, but my problem is that it went 20 minutes. From where I stand, as a King of the Ring 1st round match, that means both men lost for going over the 15 minute time limit.


- The Colorado Avalanche: Stop copying Montreal. Yeah, I know you guys are originally the Quebec team, and based on a current pattern, you will probably aquire Cristobal Huet in 2016 when he demands to be traded, but get your own routine! The "being a 7th seed team that blows a 3-0 lead but won back the game in OT" angle was taken last night, Avs. However, I will give you guys credit for winning early in first OT and getting Raw on the air, only about 10 minutes after it's scheduled start time of 12am.


- Sunday's episode of "The Simpsons": With the exception of the episode where the 3rd act was Hamlet, ending with Homer thinking the story was "Ghostbusters", complete with the music, I hate those "let's tell stories and put Simpsons characters in them". Sometimes there are a few funny jokes, but overall it's a waste of an episode and a waste of time. This isn't coming from someone who stopped watching the show in 1999, either, this is from someone who still watches loyally, knowing there is still some good in the show.


- Diet Coke: I just don't like it. Diet Pepsi is good, Diet Dr. Pepper is good, Diet 7-Up is tremendous... why must Diet Coke taste so smooth and bland? I know some people love it, but I just can't get behind it. Diet Vanilla Black Cherry is ok, though.


- People who don't get, like the last line of the Board Rules say, this is just an f'n message board. Who cares who our "leader" is. Am I guilty of joining some of this drama in the past? Probably (that should cover my ass if someone digs something up and calls me a hypocrite). Will I get caught up in the future? Perhaps, I'm only human (more CMA). But it's important to remember this isn't real life - though I guess the people that post really exist and we are discussing real issues... ok, that's not a good example... point being... hmmm.


It's just a freakin message board, people. Post, reply, read, move on. Don't like someone? Complain about it in your blog. I also don't think we need 28 threads about Leena in HD, but that's another issue.

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If Toronto had found their hot goaltender at the same time as the Habs, they'd be in Montreal's spot right now, maybe even 6th.


I picked Colorado to be "my team" since Toronto missed the playoffs. Looking like a good pick right now. Truthfully, I don't really care as long as Calgary or Ottawa doesn't win the Cup.


To me, the Simpsons have been terrible ever since they started grumbling about cancelling the show.


Diet Coke isn't so good, yes. Diet Pepsi #1.

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It's all water under the bridge since the Red Wings are going to take it all.


Simpsons has been putrid since the clock struck 2000.


To DrVenkman: SB called, she wants her accounting textbook back.

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I'll see what I can do about the book MB. As a bandwagon jumper I would not be upset to see the Wings win, but with 4 Canadian teams in the thing, if the Habs can't win it all, I would like one of the other three to take it. In other words, though I live in the Detroit sports market, it would not upset me to see Edmonton beat them.



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