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  1. After 'Mania 8 and all through that summer, I was expecting a Warrior heel turn with him beating Savage for the belt at Summerslam, then Warrior vs. Hogan 2 at Caesars Palace


    After 'Mania 11 I was thinking they would put the HBK/Diesel saga on simmer and build it up for another year with Shawn winning at WM 12


    As for WM 25, I got Cena/HHH for WWE title, Orton/Punk/Edge for WHC, and HBK/Undertaker penciled in

    Close, it was Orton/HHH and Cena/Show/Edge for WHC.


    My prediction for WM26 main event was Orton-Cena


    For WM27, I thought we'd get Sheamus-taker, with Sheamus ending the Streak.


    There was a 1 day window in between the end of WM27 and the Rock-Cena announcement. The night of WM27, I called Cena-Edge-Punk 3 way dance for WM28 main event.


    After once in a lifetime, I predicted Cena-Punk for WM29


    After WM29, I predicted Lesnar-Punk-Cena 3way for XXX


    After XXX, I predicted Daniel Bryan-Lesnar for wm31


    After WM31, I made the same Bryan-Lesnar prediction for WM32


    After WM32, I predicted AJ Styles-Lesnar for WM33


    And after WM33, I predicted AJ-Lesnar again, but now we all know it will be Roman-Lesnar

  2. When Chris Benoit was injured in 2001, he was in the midst of a main event push, a push that most of us hoped would continue upon his return. But with the exception of one PPV Title shot, he has pretty much been booted right back down to the midcard. I'm not a huge Benoit fan, but I do like him, and I do think it would be awesome to see him given a run with the World Title. And with nobody else drawing, and somewhat of an emphasis being put on good workers and longer matches (at least on Smackdown), I don't see why he shouldn't be given a chance (a la 1992 when several veterans all left at once, business was down and unproven draw Bret Hart was given the belt). So, without shaking things up too much (affecting other major points that really happened), here's an outline for how I would have readied Benoit for a Title run, and what I would have done once he got the belt:



    July 2002: Benoit returns to Smackdown, as he should have all along. He cuts a promo talking about how he was on his way to winning the World Title before his injury over a year ago. He's come back for two reasons- 1) he wants to become WWE Champion. 2) He wants revenge on the man that put him out of action, Steve Austin. But Austin has gone home (perhaps because he knew Benoit was on his way back) so he won't have that opportunity. So he'll just have to concentrate on #1. Benoit acknowledges that Brock Lesnar has a World Title shot against the Rock at Summerslam- Benoit has no idea who Brock Lesnar even is, as he wasn't around when Benoit was here last. Benoit makes it clear that he will make his in-ring return at Summerslam and show the world why he deserves that Title shot. Edge interrupts and, as a fellow Canadian, welcomes Chris back, but says that you can't just walk in after being out for a year and get a Title shot. You have to earn it. Edge reminds him that the very night Benoit had his last match (KOTR 2001), Edge won the King Of The Ring tournament. And he still is yet to see his Title shot. Edge tells Chris, with all due respect, to get in line. Later in the show, Stephanie goes ahead and books Edge vs. Rock for the Title next week. Rock is interviewed about this, and Brock attacks him and does a number on his ribs. This angers Heyman, because now Rock is softened up for his match against Edge. Brock is signed on to face the Rock at Summerslam, not whoever the Champion is. This foreshadows some tension between Brock and Heyman. Due to his attack, Brock is banned from the building for the Rock vs. Edge match.


    After a hard fought match, the ref is bumped. Benoit makes his way down to the ring. The announcers speculate he's gonna help Edge since they have something in common (both have been overlooked for Title shots). Both wrestlers are knocked down in the middle of the ring. Benoit grabs a chair, and as both men struggle to their feet, Benoit turns heel and levels Edge with the chair. The Rock gets up and Rock Bottoms Edge to retain the belt. The next week, Benoit cuts a promo asking Edge how it feels to have his dream of becoming Champion taken away. That's what's happened to Benoit his entire career. He's constantly been shortchanged. Benoit suggests that Edge be the one to get back in line now. Edge comes out and they brawl, setting up a match for Summerslam. This scenario gives a lot of depth to Benoit, and how he has always been screwed. His return promo is the perfect exmaple, as it ends with the focus on Edge and The Rock for the Title instead of him.


    Summerslam 2002: Benoit defeats Edge


    Aftermath: What really happened, happens: Brock wins the Title and becomes Smackdown exclusive. RAW brings out the fake World Title, prompting Stephanie to create Tag Team Titles of her own. Kurt Angle, who feuded with Edge earlier in the year, wants Benoit to be his partner. He knows Benoit wants a Title shot, but Brock is feuding with The Undertaker anyway. To be the first Tag Team Champions of Smackdown would be a very high honor. He thinks together they could be the perfect tag team. Benoit accepts, but only because Edge is in the tournament (with Rey Mysterio as his partner) as well, and Benoit still wants to get his hands on Edge. The tournament finals are to be held at Unforgiven, and it comes down to Benoit & Angle vs. Edge & Rey. This sets up nicely, as Benoit wrestled Edge at Summerslam, and Angle faced Rey at Summerslam.


    Unforgiven: Benoit & Angle defeat Edge & Rey


    The feud continues, similarly to how it really did. Edge & Rey earn a rematch by beating them in a non-Title match on Smackdown. With one victory apiece, the rematch is set for No Mercy and will be a 2 out of 3 falls match (the 2 of 3 falls match really happened on Smackdown, but I'm moving it to PPV here).


    No Mercy: Edge & Rey defeat Benoit & Angle in a 2 out of 3 falls match


    The feud continues as it did, with the Guerreros involved as well. The Undertaker is still feuding with Brock, and Benoit has officially been sidetracked from his goal with all these tag matches and the Edge feud.


    Survivor Series 2002: Los Guerreros defeat Benoit & Angle and Edge & Rey in a Triple Threat Match


    This really happened. The Benoit/Angle tension has been building for awhile now, but Benoit is determined to get the Tag Team Belts back. This all changes when Angle reveals that he has a Title shot against new Champion, The Big Show at Armageddon. Benoit is pissed that his partner (who he feels is the weak link of the team) has gotten a Title shot, but he hasn't. Angle goes on to prepare for his match with the Big Show, and Benoit takes out his frustrations on Eddie Guerrero, who he's been feuding with in tag teams for two months now.


    Armageddon: Benoit defeats Guerrero


    This happened as well. Meanwhile, Angle defeats Show for the Title. Benoit tells Angle he's going to win the Royal Rumble, and he'll see him at Wrestlemania XIX.


    Royal Rumble 2003: Benoit is #2 (Jericho is #1), and lasts for quite awhile. The ring fills up, and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his surprise return at #21 as a mystery entrant for Raw. Austin hits the ring and the crowd goes nuts. He eliminates about four guys in a minute and stops to pose for the crowd oon the turnbuckles. Benoit jumps him with a high knee and sends him out over the top. Austin has been eliminated. Benoit continues to talk trash and is dumped from behind. He's eliminated as well. Austin beats the crap out of him on the floor and they brawl all the way to the back.


    This accomplishes a few things. It leaves the fans wanting more. They only got a glimpse of Austin. The match was on fire when he was in there, but he got tossed very quickly. Benoit has wanted revenge on Austin for 18 months now for injuring him, and he finally got just a taste of it, but ended up costing himself his dream (a Title shot) in the process. The show after the Rumble, Benoit cuts a promo calling Austin out. He says he hopes he ruined Austin's big return, just as his was ruined. He rips Austin for sitting out voluntarily. Benoit was kept away from the sport he loves for over a year with a painful neck injury. And every day he had to sit out tore him up inside. When he finally makes his way back, he finds out Austin has gone home like a crybaby just because he wasn't happy with some of the people in the back. It makes him sick. On the next Raw, Austin demands to leave to go to Smackdown but Bischoff is reluctant to let him. On the next Smackdown, Austin simply shows up and jumps Benoit. He does this every week and they have an intense feud, leading Stephanie to book a match for No Way Out.


    No Way Out 2003: Austin defeats Benoit


    This is essentially Austin's big return match, and he goes over to please the crowd. This is a pretty pure wrestling match most of the way through, as Benoit wants to prove to Austin that he is a better technical wrestler than him, and deserves success more than Austin (who has had a far more successful career). Benoit kicks out of the Stunner, but Austin makes the ropes on the Crossface. They go into another wrestling sequence, and Austin counters a sunset flip (a la Bret/Bulldog) to get the clean win. He beat Benoit at his own game. Austin celebrates his comeback win, but a furious Benoit attacks him and locks in the Crossface for several minutes while officials try to pry him off.


    The feud continues and a rematch for Wrestlemania is booked.


    Wrestlemania XIX: Benoit defeats Austin


    This one is more of a brawling type match, as the rivalry has become very heated. Austin puts Benoit over huge, tapping out to the Crossface in the middle of the ring, totally clean. Now Benoit has beaten Austin at his own game (brawling). The only other time Austin has lost at a Wrestlemania was to Bret Hart when he passed out while in a submission hold. Here he tapped.


    After Wrestlemania, Austin takes a few weeks off and they can do their silly angle where he is hired to be the co-GM of Raw. With Benoit on Smackdown, it doesn't affect him. Benoit's crossface injured Austin's neck, as Austin (in storyline terms) injured Benoit's. Benoit comes out of the feud looking great.


    Also at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar, who won the Royal Rumble, beat Kurt Angle for the Title. Now Kurt has to take some time off because of his bad neck.


    Benoit is now ready for his Title shot, but just as she did in reality, Stephanie instead books a tournament to determine a clear #1 contender. In the second round, Rey Mysterio upsets Benoit with a fluke win, before losing to John Cena in the finals. This prompts Benoit to challenge Rey Rey for Backlash.


    Backlash: Benoit defeats Mysterio


    Convincing win. In the main event that night, Brock defeats Cena. Benoit attacks him after the match and puts him in the crossface. He picks up the mic and makes the challenge for Judgment Day right then and there.


    Judgment Day: Lesnar defeats Benoit


    Hard-fought match, but Benoit comes up just a little bit short.


    June/July 2003: Kurt Angle returns and becomes buddy-buddy with Brock. He wants a shot at the Title, but Benoit already has a rematch booked at Vengeance, the first ever Smackdown exclusive PPV. Angle ends up wrestling Haas and Benjamin in a handicapped match at Vengeance and defeating them.


    Vengeance: Benoit defeats Lesnar


    Benoit becomes the new WWE Champion, and the first man other than the 500 pound Big Show to defeat Brock Lesnar. Benoit is ecstatic.


    On Smackdown in August, Haas and Benjamin get their win back, defeating the tag team of Brock and Angle in a huge TV main event. There is now some tension between Brock and Angle, as both have a shot against Benoit's Title in a Triple Threat Match at Summerslam. As former Champions, both deserve shots at the Title, and Angle still wants to prove he can beat Brock.


    Summerslam 2003: Benoit defeats Angle and Lesnar


    The finish is this: Angle gets the Anklelock on Brock. Brock can't make the ropes but refuses to tap. Benoit rushes in and hooks the Crossface to Brock while Angle still has the Anklelock applied. Now Brock is trapped and has no choice but to tap out. So Benoit and Angle are declared co-winners, but since Benoit is Champion, the draw goes to him, so he retains the belt. Angle says he's screwed, since he had applied his submission hold first- at the very least it should come down to him and Benoit, but the refs decide otherwise. Benoit retains.


    In the weeks after Summerslam, Brock turns heel on Angle (as he really did). Now he's somewhat of a tweener- a face against Benoit, but a heel against Angle. Benoit defends against all comers on Smackdown, winning TV main event matches against Mysterio, Rhyno, Tajiri and more. John Cena starts to get hot as a tweener. A #1 contenders Battle Royale is held to determine a challenger for No Mercy. It comes down to Brock, Angle, Cena, and Undertaker. Brock and Angle eliminate each other as Cena gets rid of Taker. Cena wins the No Mercy Title shot.


    No Mercy: Benoit defeats Cena


    Benoit has been Champion for four months now, so it feels like his reign might be coming to an end. Cena winning the Title would be a cool upset, but this time he comes up a bit short.


    The Undertaker demands a Title shot for Survivor Series, and is granted one. Taker's past Survivor Series accomplishments are played up, as this is where he made his debut 13 years ago. By now, everyone wants to see Benoit get beat, and it's assumed that Taker will get one last run with the belt.


    Survivor Series 2003: Benoit defeats The Undertaker


    Benoit flips out of a chokeslam attempt and turns it into a crossface. Undertaker taps, and Benoit retains. On the same card, Kurt Angle defeats Brock Lesnar, which later is determined to mean that Angle is the new #1 contender. A Benoit/Angle Iron Man Match is booked for the December 11th Smackdown (a la Brock/Angle currently). Benoit has been Champion for quite awhile now and this is Angle's first shot since Summerslam, where the fans feel he was screwed. Will Angle get what seems to be his annual fall/winter Title reign?


    December 2003, Smackdown: Overtime rules are in effect. No stupid ties. For the first ten minutes, they pace themselves, as is to be expected. They do some great mat wrestling and play a few mind games with one another, with neither man getting a concrete advantage. About 14 minutes in, it really heats up and they go through some basics of the early stages of a normal match. A complex sequence leads to Angle playing possum while Benoit goes up top for the headbutt. Angle moves and Benoit misses. Kurt hits the Angle Slam and pins Benoit to go up 1-0 at 23:42. It took awhile for the first fall to be decided. The Champion is down 1-0.


    Angle goes for another one, but Benoit counters and lands on his feet on the apron. He snaps Angle's neck down over the top rope and stays on the outside to take a breather. Angle recovers, sees him there and goes for a dive over the ropes, but Benoit moves and Angle hits the floor. Now it was Benoit that was playing possum. Benoit goes to work and gains full control of the match. This lasts for about ten minutes, but Benoit just cannot put him away. Angle makes a brief comeback, but Benoit hops over his back on a corner charge and nails him with a german suplex. Benoit bridges the neck and gets the pin to even the score at 1-1 at 37:15.


    Now Benoit tries to soften him up for the Crossface, but Angle won't let him hook it, and bails to the floor for a breather. Benoit, the aggressor, charges him with a baseball slide towards the corner of the ring, but Angle dodges it, and Benoit's ankle goes sliding right into the steel post. Now Benoit's ankle is shot, and there's still about 19 minutes left in the match. Angle takes advantage and starts working it over. He hammers it and finally hooks the Anklelock, but Benoit is close to the ropes and is able to reach them. The ref makes Angle break, and as Chris stands up, he slaps Angle in the face, right over the ref's shoulder. Angle is pissed now, and pulls down his straps. He goes right after Benoit and catches him in a huge belly to belly suplex, that results in Benoit lying in the middle of the ring. Angle slaps on the Anklelock and Benoit has no choice but to tap out at 45:43. The crowd is going nuts, as Angle is now up 2-1 and Benoit can barely stand.


    Kurt tries for the hold again, but Benoit wisely bails to the floor and tries to buy some time- but not too much- he has less than 15 minutes to tie Angle. If Benoit loses one more fall, it will be impossible to catch up. Benoit is desperate. He plays cat and mouse with Kurt, often waiting until the count of 9 to get back into the ring. When Angle finally loses his composure and confronts him on the apron, Benoit moves fast, gouging his eyes, then sunsetting in for a close two count. Benoit takes Kurt's knee down, then quickly steps on both of his hands to hurt his fingers (in hopes that he won't be able to grip the Anklelock very well). Angle slugs him back, and Benoit lures him into the corner, where he climbs. They both go up top and fight over a superplex, and Benoit shoves him all the way down to the arena floor. Angle's head strikes the barricade, and he seems to be out cold. Benoit collapses back into the ring, and the ref counts Angle out at 52:20. The score is tied at 2-2.


    Angle is out cold on the floor. Benoit tells the ref to count him out again, but the ref won't count him out twice in a row like that. Angle must get back into the ring for the match to continue as normal. The ref tries to help Kurt up, but Kurt is motionless. He's dead weight. The ref shrugs his shoulders like he doesn't know what to do, and Benoit has finally had so much that he nails the ref with a chair from behind. Chris picks up Angle and lifts him back into the ring. He covers him, but of course there's no ref. Benoit has only himself to thank for that. Benoit, exhausted and not knowing what else to do, prepares to hook in the crossface, but before he locks it in, Angle's eyes pop wide open. He springs up and hip tosses Benoit off of him. Then when Benoit charges at him, Angle suplexes him half way across the ring. Benoit counters the Angle slam, but lands on his ankle in doing so, and Kurt kicks him in said ankle, sending Benoit to the mat. Kurt grabs his ankle, going for the anklelock, but Benoit spins out and kicks him. He gets to his feet and goes for a big roundhouse right, but Kurt ducks and hits the Angle Slam. He covers, but there's still no ref. Kurt gets up and drags the ref into the middle of the ring... but while doing so, Benoit crawls over to the chair he used earlier. Kurt positions the ref in the middle of the ring, but when he turns around to grab Benoit, Chris cracks him in the head with the chair. Benoit collapses on Kurt and the ref finally recovers to make a slooow three count at 59:25. Benoit goes up 3-2. Angle is still out cold when the bell rings at 60:00, and Chris Benoit struggles to his feet in the corner, having retained the Title.


    This match did a lot. The end showed Benoit is getting a little desperate. It put Angle over huge- he pinned Benoit and made him tap. Benoit got one legitimate fall on Kurt, but the other was a fluke countout and a cheap pin at the end. Angle must now enter the Royal Rumble like everyone else if he wants to get a rematch.


    Eddie is next in line for a Title shot. And he's been feuding with Royal Rumble favorite, Brock Lesnar, which teases a possible Eddie/Brock Wrestlemania showdown. Benoit is more than happy to offer his former friend a Title shot, as Eddie was often overlooked as he once was. But Benoit tells Eddie that there comes a time when you must be strong and stop being overlooked and go out and take what you want. Eddie responds by challenging Benoit and going after him at every conceivable opportunity.


    Royal Rumble 2004: Benoit defeats Guerrero


    Eddie comes up just a bit short. Very back and forth match that could have gone either way. Kurt Angle wins the Royal Rumble match, thus earning a Wrestlemania XX Title shot. But just who will he face?


    Brock Lesnar has already faced Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, and he wants the chance to do it again. He's already won the Title at Wrestlemania, but this time he wants to walk in as Champion AND walk out as Champion. Benoit vs. Lesnar is booked for No Way Out- the winner will defend against Angle at one of the biggest events ever: Wrestlemania XX.


    No Way Out: Benoit defeats Lesnar


    Benoit squeaks yet ANOTHER victory out, setting up Benoit vs. Angle for Wrestlemania XX. The Benoit/Angle feud has already been written. From their feud in 2001 to their stint as tag partners in 2002, to Benoit's jealousy of Angle leaving him to become Champion (a reign during which Angle never even gave Benoit a Title shot), to Summerslam 2003 when Kurt almost became Champion, to the Iron Man match where he was screwed. Kurt Angle finally gets his rematch.


    Wrestlemania XX: Angle defeats Benoit


    Benoit's eight month Title run finally comes to an end, as Kurt Angle finally gets his big Wrestlemania Title win as a babyface in a classic match. A defining moment of Kurt's career, as well as a fitting end to Benoit's Title reign.


    (Sorry if this deserves to go in Fantasy Booking- move it if you'd like.)

    Well, Lesnar did lose at NWO 04, but to Eddie.


    U were wrong about WM20


    Now what do you think happens to him in Summer 07


  3. CM Punk if used correctly could get the push to the top.

    yeah, that is, if he ever joined the WWE, which I hope to god he does not, or atleast not under his curent gimmick, for it'll just become retarded RTC 2.0 crap....

    He ended up being the best WWE star post attitude era

  4. Okay it seems to me that after a few matches, Cena is a good wrestler but not the greatest, and that is the years to come after, if he is still around, and he has some work to do to improve.


    Though what gets my beef that he is feuding with Jericho in his first month with the WWE. Not only that defeating Jericho in a way, slapping Jericho in the face, and already getting good pops, and yet he is a rookie. If he was a more exeperiance wrestler that went to other big name feds like in ECW or in WCW before they shut down, I wouldn't be posting here no would I.


    This is the thing. Jericho is a Euro champion, 3 time IC champion, a tag champion and the undisputed WWE Champion. Cena defeats him in his second match. There goes Jericho's believabilty, and it shows to the common fan (if they can remember) that Jericho is not worthy to be a champion if he lost to a rookie.


    If its one match it wouldn't be that bad either, but its going on and on...and fearing for the worst this might even lead into Summerslam...


    Its also to a slap in the face to many wrestlers. Most of them busted their asses off just trying to make it where they are, like Undertaker, Rock, Triple H, Hogan, Jericho, Austin, Angle....etc...and that list goes on. Cena comes in main events a smackdown show, and is now suppose to be a high calibar wrestler in the WWE. Hell Angle has only been here three years, and he started on the bottom and moveed up, fighting Meat and Crash Holly at the beginning, until up against Tazz. Cena slaps Jericho in the face, and wham he is in the mid-card?


    If Cena wants to stay here long in the WWE, he needs to have a better ring work and mic skills if he wants to get over. No doubt that Cena has talent in the business, but if the WWE doesn't build him up properly, give him a character/persona, then this guy would be another Just Joe. Who? that's right you probably don't remember who he is.


    And a reminder. Don't say blame Triple H for doing this, even though he is hated by the most of us...i don't think he has that much control over Cena and Jericho.

    13 years later, he is still around, and is the wrestler of the millenium and most hated babyface in history.


  5. Why must Angle always be used to put untalented slime over?? I've never seen this John Cena work, but with a name like John Cena, he wreaks of useless jobber. Cena is as bad as Test in my book. NO Charisma, NO talent.


    Worse yet, Cena gets many near fall attempts... fuck that.


    Angle should have fought Taker last night, for the title, Ankle Lock immediately, match over in 3 seconds. It's like they're saying Nash is better than Angle with this shit! Fuck HHH.

    11 years later, and it's still true