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36. Awful WWE Diary on EWR. #1

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This diary will suck. I'm only doing a halfass diary in my 100th lame attempt to maybe keep playing this game for more than a week. And it's fine filler for this blog.




Vince McMahon had willing sexual relations with a 22-year old slut named Princess Leena. Leena then sued him for sexual harassment, because she's a greedy bitch. And won. Leena obtained the rights to the WWE, and the entire McMahon family was exiled to work in the zoo, cleaning panda poop.


The end.


Introduction by the new Owner.


Press conference with the new WWE owner.


Princess Leena: Hi. I own this thing. Let's cut to the chase about the ensuing changes.


All current title holders are stripped of their titles.


There will be a 64-wrestler tournament to be WWE Champion.


There will only be one WWE Champion. The World Title has been removed.


After the tournament, the Intercontinental, European, Cruiserweight, and Tag Team belts will be added.


The brands will remain the same. The only change with the TV shows, is that the current Internet shows are removed. And are replaced by WWE Scrubs. On every Saturday night at 3am! Scrubs will consist of "superstars" from both brands.


The WWE Championship tournament consists 32 workers from each brand included in the tourney. The draw was made randomly... with the top 16 ranked wrestlers spread amongst the draw.


Here's the draw: http://tournawiz.com/64draw.php?id=82&uid=leena



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Recommended Comments

2 different rosters...1 champion = bad idea.


but i mark for tournaments.


No. Good idea. Certain workers need to be involved on both shows.


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