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  1. Bruiser_Brody_

    Guess that poster...

    Game Over?
  2. Bruiser_Brody_

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

  3. Bruiser_Brody_

    Rebooking The WWE

    Hulk's gimmick was showing ass during a match, but ultimately finding a way to prevail. Its that booking that made millions of kids like me, believe in him.
  4. Bruiser_Brody_

    Chris Von Erich

    he wrestled Percy Pringle in the USWAmore than once and that stuff is somewhat easily accessable in tape trading communties
  5. Bruiser_Brody_

    Rebooking The WWE

    Too much making Hogan and Piper lose, other than that pretty good job
  6. Bruiser_Brody_

    This Day in History - April 6

    Guys were blading to his claw hold, including Barry Windham
  7. Bruiser_Brody_

    Let's Talk About...

    1995 was good for WCW TV wrestling WCW had the Action Hour Sat morning, WCW Sat Night, WCW Pro, Worldwide and Nitro
  8. Bruiser_Brody_

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    "On Beniot" made me laugh numberous times. Dark horse for Thread of the week. Wrestling, Serial Killers and genocide all in one thread.
  9. Bruiser_Brody_

    Guess that poster...

  10. Bruiser_Brody_

    NFL Offseason Thread

    The final Packer from the Super Bowl Years, Rob Davis, retired.
  11. Bruiser_Brody_

    Awful suggestions for TSM's new regime

    Can't we just move all of the black posters to a separate board? "Love it~!"
  12. Bruiser_Brody_

    Awful suggestions for TSM's new regime

    Bring back Judas!
  13. Bruiser_Brody_

    Rebooking The WWE

    Good job so far, enjoying it. "Reverse Beer Hug" by Studd. I'm using that on my buddies when were drinking on Thursday!
  14. Bruiser_Brody_

    Iron Shiek to be roasted

    Should make for a good DVD. www.wrestlingobserver.com There will be a comic roast for the Iron Sheik on 10/10 at Legends of the Ring, hosted by Rev. Bob Levy of the Howard Stern show, as well as Beetlejuice from Stern, Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Blair as guest roasters. It will be at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Monroe, NJ. For more info go to www.Ringroasts.com They will have a fan fest the next day with Jake Roberts ------ AWESOME
  15. Bruiser_Brody_

    Former WCW Wrestler passes away

    The room is spinning........