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  1. Diadem

    F4W/WON Notes - September 9th - 15th

    Comparing TNA to WWE is like this. You go to the store to buy toilet paper, Now on one hand you have Charmin and its snuggly bear on the front. Next to that is the plain store brand, clear package, nothing exciting. While both may be effective, one is more expensive. Ask yourself this, would you rather wipe with satin smoothness or sandpaper?
  2. Diadem

    F4W/WON Notes - September 9th - 15th

    Salinas off to shoot more Bondage porn? More epic nipples? Excellent! Jackie lost four teeth in a DP with Storm/Roode sounds more likely. I'm assuming James is the rough type after drinking a few...
  3. Diadem

    Jeff Hardy Strikes Out for the Final Time?

    Heroine vs HGH Match Winner gets Stephanie... Vince smells ratings! Book it!
  4. Diadem

    Jeff Hardy Strikes Out for the Final Time?

    Linkage from 411: http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/855...-At-Airport.htm
  5. Diadem

    Spoilers for 4th and 11th

    Yes. Lets just hope he's not another Steve Blackman. Will he deliver on the hype? I think he and AJ potentially can do something special with this.
  6. Diadem

    Gail Kim gone from TNA

    WTF?? this came out of no where, but he's right. She's not on the website.
  7. Diadem

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Story on Wrestling Observer says Kaz still wrestling house shows. I'm guessing the whole quitting angle is just that...
  8. Diadem

    Victory Road 08 Thoughts

    Never mind found a place.
  9. Diadem

    Victory Road 08 Thoughts

    Any idea where on the net to watch this? I'm cheap and broke.
  10. Diadem

    Victory Road 08 Thoughts

    TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP SAMOA JOE © vs. BOOKER T I see Booker getting over Joe in this with some help from Stinger or backstage. I think it's too early to take the strap, but believe they will shake things up after Raw has crowned up and comers FAN'S REVENGE MATCH FOR THE TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP The Latin American Xchange © vs. Robert Roode & "Cowboy" James Storm LAX retains for now. But watch out for Beer Money down the road. There is legit magic with this team and creative has caught lightening in a bottle with them. Fantastic how many great teams in TNA now. look at Raw. No established teams and their Tag team belts are basically an afterthought now. FAN'S PICK THE STIP - SIX MAN TAG TEAM WAR: AJ Styles, Christian Cage & Rhino vs. Kurt Angle & Team 3D Styles and crew should win this one, time for them to kill the AJ/Angle feud and move on. Should be some sick spots in this one and will likely become an instant classic (pun intended) Anyone else LOVE Bubba as a monster heel? This guy, when used properly could become a #1 Heel. His mic skills (minus the Brooklyn accent) are top notch. THE FINALS OF THE WORLD X CUP TOURNAMENT Featuring the return of the Ultimate X Match Plus, a World X Cup Elimination Match Team TNA vs. Team Japan vs. Team Mexico vs. Team International The 12 man scramble cibernetico style (elimination) match will start the show and will feature these names.... MCMG & Curry Man (TNA) v. Doug Williams, Tyson Dux, and Alex Kozlov (Intl) v. Ultimo Guererro, Ray Bucanero, and Averno, I believe (Mexico) v. Milano Collection AT, Masato Yoshino, and Taichi Ishikari (Japan) If given enough time, with that much talent in the ring this becomes the top match of the PPV. I like Internationl in this one. Ultimate X will feature Kaz vs. Naruki Doi vs. Volador, Jr. vs. Daivari I know I'm going aginst most everyone else on this, but I like Naruki Doi in this one for the win. I think they play of the Kaz injury from Thurday to allow someone else to win. I just can't see TNA winning 3 straight years. if Doi doesn't win, I like Daivari in this and TNA in the elim. match. GRUDGE MATCH "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal w/ SoCal Val vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt Jay Lethal in this one, but I think after the X cup they push this storyline even more, with Val turning on Jay for Dutt. Man... I wish Sonjay was in love with Jay instead. While gross, it would have made for great TV. Guess society isn't ready for that yet. KNOCKOUTS WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Taylor © vs. Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed Kong destroys. All is right with the world... I wanna see Kong vs. Moose in a Bimbo brawl!!! TNA KNOCKOUTS MATCH Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love I like Gail here, but honestly this whole storyline has bored the piss outta me. Likely ending is a decent match with Gail on top. Dream ending is Velvet losing her top.
  11. Diadem

    TNA Spoilers For Thursday 26.06.08

    I'm thinking a female Raven after that match. What a sweet way to debut the women's hardcore matches. But extremely happy to see Moose start getting a push.