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  1. Damien

    Flair/Piper fight

    That's what happened to Paige
  2. Damien

    Flair/Piper fight

    This was Flair's first appearance, right. And VKM's first bump Let's see a timeline of when the NWA belt first appeared on WWF TV, along with Flair's first Prime Time Wrestling appearance
  3. Close, it was Orton/HHH and Cena/Show/Edge for WHC. My prediction for WM26 main event was Orton-Cena For WM27, I thought we'd get Sheamus-taker, with Sheamus ending the Streak. There was a 1 day window in between the end of WM27 and the Rock-Cena announcement. The night of WM27, I called Cena-Edge-Punk 3 way dance for WM28 main event. After once in a lifetime, I predicted Cena-Punk for WM29 After WM29, I predicted Lesnar-Punk-Cena 3way for XXX After XXX, I predicted Daniel Bryan-Lesnar for wm31 After WM31, I made the same Bryan-Lesnar prediction for WM32 After WM32, I predicted AJ Styles-Lesnar for WM33 And after WM33, I predicted AJ-Lesnar again, but now we all know it will be Roman-Lesnar
  4. right after WM, i predicted the main event of WM2 would be Hogan vs Piper for the title right after WM2, i was positive WM3's ME would be hogan defending against savage after 3, i was confident Hogan would go turn heel again and lose the strap to Ricky Steamboat at WM4 after 4, i thought dibiase would gain the belt and drop it to hogan at WM5 for hogan's final run as champ after 5, i figured savage would regain and feud with Jake the Snake, who would DDT him for the title at WM6. I envisioned Jake celebratin with Damien around his shoulders, holdin' the belt and tellin the snake "we did it damien!" after 6, i told everyone that UW would defend against the HTMan at WM7 after 7, i knew it'd definitely be Hogan defending vs Taker at WM8 after 8, i foresaw Ric Flair losing the title to the UWarrior at WM9 after 9, i bet everyone that Hogan would retire at WM10 by dropping the strap to the Narcissist after 10, alot of people called HBK-Hart for WM11 (they were a year off) after 11, i guessed Diesel-Hart for wm12 after 12, me and others predicted Hart-Taker for wm13 after 13, Hart's turn looked so discouraging, i bet on HBK-Taker for 14 after 14, I figured SCSA going over Kane at wm15, defending his strap after 15, i woulda given anything for a Rock-SCSA rematch at wm16 after wm2000, i hoped for HHH-Rock at wm2001. 1 on 1, no 4 way after x-seven, i bet people that x8's ME would be SCSA vs Goldberg after x8, I was sure they's book Hogan-SCSA to main event wmx9 after 19, i predicted Lesnar-HHH at WM20 after 20, i was tellin everyone that Eddie would feud with HHH and regain the title at wm21 after 21, i guessed maybe they'd have HHH-Cena-Batista in a 3 way dance for wm22 my 1 year prediction for wm23 was Batista-Orton for the WHC after 23, i was 100% confident they were saving Cena-Batista for the wm24 ME anybody else have predictions gone wrong?
  5. Damien

    Jeff hardy

    Delete delete delete!
  6. Damien

    My plan for Benoit

    Well, Lesnar did lose at NWO 04, but to Eddie. U were wrong about WM20 Now what do you think happens to him in Summer 07
  7. Nope. Someone earlier in this thread said y2j will wrestle a child at WM25, and instead it was Piper, Snuka and Steamboat.
  8. Damien

    Future World Champions

    U only got Orton and Dave right
  9. Damien

    Future World Champions

    yeah, that is, if he ever joined the WWE, which I hope to god he does not, or atleast not under his curent gimmick, for it'll just become retarded RTC 2.0 crap.... He ended up being the best WWE star post attitude era
  10. Damien

    Future World Champions

  11. A year later, 2 of the 3 would be gone It happened in April
  12. Damien

    Pre-raw discussion for 2/4/02

    If you only knew what would happen just weeks later in Chicago. Hulk and the semi
  13. Damien

    Steph vs Shane... Oh it's fucking on now

    And now it really is since they'll both run raw
  14. Damien

    John Cena

    Pretty good, bruh
  15. Guest_benoitwasmurderedbysullivan
  16. Damien

    John Cena

    13 years later, he is still around, and is the wrestler of the millenium and most hated babyface in history.
  17. Not a single person suggested that the American Dragon Brian Danielson would headline WM30. People were right about Orton and Baptist. And Cena and Lesnar. Wrong about everything else.
  18. This thread is a must read. Everybody is way off
  19. Damien

    WrestleMania XIX

    Some were spot on with m.e. or venue
  20. Damien

    John Cena

    And this still rings true.
  21. 11 years later, and it's still true
  22. Damien


    It disappoints that he's alive. wm29 had the worst ending to a ppv ever
  23. I've been googling and I've seen the term "peformance wrestling" coined to describe wwe-style wrestling we know and love. They named it as such to distinguish it from mat wrestling. Now, what I'm wondering is if there have ever been competitions involving performance wrestling. Our artform gets a bad rap from the mainstream because they think its "fake" and don't grasp the fact that us fans do not in any way see this as a sport. So a large portion of the ESPN crowd shuns performance wrestling because it is not a sport. However, if competitions can be set up involving performance wrestling, then they can be shown on ESPN and WWE can find a whole new fanbase. Here's what I'm thinkin: WWE can set up shows where their workers will compete for a decent cash prize. There can be like 6 matches set up and the wrestlers involved in the match of the night gets the prize. So basically, the wrestlers who kayfabe compete against one another (and the referee) will act as a team, competing against other matches. A panel of judges can be lined up at ringside to judge the matches. So basically, it'll be like gymnastics or figure skating (except manlier, of course). The wrestlers would have their match, then wait for the results to be posted on the TitanTron. Finally after the final match, the current scores leaders will enter the ring alongside the wrestlers who just performed. They wait for the score to be posted for the final match to see who wins Match of the Night. Instead of promos, post-match interviews conducted during the show will ask wrestlers to analyze their performances and talk about which spots they hit or missed. The on-screen graphics during the show (like balls/strikes/inning/score during a baseball game) can tally the number of hit or missed spots. The commentators would describe the match in terms of workrate and point out which spots were timed correctly and so on (instead of any storyline nonsense that we're acustomed to). Booking limitations can be discussed before each show (like when the rules are presented onscreen before boxing matches). I.e. "tonight's booking limitations are 1. maximum 3 wrestlers in a match. 2. No run-ins. 3. DQs and ref bumps are allowed 4. No foreign objects or steel cages 5.Time limit draws and countouts are allowed" The WWE wrestlers can still use their stage names and ring entrances but the show would be remarkably different from a typical WWE show and this new sport can probably take on a life of its own. Finally, sports entertainment wrestlers can find themselves in the actual sports pages if they participate in these meets. I think something like this would be a smart mark dream come true.