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Draftback: 1993 NBA Draft

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I had almost forgotten that the NBA Draft was only a week away. I used look forward to the draft before ESPN took over coverage of it from TNT. Now in the early days of my blog (waaaaaaaaay back four and a half months ago) I did an entry on the 1989 NBA Draft, ranking the players drafted using the basketball version of win shares. I decided that would be a better way to do a Draftback entry for the NBA rather than the usual listing of the first round making stupid comments.


I picked the 1993 draft because it ended up leading to the downfall of the Golden State Warriors franchise, not that they didn’t have the right idea at the time. They of course struck a blockbuster draft day with the Orlando Magic to acquire the draft rights to Chris Webber in exchange for the draft rights for Anfernee Hardaway and three future first round picks. The Warriors would win 50 games in the ’93-’94 season while Webber went on to win the Rookie of the Year. But a feud with head coach Don Nelson would lead to a holdout and then an eventual trade of Webber to Washington that would set the course for 12 years (and going) of futility. So even in a year where the Warriors ended getting arguably the best player to come out of the draft it blew up in their face.


IPB Image


1993 Draft Rankings per Career Win Shares


1. Chris Webber, Orlando/Golden State – 241 Win Shares (1st Pick)

2. Sam Cassell, Houston – 233 (24th)

3. Anfernee Hardaway, Golden State/Orlando – 189 (3rd pick)

4. Nick Van Exel, L.A. Lakers – 169 (37th)

5. Allan Houston, Detroit – 162 (11th)

6. Bryon Russell, Utah – 141 (45th)


7. Vin Baker, Milwaukee – 137 (8th)

8. Shawn Bradley, Philadelphia – 132 (2nd)

9. Jamal Mashburn, Dallas – 127 (4th)

10. Rodney Rogers, Denver – 114 (9th)

11. Ervin Johnson, Seattle – 110 (23rd)

12. Lindsey Hunter, Detroit – 101 (10th)


13. George Lynch, L.A. Lakers – 100 (12th)

14. Chris Mills, Cleveland – 97 (22nd)

15. Lucious Harris, Dallas – 77 (28th)

16. Calbert Cheaney, Washington – 67 (6th)

17. Isaiah Rider, Minnesota – 62 (5th)

18. Chris Whitney, San Antonio – 57 (47th)


19. Corie Blount, Chicago – 56 (25th)

20. Gheorge Muresan, Washington - 50 (30th)

21. Scott Burrell, Charlotte – 45 (20th)

22. Terry Dehere, L.A. Clippers – 21 (13th)

23. James Robinson, Portland – 20 (21st)

24. Rex Walters, New Jersey – 16 (16th)


25. Eric Riley, Dallas – 8 (33rd)

26t. Greg Graham, Charlotte – 6 (17th)

26t. Acie Earl, Boston – 6 (19th)

28. Bobbie Hurley, Sacramento – 7 (7th)

29. Mike Peplowski, Sacramento – 3 (52nd)

30t. Doug Edwards, Atlanta – 2 (15th)


30t. Josh Grant, Denver – 2 (43rd)

32t. Scott Haskin, Indiana – 1 (14th)

32t. Darnell Mee, Golden State – 1 (34th)

32t. Richard Petruska, Houston – 1 (46th)


The Zero Club


Luther Wright, Utah (18th)

Geert Hammink, Orlando (26th)

Malcolm Mackey, Phoenix (27th)

Evers Burns, Sacramento (31st)

Alphonso Ford, Philadelphia (32nd)

Ed Stokes, Miami (35th)

Rich Manning, Atlanta (40th)

Adonis Jordan, Seattle (42nd)

Kevin Thompson, Portland (48th)


Never Played in the NBA


Sherron Mills, Minnesota (29th)

John Best, New Jersey (36th)

Conrad McRae, Washington (38th)

Thomas Hill, Indiana (39th)

Anthony Reed, Chicago (41st)

Alex Holcombe, Sacramento (44th)

Mark Buford, Phoenix (49th)

Marcelo Nicola, Houston (50th)

Spencer Dunkley, Indiana (51st)

Leonard White, L.A. Clippers (53rd)

Bryon Wilson, Phoenix (54th)


Most Win Shares with the Team they were Drafted by


Note: Even though Hardaway wasn’t technically drafted by Orlando since he was acquired in a draft day trade he might as well have been drafted by them.


1. Anfernee Hardaway, 143

2. Bryon Russell, 121

3. Nick Van Exel, 94

4. Lindsey Hunter, 81 (two different stints)

5t. Vin Baker, 68

5t. Chris Mills, 68

7. Gheorge Muresan, 49

8. Calbert Cheaney, 43

9. Sam Cassell, 33

10. Allan Houston, 31

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Recommended Comments

I remember draft night. Webber had this look of confusion when the trade got announces. I guess it was because of all the numbers.


When Chris went to Washington, didn't the Warriors get a few first-round picks for him, too?

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Yes they received Tom Gugliotta and three future first rounders in the same years they gave up to get Webber which were 1996, 1998, and 2000. They traded Gugliotta only a few months later for Donyell Marshall.

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Can you remember who they drafted with those picks? It seems the Warriors have been in a state of limbo every since Run TMC, and even then they only lasted a round or two in the playoffs.

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You know I haven't been able to find a good site for archived basketball transactions to trackdown what exactly happened with those picks. Now they drafted another stiff center in Todd Fuller in 1996 but I'm not sure if that pick was the pick picked up in the trade with Washington. In '98 they had the draft day trade with Toronto swapping Vince Carter for Antawn Jamison and cash. In 2000 they ended up not having a first round pick.


What's really a shame with the Warriors is that unlike with baseball and football there is no split fan base here in the Bay Area for basketball. This area would go absolutely nuts if the Warriors have a championship calibar team. Hell even the slightest bit of opptimism like before this year and tickets sales sky rocket. They set a club attendance record this year for a team that won 34 games simply because they had an outside shot at a #8 seed coming into the season and had a halfway decent start to the season. That's how starved this place is for a good basketball team.

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via this site


The 1996 pick was Todd Fuller.


The 1998 pick was Vince Carter, who wound up in Toronto as was mentioned.


Those two picks were involved in both deals. The Wizards got the 1996 pick from Orlando in a deal invovling Scott Skiles. How they got the '98 pick, I'm not sure.


The 2000 pick that went from GS to Orlando was Mike Miller.


The 2000 pick that went from Washington to GS was sent to Chicago in a three-way deal, which sent Toni Kukoc to Philadelphia, and Larry Hughes and Billy Owens to GS. The Bulls also got John Starks and Bruce Bowen. The pick ended up being Chris Mihm, who was then sent to Cleveland for the rights to Jamal Crawford.


I can't believe Haskin had a win share. He played what, 15 games in his career?

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Great link.


I think it must have been this game that ended helping Haskin pick up a Win Share. 7 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks in 17 minutes. Hey his 40 minute rebound average was 11.8, too bad he only played 186 career minutes.

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Acie Earl, i thought he bounced around the league long enough to scrape together more than 6 win shares, but i guess not. Probably mixed him up with AC Green.


And it turns out he actually scored 40 points once, i wouldn't have guessed that.

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