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  1. Damien

    Flair/Piper fight

    That's what happened to Paige
  2. Damien

    Flair/Piper fight

    This was Flair's first appearance, right. And VKM's first bump Let's see a timeline of when the NWA belt first appeared on WWF TV, along with Flair's first Prime Time Wrestling appearance
  3. Close, it was Orton/HHH and Cena/Show/Edge for WHC. My prediction for WM26 main event was Orton-Cena For WM27, I thought we'd get Sheamus-taker, with Sheamus ending the Streak. There was a 1 day window in between the end of WM27 and the Rock-Cena announcement. The night of WM27, I called Cena-Edge-Punk 3 way dance for WM28 main event. After once in a lifetime, I predicted Cena-Punk for WM29 After WM29, I predicted Lesnar-Punk-Cena 3way for XXX After XXX, I predicted Daniel Bryan-Lesnar for wm31 After WM31, I made the same Bryan-Lesnar prediction for WM32 After WM32, I predicted AJ Styles-Lesnar for WM33 And after WM33, I predicted AJ-Lesnar again, but now we all know it will be Roman-Lesnar
  4. Damien

    Jeff hardy

    Delete delete delete!
  5. Damien

    My plan for Benoit

    Well, Lesnar did lose at NWO 04, but to Eddie. U were wrong about WM20 Now what do you think happens to him in Summer 07
  6. Nope. Someone earlier in this thread said y2j will wrestle a child at WM25, and instead it was Piper, Snuka and Steamboat.
  7. Damien

    Future World Champions

    U only got Orton and Dave right
  8. Damien

    Future World Champions

    yeah, that is, if he ever joined the WWE, which I hope to god he does not, or atleast not under his curent gimmick, for it'll just become retarded RTC 2.0 crap.... He ended up being the best WWE star post attitude era
  9. Damien

    Future World Champions

  10. A year later, 2 of the 3 would be gone It happened in April
  11. Damien

    Pre-raw discussion for 2/4/02

    If you only knew what would happen just weeks later in Chicago. Hulk and the semi
  12. Damien

    Steph vs Shane... Oh it's fucking on now

    And now it really is since they'll both run raw
  13. Damien

    John Cena

    Pretty good, bruh
  14. Guest_benoitwasmurderedbysullivan