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    EHME! (?)
  2. BruteSquad_BRODY

    King of the Board 2009

    Fucking Politics
  3. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Bradshaw turning black

  4. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Is it just me or...

  5. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Brock Lesnar DEAD

    Dead Tired. Damn mono.
  6. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Best Wrestling Quotes...

  7. BruteSquad_BRODY

    King of the Board 2009

  8. BruteSquad_BRODY

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    You realize no ones here right?
  9. BruteSquad_BRODY

    How come we never have any shows from Edmonton?

    What happened to going over to that other board?
  10. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Best way to kill a kitten

    TSM everybody.
  11. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Scary Shit

    tremendous fun.
  12. BruteSquad_BRODY

    Frightning Stuff

    Where is Gizmo now? We could fight.
  13. BruteSquad_BRODY

    King of the Board 2009

  14. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Bruiser Brody Thread

  15. BruteSquad_BRODY

    More WWE Gimmick News

  16. BruteSquad_BRODY

    When will vince fire steph...

    7 years later
  17. BruteSquad_BRODY

    When will vince go?

    When will Shane go? 2009!
  18. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The vince mcmahon/bret hart saga

    All that is old is new again
  19. BruteSquad_BRODY

    King of the Board 2009

    woot. Kamala is LURKING
  20. BruteSquad_BRODY

    King of the Board 2009

    I wonder who will win!
  21. BruteSquad_BRODY

    The Youtube thread

    I'm surprised a bunch of stuff from page one still connects