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  1. Note: I understand you guys are pretty strict about limiting the topics on here to only those of the most importance. I feel that this topic is reasonably important, since roster cuts is a topic that is talked about decently by fans, and because we have come to expect this to happen after the draft. If you do not agree with my analysis of the situation, feel free to delete this topic. I won't lose any sleep over it. Of these most-likely-to-be released superstars, which five men do you think will be getting their release papers in the very near future? Here's why I feel R-Truth might be released, though you probably won't agree with me. 1. It is reported that WWE management has been unimpressed with his in-ring skills. 2. Smackdown is beginning to get a huge surplus of babyfaces. Punk, Jeff, Rey, and Undertaker are all among the top babyfaces not just on Smackdown, but in the entire company. Also, it is rumored that Edge will also be turning babyface soon. That leads me to: 3. If WWE wanted to keep R-Truth, they would have sent him to ECW in the draft, where not only could he have worked on his in-ring performances, but he could have also been a top star on the brand. Thus, I would not be surprised one bit if R-Truth was given his release papers.
  2. shrevedude

    WWE General Discussion - December 2008

    I hope this isnt considered spamming, but I am currently doing a Wrestler of the Year poll on wrestling boards, and I invite everyone to vote
  3. shrevedude

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    You know Franchise, I was brainstorming a fatal four way version of this match myself, but I have come to the conclusion that it would not work, because you'd have to put an awful lot of time in this match for someone to get pinfalls over the three other contestants, and I feel it would be just too big a task to keep the fans interested for this long. They could try it in crash format like they did with the Scramble matches last Sunday, but I really didn't think the matches turned out as good as they could have because of the crash format.
  4. shrevedude

    WWE General Discussion - September 2008

    When WWE came up with the Championship Scramble concept, I kicked myself for never thinking of that idea myself. Based on the Hardcore title's time limit title matches of 2000-01, this match concept turned out to be quite nifty and entertaining. I've noticed that WWE bases their match concepts on principles from past ideas in wrestling, so with a bit of thinking, it might not be too hard to come up with some feasible new concepts ourselves. I've also noticed that sometimes, the better ideas are the simplest ones. Here's one example: Have a Triple Threat match but you have to pin BOTH of your opponents to win the match. So like everyone could have a fall over one of the other guys but they need to pin one other guy to win. Could make for many entertaining spots. Plus, it could be built around a story as well. Like a champion could say he won't defend his title in a straight-up Triple Threat because the champs lost the belt too many times without being pinned. This way the winner will HAVE to pin him. That match could be called the Triple Threat Test of Endurance I would love to hear some of your ideas...anyone?
  5. shrevedude

    WWE Draft 2008

    Here is a mock draft I did with random drawings to determine who went where...I'd love to hear some feedback on how good or how stupid some of these choices turned out As you'll notice, Raw sure got creamed, especially in the supplemental draft... Main Draft on Raw: 1. Triple H to Smackdown 2. Mick Foley to ECW 3. Edge to Raw 4. MVP to ECW 5. Randy Orton to Smackdown 6. Umaga to Smackdown 7. Chavo Guerrero to Raw 8. Mickie James to Smackdown 9. Kofi Kingston to Raw 10. Great Khali to Raw Supplemental Draft: 1. Eve Torres to Raw 2. Paul London and Brian Kendrick to Smackdown 3. Santino Marella to ECW 4. Colin Delaney to Raw 5. Stevie Richards to Smackdown 6. Jamie Noble to ECW 7. Cherry to Raw 8. The Boogeyman to Smackdown 9. Maryse to Raw 10. Val Venis to Smackdown 11. Natalya to Raw 12. Jillian to Smackdown 13. Paul Burchill to ECW