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Welcome to WCW Smackdown Thunder

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YOU Can't Be Serious! WCW IS BACK...


Let me get to the Raw and Smackdown Matches First- then we will tell you HOW Intresting This Week Was, plus from REALLY FUNNY ****!


Raw Matches


Edge and Snitsky (w/Lita) vs. Kane and ?


Raw Commissioner Bishoff then changes the match to a 1 on 1 match


Snitsky vs. The Big Show




RVD is the next Draft Pick? NOOO! (But this leads into the what happend in Smackdown and it sort of makes sense...)


Ric Flair vs. Kurt Angle


3 and 3/4 stars. The old man still got it. Once his Grandson finsh college and desides to come to the WWE, WATCH OUT. Hes gonna be Fire and Money in the Bank accout to Vince. But the Old man can still do it. Its remarkable! Hey, if you have 55 year old men still doing German Supexles (In Japan) well- that says alot...


John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan vs. Christian, Y2J and Tyson Tomko


2 stars tops. They have fun in this tag match.


But the Diva Search HURTS the show badly...


WCW Smackdown Thunder Matches


Paul London© vs. Chavito Guerrero


(Mexicools Interfere again...)


Can we have a match...please?


(Typical Fanservice Anime Look at That ASS segment, before Melina gets pissed off...)


Melina vs. Michelle McCool


Tell you what, I will give this 3/4 stars, call it an ok WCW Smackdown Thundergirls Match, They already say McCool has a nice looking dererre... At least Melina has some moves...unlike...CARLTO!


...eh...is it me... or... yeah...Maury Povich on the next WCW Smackdown...


Here is the Main Event:


Six Man Elimination Match for the new SmackDown Championship: JBL vs. Muhammad Hassan vs. Booker T vs. Chris Benoit vs. Christian vs. The Undertaker


Undertaker gets DQ with a Chair Shot to Hassan at 13:27 Hassan is also DQ seconds later.


JBL Cheats a DDT to pin over Benoit at 24:37


Christan (the new Draftpick from Raw) Pins Booker T at 43:08...


...but that leads into a Cheating Lariat By JBL to win at 43:49.


Hold ON, Teddy Long says, NO need for Smackdown Champ! We got ourselfs a champ! Ladies and Gentlefolks! Batista!


JBL GETS OWNED! HAHAHAH! Cheaters Never Win...much.


So this sets the WCW Smackdown "Great American Bash" Title Event on July 26. 3 and 3/4 stars for the near 45 min match.


WCW Smackdown WINS again this week.


Anyway- It makes sense to have Smackdown to be called WCW Smackdown... (World Title, US Title, Smackdown Tag Team Titles- Unified Cruser Title...) Many of the stars where at one time in WCW... I expect a change in the seats for the annouers too.


Lets get to some REALLY Intresting news!


11 People have been traded, they are:


RAW brand gets:


* Mark Jindrak: Former WCW Tag Team Champion

* Rene Dupree: Former WWE Tag Team Champion; former World Tag Team Champion

* Danny Basham: Two-time former WWE Tag Team Champion

* Kenzo Suzuki (with Hiroko): Former WWE Tag Team Champion

* Chavo Guerrero: Five-time former Cruiserweight Champion; two-time former WWE Tag Team Champion


WCW Smackdown Gets:


* William Regal: Four-time former WCW Television Champion; three-time former Hardcore Champion; four-time former European Champion; former Intercontinental Champion; four-time former World Tag Team Champion

* Candice: 2004 RAW Diva Search contestant

* Sylvain Grenier: Four-time former World Tag Team Champion

* Simon Dean: Former RAW sponsor

* Steven Richards: Former two-time ECW Tag Team Champion; former 21-time Hardcore Champion



OH WHOA...WHAT THE! Where the fuck is Tajiri! There is Super Crazy and NO Tajiri! NOOOOOOO! and they traded Chavo? NOOOOOO as well.


Draft was better but worse in someways. But now its over (somewhat) We will see how it goes...


Wow... anyway- to other Intresting News...


WWE held an investor conference call this morning to discuss their fourth quarter financial results, which were released today (and you can see here).  Participating in the call were WWE CEO Linda McMahon, Chief Financial Officer Michael Sileck and Senior Vice President of Finance Frank Serpe.


After prepared statements were read and the financial numbers were reviewed, questions from investors were taken. Here is a recap of the Q&A portion of the conference call.


- Raw will return to the USA Network on October 3rd, and Smackdown will have their first Friday night episode on UPN on September 9th.


- When it comes to WWE Films, Linda said that FOX and Lion's Gate Films are pleased with See No Evil  and The Marine at this point.  Linda put over John Cena's potential as a "breakout action star". See No Evil is set to come out in January of 2006, but The Marine doesn't have a planned release date yet. The next planned film project is The Condemned, starring Steve Austin.  Linda said they were "confident" about how the division is coming along.


- On the topic of WWE 24/7, they are rolling out into more systems, with Cox Cable being the largest at this point. Linda said their ability to offer the service is dependent on more cable systems offering Video-On-Demand channels to their customers.  She said that they are happy with the growing number of subscribers in the systems where WWE 24/7 is already available.


- They were asked if ratings increases lead to PPV buyrate increases, and Linda said that while there have been "breakout PPV events", usually ratings increases do lead to PPV buys going up.


- Concerning the possibility of John Cena leaving WWE if he becomes a "breakout star", Linda McMahon noted that Cena is under a long-term contract, both as a wrestler and an actor, and they hope he becomes a huge star in movies and music (In other words, they have learned from what happened with The Rock). Linda said they have "preferential movie deals" with Cena and Steve Austin.


- When asked about the future of Smackdown,  Linda said that you can't tell what UPN's "appetite for WWE" will be in September of 2006 when their contract is up.  Linda said that the move to Friday night is an "opportunity" for them to prove their value to UPN by bringing a younger audience to the channel on Friday nights, and helping UPN to grow their audience share on that night.  She said that if UPN decided not to renew them, they had other options "including other networks and cable".


- Regarding the "Legends" division, it was discussed how WWE will be presenting a line of merchandise, DVDs, and other products with Superstar Graham, Roddy Piper and Jerry Lawler helping to push the division.  Linda said the initial rollout will be domestic, then they will work on expanding it internationally.


- Linda heavily put over the move to USA Network, saying that USA will be "rebranding" their network at the same time WWE returns, and WWE will be a part of their marketing push.


- WWE will have fewer live shows in the U.S. in 2006 due to the increased international tours.


- When pressed about the change in nights for Smackdown, Linda said that it was a UPN decision, not a WWE move.  She then reiterated her comments about the Friday night move being an opportunity to increase UPN's audience on Friday nights, saying the WWE audience "will find us".  Linda admitted there were going to be some preemptions in major markets in the first two months of their Friday night run (baseball games), but also claimed that there were new advertisers for them on Friday's, due to the lack of programs for a young audience on Friday on other channels.


- One investor asked why WWE was using their substantial cash to make movies rather than offering a "stock buyback".  Linda claimed that analysts had advised her not to offer a stock buyback, and the caller said he would like to know who those analysts are, since he questioned their "sanity".  The caller noted the amount of cash "the family" (McMahons) had pulled from the company, and asked if they would be buying back some of the stock (to show potential investors that they have confidence in the WWE stock growing).  Linda never really answered him, and appeared to get flustered by his questions.


- There will be no revenue from WWE Films until 2007.


- Regarding the ECW One Night Stand PPV, Linda said there was a lot of "positive feedback" on the event, and referred to the DVD as having a "turbo release" to get it into stores. 


- There was another question about WWE's cash reserves, with this caller asking why WWE insists on holding the large amount of cash rather than giving dividends to the shareholders (of which the McMahons would still benefit, since they are the largest shareholders). Linda said that they hold the cash for potential investments, and they keep it to be able to pay a 12-cent dividend to the shareholders in case operating income is insufficient.  Michael Sileck said it was "premature" to give the stockholders the money at this time, and that shareholders need to be "patient".  The call became heated, as the caller came right out and said he was "insulted" by the insinuation that they were not being patient, pointing out that he (as an investor) has been with the company for four years (longer than Sileck, who just joined), and gone through the failures of the XFL and the restaurant in New York City.  He said that WWE is now investing in three movies, and still maintaining their cash reserves, yet are not offering dividends, buybacks or other options for stockholders to share in the wealth. The caller was quickly cut off after reiterating how insulted he was by WWE's lack of answers.


- Linda was asked again about the ECW PPV.  She was asked if it did 500,000 buys.  She said that wasn't true and she didn't know where the caller got that number. She also added that she didn't have the preliminary numbers for the buyrate in at this time. She said the general consensus in WWE right now is to have "one off" PPV events with the ECW brand, and that some ECW talent will be brought into WWE.


- There are no plans to put the Raw and Smackdown brands back together.


- The call was abruptly ended as we were told there would be no more live questions and if people had any, they could submit them to a WWE rep.


Wow. Cena a star? Thats...intresting that he might lead Raw...As a actor? Who knows?


Man. I feel sorry for that Investor...they should have some of the cash...not all but some.


Here are some of the Major Investors: (You know these guys)


Kevin Dunn has 35,148 shares ($401,390)

John Laurinaitis has 4,098 shares ($46,799)

Shane McMahon has 27,922 shares ($318,869)

Jim Ross has 20,027 shares ($228,708)


Lots of cash to spend.


Lets go to Puro News:


NOAH officially announced their 7/18 Tokyo Dome card line-up:


1. Takashi Sugiura, SUWA, & Masaji Aoyagi vs. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Mitsuo Momota, & Katsuhiko Nakajima

2. Mohammed Yone & Takeshi Morishima vs. Tamon Honda & Go Shiozaki

3. AKira Taue, Naoki Sano, Jun Izumida, & Haruka Eigen vs. Akitoshi Saito, Shiro Koshinaka, Masao Inoue, & Kishin Kawabata

4. Mushiking Terry vs. Black Mask

5. GHC Jr. Title Match: Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. KENTA

6. GHC Tag Titles Match: Minoru Suzuki & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Jun Akiyama & Makoto Hashi

7. GHC Heavyweight Title Match: Takeshi Rikio vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

8. Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Gen'ichiro Tenryu

9. Kenta Kobashi vs. Kensuke Sasaki

10. Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada


The Great Sasuke was a great Super Junior... as a Politican however...


For the people of Japan, their hard-earned tax dollars at work with The Great Sasuke has led to some important discoveries. Some people worry about North Korea. Some people worry about Iraq. Some people worry about oil prices. But The Great Sasuke is a man of the people, and he decided to take up an important issue recently at assembly hall in Iwate. According to Sasuke, there is a crisis in Japan. Not inflationary rates, not the Yakuza, but instead... there's a problem with aliens. Sasuke recently gave a speech that caused laughter to leak out in assembly hall about the growing number of sightings of UFOs from residents in his district. He relayed his concerns with a straight face, talking about how shiny flying objects were floating in the sky at a super high-speed of zig-zagging. For a half-hour, Sasuke debated with others about UFOs and martians, wondering what kind of threat they would impose on society. He even asked one person if their mother had sighted a UFO in the past.


(From PuroresuPower Via Black Eye)


Oh This would get Over in Japan...






Chris Jericho in a meet and greet in japan stated: "This is my 36th visit to Japan. The Japanese fans understand wrestling and the fans of Japan are ichiban (number one, the best)."


Stacy Keiber (acting like the Anime Gajin Doe Face) states she would marry a Japanese guy (Hello Miss Kenta Kobashi, if you dont go to DVDR you wont get the Joke...) Jericho stated he would have to be rich... (Hey Kenta is Rich...)


As for Chono, he is planning with CMLL and possibly TNA for a would wide G-1 Tourny.


Aja Kong has a Blog (even though the WWE Dissed her YEARS Back she still loves them?) http://blog.livedoor.jp/aja_kong (I dont get the love for the Brewers anyway...If it was the Red Soks or the Yankees or the Mets or the Mariners I would understand... but the BREWERS? (No sense I tell you... NO Sense...)


And Kaz Hayashi has one as well: http://blog.livedoor.jp/imhere_kazhayashi


In Indy News:


What has happend to ROH's Title?


1) Colt Cabana over Jimmy Rave


2) The Carnage Crew over The Ring Crew Express


Marcos bled buckets. Up there with in near proximity with Jay Briscoe and CM Punk in terms of bloodletting. Lots of weapons used and a great brawl.


3) Azrieal won the Six Man Mayhem by pinning Izzy


4) The Masked Boston Superstar fought a debuting ROH School Trainee to a no-contest, when SHANE DOUGLAS interrupted the match.


Shane started his promo very positively, but the fans were not having it. He then heeled out on the fans and shit all over ROH. Maybe it is headed somewhere...we'll see!


5) Homicide over James Gibson


6) CM Punk over Roderick Strong


A total chop fest, with both guys chests looking like raw hamburger meat.


Punk put over ROH and Strong after the match. No real indication that he is going for sure.


7) Samoa Joe over Nigel McGuinness in a Pure Title Match



After the match, Douglas came back out and said that ROH is the SH!T and is where it's at.


He and Joe then shook hands


) Low Ki pinned Austin Aries


Ki hit a top rope Ki Krusher for the pin.


Homicide came out and ask what would ROH do if their champion had a broken neck. He and Ki then set up to do the Doublestomp Cop Killa, but Strong and Evans made the save. Jay Lethal also joined the mix.


If the midst of their crazy brawling, Evans hit a springboard moonsault with 2 full rotations before nailing Monsta Mack. The crowd went NUTS!!!



In other news:

IWA Mid-South Wrestling returns to action with a double shot of events the weekend of July 1st & 2nd in Salem and Valparaiso, IN.



***IWA World Heavyweight Title/Two Referees/Rematch From 5/20***



***IWA Light Heavyweight Title/Rematch From 6/11***



***IWA Women's Title Match/Falls Count Anywhere***



***Special Challenge Match***



Plus CHRIS HERO, EDDIE KINGSTON, and more of your IWA-MS favorites on the card (more names to be announced in the coming week).


Saturday, 7/2 is "No Blood, No Guts, No Glory 2005" at the National Guard Armory (1502 Linwood Avenue) in Valparaiso, IN. Bell time is 7:30pm. All seats are $20, as seating is both more limited and there are more ringside seats available for this event due to the double ring setup.


On the card in Valparaiso...


***Main Event/Double Ring/Double Cage/Three Team War Games***



***Series Tie Breaker/60 Minute Time Limit***



Plus more matches to be announced during the coming week.



Two more names have been added to the list of competitors for the "2005 Ted Petty Invitational" tournament, to be held 9/23 & 9/24 in Hammond, IN. The new additions are 2004 TPI finalist "American Dragon" BRYAN DANIELSON, as well as "The Notorious 187" HOMICIDE, who will be making his first TPI appearance.


Here are the nine competitors for the 2005 TPI announced thus far...


[2000 SS16 Winner] CHRIS HERO

[2004 TPI Winner] "The Phenomenal" AJ STYLES


"Wonderkid" JONNY STORM


"The Product" MAREK BRAVE


"American Dragon" BRYAN DANIELSON

"The Notorious 187" HOMICIDE


More Results:


OVW TV Report for 6/25/05...


- We start with a clip of Synn "returning" and attacking Beth Phoenix from last week, which is apparently supposed to be a big deal. Synn is Cornette's girlfriend and is really gross.




- Our Hosts are Jim Cornette and Dean "The Duke of Louisville" Hill. Tonight Bolin and Cornette reveal their Six Flags teams, a "Beat the Champ TV Title" rematch, the Blonde Bombers and Ken Anderson get ready for Chris Cage and the Dudleys at Six Flags.


Danny Inferno (w/ Synn) v.s. "The" Paul Burchill. Synn is rocking about 4 double chins and is grosser than ever. Burchill is well on his way to getting in WWE shape. This Friday, Danny Inferno and Aaron "The Idol" Stevens blow off their six month long running feud. Solid match here but nothing special. I'm high on Paul Burchill, especially knowing the crazy spots he used to do in England. The only trace of that here was a standing moonsault attempt. Inferno hits a Michinoku Driver #2 for a 2-count. Burchill reaches in his tights to either pull out a chain or whack off. Synn sprays him with mace and Inferno hits a flatliner for the three count.


Next Team Bolin Services and Team OVW will be announced!


- OVW in Derby Park Expo 5 and the WWE PPV. Five big matches! One low price!


- OVW Fundraiser. Receive a portion of the money OVW doesn't make on shows!


- Ad for "Raw Live". See all the Raw superstars... Batista, HHH, Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, and... CHRIS BENOIT. Plus Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Edge, and more! Saturday July 16th!


- Tonight we reveal the teams for the Elimination Match at Kentucky Kingdom. It's Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin with "The Giant Killer" Mike Mondo, and Blaster Lasheley. The losing manager will kiss the feet of the winning manager. Mike Mondo is the first member the team, big surprise. The second member of "Team BS" is Blaster Lasheley. God, he sounds like Michael Jackson, this is not good for a monster heel. Cornette says Bolin is a "Big Man in Any Town". Cornette announces Elijah Burke as the first member of his team, and the second member is the OVW Heavyweight Champion, "The Shooter" Brent Albright. Bolin says you rushed him. His third member of his team is Ken Donne. Donne says he was held back so he's going to embarass Jim Cornette. An update when we come back.


- OVW at Six Flags Friday July 6. Dudleys/Cage v.s. Blonde Bombers/Ken Anderson. Team BS v.s. Team Cornette. Apparently Cornette has a "mystery partner" to round out his team. Aaron Stevens v.s. Danny Inferno. The Thrillseekers v.s. Da Beast and Osama (w/ Mo Greene.


- Let us take you back to last week when Chris Cage fought both Blond Bombers and lost, setting up the match at Six Flags.


Here comes Tank Toland, Chad Toland, Ken Anderson, Jillian Hall, and Melissa Coates for an interview. Ken Anderson is now "Mr. Anderson" or something. He claims everyone is a "natural blonde" and is "over six foot two". Tank Toland says they are the "alpha males" and are the "top of the food chain". Tank says he beat Chris Cage all by himself last week and Chad would have beaten Cage if Cage wasn't a cheater.


- OVW Live in Vernon. 6 big matches July 8.


- Let us take you back to last week with The Thrillseekers v.s. Osama and Da Beast. Mo Greene interfered to help the heels win.


- Osama and Da Beast v.s. Chet the Jet and Nick Nemuth. Pretty dull match. Mo Green sits in on commentary and explains after the Heartbreakers "stabbed him in the back" and left him behind in OVW, he looked for a new team. He asked the Thrillseekers if he could manage them and they told him no, so he went to Osama and Da Beast and now he's going to get his revenge on them for turning him down. Anyway, Osama and the Da Beast finally win clean with a sidewalk slam/elbow combination doubleteam.


- Ken Donne (w/ Kenny Bolin) v.s. Deuce Shade. Beat the Champ TV Title match. Deuce Shade was Jimmy Snuka, Jr before, now he's got some kind of lame "The Gambler"/Kill Bill gimmick. He throws a deck of cards into the crowd. Deuce hits a nice top rope legdrop/armbreaker and later a top rope leg lariat, but this is quite dull. Cornette hard sells the Six Flags Show. Donne hits the Donneation for a 2 count and he can't believe it. Bolin tries to hit Shade with the briefcase but gets punched out. Mike Mondo runs in and hits Shade with the briefcase. Elbow drop by Donne and he gets a 3 count. Donne is the new TV champ and gets ... one thousand dollars. Blaster hits a powerslam on Shade. Albright and Elijah Burke hit the ring and clean house until Bolin throws powder in their eyes. Cornette goes crazy and says "THAT'S TOO DAMN MUCH" and hits the ring. He starts punching Bolin like crazy. Hill goes "OH JESUS, NO" as Donne decks Cornette and Blaster Lasheley gives him a big powerslam. Bolin takes his shoes and sock off and Donne makes Cornette kiss Bolin's foot. Hill is really racking up the "JESUS" count here as he gets another mention and a "Good GAWD" in. There's a huge pop! It's Eugene with a KENDO STICK. Huge "EUGENE" chant. Dinsmore goes crazy and clears the ring with Kendo stick shots. Cornette and Eugene hug. We'll be back with a final word from Team OVW.


- Cornette cuts a classic promo to close out the show. Deuce Shade will be guarding the door with a kendo stick. He says Mama Dinsmore named him Nick but the world knows him as Eugene and he will be the third man in Team OVW. Lots of great lines in this one as Cornette uses a bottle of water to try to wash the taste of Bolin's foot.


Here's some words for you to chew on before we get to the Fire Pro News of the Week...


Why is it that we have mostly females who lead wresling companies (Linda McMahan, Maokto Baba, and Dixie Carter)...YET...there is NO STABLE WOMENS DIVISION on any of their promotions/offshoots? The major Womans title (the IWA Mid South) is owned by a dude... Zenjo (All Japan Joshi) before it disbanded) was owned by a Guy (and he lead it to the ground) Taka Michinoku is planning a Michoinoku Joshi Division in 2006... YET you would think that Linda, Dixie and Maokto (granted, the latter promotion does not have the strenth it once had but still) would have a whole damn division, trainers, story boarders and story lines for the Womans Titles. Hell, it was Fabulous Mooluah and her onterage that went to Japan and changed the seedy game in the late 50s into a NEAR savior of the whole Puroesu landscape back in the 80's (Crush Girls Story Line) EVEN VKM Sr had a good Womans Promotion Rivialing AJW and LLPW (which is connected in some ways to New Japan and its owned by a dude) back in the 80's And Jumping Bomb Angels where the best damn tag team next to the Road Warriors! (IMO) (and The Road Warriors were the best in there class, only the Stiners could hold there own against them- and they were the best as well...) After the Match between Trish and Lita, I was hoping the WWE would at least TRY to do something with this...


But no...more diva searches. UGH. Sometimes, the men cant do it all. Your already seeing that.


Now to the Fire Pro NEWS! happy.gif



Looks like Misawa gets a newer Emerial Fluision... (Brainbuster Set Up, or in WWE lingo, Suplex Set Up)


Newer Mega Burning Hammer! Kobashi will rip heads to shreds.


And there is a FIRE PRO For Your 1 Inch Cell Fone!




Results from the "SUPERSHOW" at Saitama Super Arena on July 1st:


Tony Chimel and Christy Hemme appeared. Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson appeared later in the show to shoot t-shirts out of an air-gun.


1. Edge (w/ Lita) defeated Kane in 8 minutes, 13 seconds after Lita distracted Kane and Edge used the briefcase to whack Kane for the win.


2. WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Paul London defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. in 11 minutes, 55 seconds. They did a deal with Funaki running in and London getting attacked after the match.


3. Chris Jericho defeated Shelton Benjamin in 16 minutes with the Walls of Jericho (modified Boston Crab). Finish was Jericho catching Benjamin with a super kick and then using his finisher for the win. Both guys shook hands and hugged after the match.


4. The Big Show (w/ Akebono) defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool in 7 minutes, 3 seconds with a chokeslam.


5. Shawn Michaels & Chris Benoit defeated Muhammad Hassan & (Shawn) Daivari in 14 minutes, 11 seconds when used the Crippler Cross Face hold on Daivari for the submission win.


6. TAJIRI defeated Orlando Jordan in 8 minutes, 29 seconds.


7. Rey Misterio Jr. defeated Eddy Guerrero in 27 minutes, 15 seconds with the 619/Springboard Leg Drop finishing sequence for the win. After the match, Eddy tried to provoke Ricky Steamboat.


8. The Undertaker defeated Kurt Angle in 24 minutes, 11 seconds with a Tombstone Pile Driver.


9. Batista & John Cena defeated JBL & Triple H in 19 minutes, 49 seconds when Cena used the FU on JBL for the win.


More on Next weeks Wresling Week....


Few More things before we go...


Let Not your Hearts Be Troubled! ECW ONS Did 500,000 buys... tops. 300,000 is ok---more detales soon...


Anyway, thats all for this week...

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