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    What if? Topics

    I don't think there's a thread to discuss this at the moment, so I'm starting one. The first scenario I have is two step: 1) What if Paul Heyman doesn't leave WCW at the end of 1992 (for whatever reason?) 2) (And this is the far-fetched part) He gets tapped as the replacement for Bill Watts the following year? How does Heyman do with access to a deeper talent base and stable finances? Does he still go extreme? Does he try to be family friendly like Turner probably would want him to, or go after the older demographic? Who would he push? How long does he last in charge, and if (probably more like when) he gets fired, where does he go?
  2. Garbageman

    Most Intense, Passionate Promos of All Time

    Jericho's "I am not a transitional champion" promo before the 2002 Rumble.
  3. Garbageman

    Let's Talk About: The NWO

    I seem to recall back in early 99, there were rumours of WCW prime time specials on NBC. The first one would go head to head with the WWF's St. Valentines Day Massacre PPV, and the rationale for giving Hogan back the title was so he could have the rematch with Goldberg on that event.
  4. Garbageman

    they would never of worked as a heel/face

    CM Punk is a great heel. He's straight edge, just go holier than thou, talk down to everyone who drinks and smokes, easy transition. I don't think Jeff could work as a heel, simply for the fact that his whole moveset is based around popping the crowd, and he's not solid enough on the mic to really give a money heel turn promo. So even if they tried turning him, his high risk moves would still keep him popular. Rey sucked at his failed heel turn for this very same reason. When did Rey work heel?
  5. I disagree about Shamrock: he was the most over in his career after his heel turn and winning the Intercontinental belt as a ice veined killing machine in the one night tournament. They blew it with him by jobbing him out in non-title matches for the next four months until they took the belt off him, undermining a character that finally worked for him.
  6. Garbageman

    Face of the Franchise

    Okay, everyone who says Cena's an awesome wrestler, what matches should I watch to convince me of this?
  7. Garbageman

    TNA ratings drop

    I wasn't watching during the Molly headshaving: but with Roxxi, it just seems so vulgar. The match was initially booked to punish the women for being too big for their britches apparently: she got screwed over, humiliated (which turns her into the most sympathetic face on the roster) and keeps getting beaten up every week. Unless they're building up to where (as suggested by someone else on the board) she just kills the Beautiful People in a handicap match (like blade jobs, getting stretchered out) and then is the one to end Kong's reign of terror, it's not going to be worth it.
  8. Garbageman

    Your Top Five Anything

    Top five all around (in ring, interviews, star power, persona) of all time 5) The Rock 4) Ric Flair 3) Steve Austin 2) Bret Hart 1) Kurt Angle