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    Poster Tournament Pregame

    So far the pms I got nominate: Redjed Dandy Venk Barron Marvin Brody wide open field!
  2. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WrestleMania (number omitted)

    A thread for bob_barron to discuss WM since he won't come play at the new board and Scott Keith's blog isn't a place for a man of Bob's standards. PS - Please keep cyberstalking me at PWO.
  3. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Poster Tournament Pregame

    Let's get this going, I sense a packed field this year.
  4. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The worst webpage ever

  5. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Question about black people...

    Thankfully we now live in a post racial society and threads like this are obsolete.
  6. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority

    Now replaced with Pollocks.
  7. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WrestleMania (number omitted)

    Edited for Butthurt.
  8. BruteSquad_BRODY

    My good friend died last night.

    The best moment in Barron history, and the only thread that we came together against a common enemy.
  9. BruteSquad_BRODY

    A challenge for BruiserBrody.

    Can't believe that shit was 6 years ago.
  10. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Only bump this thread

    Edited for butthurt
  11. BruteSquad_BRODY

    *OFFICIAL* TSM Owner bashing thread

    The main page hasn't had any new articles in forever.
  12. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Worst Presidential Candidates

    Ted Cruz, so far.
  13. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Best movies that didn't actually exist

    Arn and Sly in a grumpy old men remake is buys.
  14. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Gilbert Godfried's REAL VOICE

    Mind = Blown. Any pictures of you and Gilbert Sam_Barron?
  15. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WrestleMania (number omitted)

    Will anything reach Adrian Adonis vs Uncle Elmer levels of classic?
  16. BruteSquad_BRODY

    UFC High Number: Tit for TaT

    Soon to be champ again
  17. BruteSquad_BRODY


    http://culturecrossfire.com/ Join us in the forums!
  18. BruteSquad_BRODY


    Another in a long line of home-run posts. Koab broke the record in this thread, only JSYK and byron were hip in 2007. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard at a thread over so many posts. This board is clunky btw, both the look and usability. Glad we moved. - YPOV
  19. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Week 9 of NFL Season

    Raiders should be ashamed of the way the Jets are taking it to them, 10AM start or not. Lions/Eagles Snow bowl new Bears/Eagles Fog bowl.
  20. BruteSquad_BRODY


    Server update - come chat
  21. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Week 9 of NFL Season

  22. http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/japa...eline-1989-wwf/
  23. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Bam Bam Bigelow Shoot review and bio!

  24. BruteSquad_BRODY

    JJ Dillon: Writing Wrestling TV

    http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/kayf...ibis-jj-dillon/ I offer up a quick bio of Dillon and then I cover an interview Dillon did regarding how to book wrestling tv.
  25. http://culturecrossfire.com/wrestling/kayf...view-reviews-2/ I review an awesome 2 1/2 hour Bill Watts shoot interview - conducted by Jim Cornette, but before hand I offer an overview of Watts career and some key Mid South angles (with Youtube linked goodness!) If nothing else the Bill Watts promo is worth your time! Feedback is appreciated!