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  1. JohnnyBlaze

    Sequel to Waiting...

    Not sure if i miss any of the people who arent going to be in it. Anna faris was nice to look at and all, but thats about it...i think it still ends up being a solid flick.
  2. JohnnyBlaze

    Sequel to Waiting...

    Saw some clips for this a few days ago...thought the ones with Adam Carolla were hilarious, first film was a winner for me, so i'm looking forward to it..
  3. JohnnyBlaze

    Xbox 360

    Not sure if anyone had mentioned this before, but the currently a tournament going on for xbox live with some of 2009 ea sports titles...pretty cool little tournament they have...its weekly, but you can restart every week if you lose...nice prices too...more information here..
  4. JohnnyBlaze

    2009 NBA Basketball Games

    yeah it makes online play that much more interesting. Nothing is more boring than playing online with 3 week old rosters...plus especially with this whole other season thing 2k is doing they need to be up to date
  5. JohnnyBlaze

    Zack and Miri Make a Porno

    very funny...thought banks was hot (maybe we will see more of that in this) rogen seemed to perfectly fit this as well...its not chasing amy...but i mean nothing kevin smith ever does is going to reach that level again as far as that type of film..
  6. JohnnyBlaze

    2009 NBA Basketball Games

    anyone noticing the living roster stuff for 2k9...this is way better than they did previously...they were right on top of the oden injury and iverson trades...much better job this year..
  7. JohnnyBlaze

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    has anyone played that new rock revolution game...i picked it up last week...definitely want to see how the game feels with their advanced drum kit, but im glad a game decided to focus on the drumming parts a little more...no one wants to hear me sing terribly
  8. JohnnyBlaze

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    This is one of the oscar contenders i'm most looking forward to this year..(the other being the incredible looking benjamin button, i think it might have best picture locked up)...it was described as rocky for the wrestling genre in some article i read, but i think it could end up being much more than that...mickey rourke seems like an excellent fit for this film..
  9. JohnnyBlaze

    2009 NBA Basketball Games

    frustration comes from more realistic gameplay...i watched my brother play live when i went home the other day...did 3 spin moves on the same possession and ended up with a wide open dunk, all this playing the game on the the hardest setting...2k9 is more realistic...which usually leads to more heaches trying to beat the cpu...(the catch up thing pisses me off too, but more because i feel like i could stop if it if i made the right calls)..
  10. JohnnyBlaze

    2009 NBA Basketball Games

    the 5 on 5 play for 2k9 has me and my friends sold...theres more than enough of us with the game for it every year, so now instead of seperate games, we can just take time crushing each other...kind of like what we've been doing with gears of war for two years...2 teams, go at it all night...live didnt have anything interesting this year..
  11. JohnnyBlaze

    Xbox 360

    anyone coppin blitz the league 2 next week...first one was solid IMO...the video clips from this one have been pretty good so far...especially the hit targeting one...pretty sick..
  12. JohnnyBlaze

    Fall TV Schedule

    also eleventh hour looks like it could be interesting next month...rufus sewell is the man..
  13. JohnnyBlaze

    Fall TV Schedule

    Psych isnt a bad show...at least not to me...but i do like the serious tone the mentalist looks to be taking..seems like it will have some pretty intense crimes and storylines...
  14. JohnnyBlaze

    Madden, NFL Head Coach, and NCAA Football 2009

    somewhat madden related...sums up some of the issues ive had with madden 09... link
  15. JohnnyBlaze

    Fall TV Schedule

    I think i'm going to be adding the mentalist to my lineup this fall...ive heard rave reviews about the pilot...plus the dude in the show appeals to my fiancee so i can watch it without her complaining...