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The Worst Horror Movie Sequals Ever Made

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Gary Floyd


-I forgot to mention in my last entry that I read both "WrestleCrap" and "The Death Of WCW". Still great stuff.


-Anyways, I've changed my mind, and instead decided to list the worst horror movie sequals ever made instead of the worst movie sequals ever made. Here thay are, in no particualr order:


Hellraiser: Bloodline-To me, this is the worst of the seven sequals. Sure, III was the beginning of the downfall, 5 and 6 were dreadful, and 7 and 8 were watchable (I kinda liked 7), but the fourth entry in the series is the worst because IMO, it had so many possibilities (in spite of it's tacked on sci-fi gimmick) to be good. Pinhead gets in some great lines ("Do I look like someone who cares about what God thinks?") and it has some interesting cenobites, as well as a cool backstory. However, it all feels rushed and incomplete. Basically, it feels like a wasted opportunity.


Friday the 13th 8-The worst of the series, this one is really boring, and feels uninspired. Plus, Jason really doesn't do that much in Manhatten.


Zombi 4: After Death-While "Zombi 3" is bad, it's at least entertainingly bad. This one is the worst of the series, as it has no interesting gore, characters, or even interesting Zombies. It's all just really boring, and proof that America isn't the only place were shitty sequals are made. Fun fact: Don "The Dragon" Wilson has a small role in the movie, and from what I read in a book, one of the lead actors is also a gay pornstar.


Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5-These two movies are complete disasters in the world of zombie cinema, and a slap to the face of any ROTLD fan.


Child's Play III-No interesting kills, an underused Chucky, and a horrible ending make this one a complete disaster. At least we got "Bride of Chucky" after this one.


Pet Cemetary II-Dull, nonsensical, and really just pointless, this is one of the worst sequals to a Stephan King Adaptation I can think of.


The Ring 2-To think, Iactually like the remake more than the Japanese original. Here, Samara becomes a cheap Freddy Krueger knock off, and loses everything that made her scary. Way to go Hollywood.


Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The only thing good in this movie is Matthew McConaughey as a psychopathic redneck named Vilmer. The rest of this (including Leatherface as a cowardly transvestite) is an insult.


That's all for now. Next time: severely underappreciated Horror movies, part one

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You know, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (I think that's what it's called here, I assume it's the same movie) was the worst movie I'd ever seen for a good couple of years. Eventually Ax'Em came along and took the title...but it's still a terrible movie.


Leatherface spinning in circles, Matt getting decapitated by a crop-duster, and Rene dipping in a mafia limo...worst ending I've ever seen.


I did laugh when the bitch hit the chick running away in the head real lightly with a stick though.

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I'm not a big Friday the 13th expert, but Jason goes to NYC was dreadful. The only reason I consider this to be the worst of the 13th series is because I haven't seen all of that one where Jason's spirit goes into people (or something like that). And, yes, I've seen Jason in Outer Space, too.

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At least "Jason X" (the one were he's in space) is intentionally funny, and "Jason Goes To Hell" had a teaser of sorts for "Freddy vs. Jason" at the end.


Interesting fact: McConaughey considers his performance in ROTCM to be one of his best.

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