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Commercial Ignorance

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Some commercials really bother me with their technical ignorance...


There's the Cogeco Cable video on demand one that features a man with tattoos and a gruff voice getting teary eyed over allegedly just watching a romance film, yet the images (though somewhat blurred to try and mask this) are just commercials for video on demand movies.


Today I saw a commercial, I think it was for window installation, where a man is flipping through channels on his TV not by using the large green channel up/down buttons, but the smaller, pink "2" button. To further make no sense, the commercial has added sound effects that one would hear if they were changing channels on a television dial.


Maybe I'm just too picky about stuff like that.


On a better note, I was the Vengeance Play-Per-View champion at Stablewars. Hooray!


Oh, Happy Canada Day!

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