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Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger: April 29, 2006

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DrVenkman PhD


Tips of the Hat:


- This place. It's very important that people are able to know what crap I'm listening to (very rarely is it even an actual song that would be played n the radio or what have you). I don't know why, I just like the idea:


IPB Image


I noticed some mp3s don't seem to register, something about the "check file being tagged". I'll look into it. I guess I like checking track statistics when I see them posted on my profile, although some of them end up weird ("Bad Boy" by "Razor Ramon"... and oddly, people listening to that track only make up 80-some% of the people listening to tracks by "Razor Ramon").


- As usual, Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report. Overall, this week was not as good as last, but this week's Better Know a District was top notch. Comparing the NFL Draft to slavery was, while quite absurd (as his his character's nature), very funny.


- NBC. I don't watch a lot of first run TV (especially since I work afternoons), but I happened to have this past Tuesday off and watched a show called "Scrubs" at a friends house. It was pretty funny. I also enjoyed this weeks new offerings of Earl and Office. That Dwight... always cracking me up.


- JBL. God, I would love to own an American flag jacket like that... and I'm Canadian. In general, I've been enjoying SmackDown! lately, much more than this time last year. I've even stopped reading spoilers.


- MisawaGQ, tigeraid, Monty Burns - thanks for the comments! Also, a tip of the hat to anyone who actually reads this (even if you're quiet about it).


Wag of the Finger:


- Montreal Canadiens. It's starting to look like 1996 all over again, and I really don't like that. Was I expecting them to win the cup? Realistically not. I did want them to leave the 1st round, though. I still think it can be done, but a 2-0 lead is a more comfortable buffer zone. 2-2... well that's just an even playing field, and I don't like that. Cam Ward proved to be a tough puzzle to solve on Wednesday, and it looks like Brin'damour is making things difficult for Montreal as well. Hopefully things turn around.


- The new ECW. I'm holding off judgment for now, and the idea of regional house shows with the ECW name is neat, the idea of being taped in front of the SmackDown audience and going on WWE.com is not a promising start. Things get trickier when you consider that, assuming the "ECW" folks are allowed to do things their way, you're running the risk of totally outshining SmackDown (to the live audience) before the show even begins taping. I also don't see how RVD (or Benoit, perhaps) can go from prime time wrestler to a full time internet show only guy. And would these guys have a title? If RVD were to beat Cena/HHH/Edge/Rey/JBL/Whoever at One Night Stand, is he robbing that brand of a championship so the internet show has one? Will they job RVD out at ONS? Will Vince eventually work out a time slot with the USA Network?


All you need to know: I don't hate the idea, but this is a pre-emptive "Wag" because there are too many question marks on the logistics of how this will work. I'll save proper judgment until after it actually starts.


- The Nintendo Wii. Not the greatest replacement name for the Revolution codename. I'm really only giving this a "Wag" because I don't think, at the moment, it's a very strong name. I have stated elsewhere, though, that I (and others) also hated the Xbox 360 name when it was first announced, but you don't really hear anything about that anymore.


All you need to know: If I don't get used to calling it Wii be November, I'll just call it "the Nintendo" anyway.


Next entry will likely discuss meeting Mick Foley before, during, and (kinda) after a BCW show in January 2005 (part 3 of a 20 part series on shows I have attended).


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Recommended Comments

This blog is missing one thing. Stephen Colbert’s Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure.


The ethereal harmonies of the laserpipe orchestra echoed off the solid diamond walls of the Galactic Overlord's pleasure chamber. As I slowly made my way through the gyrating throng of human, plasmid, and arachnoid revelers, the arcanite sensors on my integrated detectograph started going haywire. "Just as I thought," I thought. "She's here."


It was another two hundred ticks until I saw her, dancing languidly with a spice runner out of Betelgeuse VII. He was a hulking brute, with a wickedly edged macrosword slung over the back of his metaluminum armor, the kind that would have struck cold fear into the heart of a lesser man. But I was no lesser man. "Mind if I cut in?" I intoned, silencing the smuggler's enraged grumble of objection with a stealthy blast from my deliminator rifle.


"What took you so long?" cooed Abraxxia, her words subtly quavering with the universal inflections of desire. Ignoring my own fierce need, I furiously scanned my surroundings for danger -- she was crafty, and I knew that the slightest mistake would prove fatal. Not just for myself, but for the entire United Alliance. Inevitably, my gaze settled back upon the smooth curves of skin that peeked out from under her transparent holodress. How many rounds of Uranian Megasex would it take before she surrendered the alloy?

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Ok then.


I'm Mr. Burns, blah blah blah. Do this do that, blah blah blah.


P.S. I'm ripping off your idear, SG. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

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Well GQ, I got the ball rolling on my blog coming back to life by ripping you off, so it's fair.


Curiously, while browsing around the blogs at work, I noticed that your blog had changed to have a new entry "Blatantly Ripping off DrVenkman". Clicking on it without signing in either brought me to the ECW entry or prompted me to sign in. When I signed in, it was gone! Oh well, I'm sure it will be back.

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