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  1. Spyke

    November availability thread

    I kind of vanished off the face of SWF but I've returned to say I'm in
  2. Spyke

    Genesis Discussions

    LOL yeah ask Toxxic, All my matches are usually sent about a week after the card goes up or sooner. The only match I needed an extension on was the tag match because I was doing DVS results and lost track of the deadline
  3. Spyke

    Genesis Discussions

    Posted it in the thread for it :-D Maybe they forgot I did it since I sent it in 3 days after the card went up o_O
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    Count me out for this one
  5. Spyke

    The Losers...

    I thought that was the best match I wrote up since getting here. I had my music going, I was all "inspired" and stuff but Taiga pulled off the better match. Here's my work: Funyon The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SWF World Cruiserweight Championship! Introducing first to the ring representing the DVS he hails from Brooklyn, New York “DON’T YOU WISH YOU WERE ME!?” is heard screaming on the loud speakers Don’t You Wish You Were Me? By Fozzy starts up Funyon Weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds he is tonight’s challenger, SPYKE! Spyke steps out on the stage area with his hands in the air as the crowd boos him. He smiles and blows the fans in the arena but as he extends his hand he flips them off as he makes his way down the ramp with a cocky walk as if to say he is better than everyone in attendance tonight. Mak Francis Total un-professionalism by Spyke as usual. Ignoring the few fans who do reach out to him he makes his way up the ring steps and pauses to look back at all the fans before he enters through the middle ropes he takes to the second rope and slaps his chest twice, pointing to the crowd and letting his finger pan around the arena before pointing up to the sky once and stepping down as his music dies down. Funyon And weighing in at one hundred and none of your DAMN business, She is the SWF World Cruiserweight Champion, TAIGA STAR! Be a Man by Hole starts up as Ultraviolet laser lights pointing from the entrance through the arena pan the arena. Taiga walks down the ramp with the cruiserweight championship in her hand, slapping hands with the fans, some waving, nothing fancy. She rolls in under the bottom rope after tossing the title over the top rope, and pops up with it in her hand turning so all the fans can see it. Spyke scoffs and looks at her as if he’s unimpressed. Her music dies down and the referee takes her title and raises it above his head before passing it outside to the time keeper. Spyke doesn’t remove his shirt as he normally does as the referee signals for the bell and steps back. Suicide King The official first match between Spyke and Taiga, no DVS beat down, no tag team partners. Just a straight up one on one match for the coveted SWF cruiserweight championship. Spyke dashes forward to Taiga who stays on the offensive and dashes towards him. Spyke stops in mid dash and goes to slap Taiga in the face but she moves her face back and he misses. The two start circling around the ring in a stalking motion as Spyke goes for another disrespectful slap to the face with Taiga slapping his hand away and going in for the grapple but Spyke picks his foot up and kicks her back leaving the crowd to boo at him as an infuriated Taiga pissed off at the fact that he placed his foot on her stomach and kicked her back like she was unworthy gives chase. Mak Francis Spyke seems like he’s toying with Taiga but he better than anyone should know you don’t want to make Taiga angry in the ring. It’s best to take your whooping and call it a night! Suicide King Are you saying Spyke would possibly lose to a girl!? Mak Francis Well she did pin him at Prelude To Grander Suicide King Yes but that was all Jenkins fault. AS far as it counts in my book, Spyke is still undefeated! Spyke hooks Taiga and takes her down with an arm drag, She rolls right back up and as he goes to follow up with a clothesline she retaliates by taking him down with an arm drag. Suicide King OH MY GOD ARM DRAG BY TAIGA! Mak Francis So? She goes to follow up with an elbow drop but misses as Spyke rolls out of the way and does a kip up. Spyke goes to Stomp on Taiga but as he raises up his right foot she hooks his left foot and pulls him off balance, causing him to fall on his back. She mocks him by rolling away popping up and shouting “That’s how you do it!” Spyke quickly scrambles up to his feet but is tackled right back down to the mat by Taiga who begins beating him down with a series of left and right closed fists as Spyke covers up for protection. The referee dashes in and tells Tagia that this isn’t the UFC and she needs to break the hold but she doesn’t break the offensive mounted position Referee ONE!........... TWO!.......... THREE!.......... COME ON TAIGA! FOUR.......... Taiga gets off of Spyke and yells “Okay! I heard you” to the referee before adjusting her attire and going back on the offensive by tearing off Spyke’s shirt from his body and tossing it outside the ring. She turns back and pulls him off the mat and back up to his feet. While struggling to lift his body, The self proclaimed greatest of DVS places his hand around the back of her neck and drops to his knees. Mak Francis Jaw breaker by Spyke! Taiga just releases him and steps back two feet before shaking it off like it was a weak slap to the face. She pulls back her right fist as if power was gathering into the fist as Spyke gets back up to go for his patented punch combo but to his surprise Taiga is already swinging to pop him in the lip. She connects with a shot that sends him falling back to the mat but just as quickly he pops back up as she goes to follow up with another hard hook from the left hand this time, Spyke shakes if off but is planted with another punch and hits the mat again. He pounds the mat and pops back up as the crowd gets behind Taiga who seriously pulls back for what looks like its going to be a knock out blow. She swings but this time expecting the punch Spyke blocks her right hand with his left hand. Not fazed by his speed in blocking she follows up with a left to take him down at the same speed he blocked with but he slaps her left hand away with his right hand and in that same instant his whole body moves with his right hand as if the momentum was pulling him and he delivers a corkscrew enziguri to the temple of Taiga’s head causing her to drop to her knees and fall face forward to the mat. Suicide King WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED! Mak Francis I heard this kid was cocky and we’ve seen that, I heard he was methodical in the ring and we’ve seen that, I’ve heard this kid was fast but Holy hell.....that...that just put The Flash to shame! Biased and mixed reactions fill the arena mostly consisting of boos with chants for Taiga to get back up. Spyke crawls to the ropes to catch his breath and pull himself up as she makes her way up to all fours and shakes off the cobwebs as she did before with the jaw breaker. Spyke starts to push off from the corner ropes as she makes her way back up to her feet. Their eyes lock up and realizing he has the upper hand they go into a quick grapple for power but Taiga begins over powering him. The crowd cheers as he looks down to the mat to realize he’s sliding back as she powers him to the corner without his feet actually leaving the mat Mak Francis HA! Look at that! Being the counter veteran he is Spykes allows himself to be pushed back to the corner where he leaps into the air and lands on the middle ropes. Gripping Taiga tightly he swings around in what looks to be the hugest twisting monkey flip possibly in SWF history but Taiga doesn’t sell the offensive maneuver. Instead she stands her ground and Spykes lands on her knee caps. In what is the most unique balancing act seen in the ring in years Spykes now finds Taiga holding onto him as tightly as he was to her. Suicide King Look at the strength of Taiga here tonight, It’s almost frightening He remains with not much to do offensively as she slowly carries him over to the ropes and releases her grip on him, letting Spykes eventually lose his strength and fall over the top rope. Hooking the top rope before going completely over he manages to “skin the cat” ala Shawn Michaels. He lets go and dusts off his hands before smiling for the crowd and bowing only to turn back around to be greeted by Taiga’s two feet as she delivers a baseball slide to his chest causing him to fall back as she exits the ring with the momentum from the slide. Picking up Spykes before he can regain his composure she traps his arms in a hold and looks to the fans for approval as the ref runs over and tells her to stop as he begins a quick count that she basically uses to repeatedly headbutt Spykes Referee and crowd ONE......... TWO........ THREE........ FOUR....... FIVE....... SIX ....... SEVEN........ EIGHT...... NINE........ Taiga leaps into the air while still keeping Spykes arms trapped and places her knees to his chest, using her weight to fall back. Mak Francis WHAT A SICK HEADBUTT TO LUNG BLOWER COMBINATION! The ref tells Taiga to get back in now and she rolls in the ring as the referee continues the count up to about fifteen before she rolls back out. The crowd shows slight disapproval that Taiga didn’t just leave him to be counted out but applaud her sportsmanship and need to want to beat on Spyke some more. With the count reset she pulls Spyke up off the floor and drags him back to the ring apron where she slides him into the ring and follows behind him by rolling back in. Quickly taking Spyke by the legs as he lays in the ring coughing and gasping to catch his breath after having the air driven out of his chest. Taiga starts dragging Spyke in a circular motion, slowly lifting him off the mat for a big swing as the crowd watches on amused and amazed that she could get him off the mat. Spyke places his hands behind his head for protection as Taiga lets him go and staggers back into the ropes for protection as Spyke flies several feet across the ring. Taiga catches her composure before continuing on the offensive by going after Spyke. She grabs him by the right leg and drags him back to the center of the ring before hollering for the fans approval. The get behind her with their chants and she nods as if to tell them good job before. With the Spyke still on his back, Taiga stands beside him and sits with her leg over and between Spyke’s legs she then places his far leg in the knee pit of the near leg. Mak Francis Uh Oh....I think I know what’s coming up Finishing the submission hold she puts Spyke’s ankle on top of her own ankle and rolling herself along with him onto their bellies she pushes back with the Spykes ankle. Suicide King Taiga with the very tactical inverted Indian death lock. The referee slides into position and checks on Spyke to see if he’ll tap. Spyke refuses and lurches upward to pound on Taiga’s leg in order to break the hold but she doesn’t let up as he falls back flat on the mat. ONE! TWO! Spyke pops back up realizing his shoulders had hit the mat. The referee signals it was only a two count as Spyke writhes in pain. Mak Francis Very smart tactic by Taiga. It’s rare to have a cruiserweight champion who doesn’t take to the top rope but we have one here in Taiga and she’s using that fact to her advantage. Suicide King Yeah everyone knows you have to take out the legs of a high flyer but Spyke seems to be more of an all around superstar. He adapts to his opponents styles in the end he uses it to win week after week. Mak Francis That may be true but apparently that tactic didn’t work in his tag match with Taiga, be it the fact that these two have history and know each others strategy in the ring or as Spyke says it was just a fluke, only time will tell. Taiga smirks and breaks the hold leaving Spyke gripping his leg on the mat. She wipes some sweat from her face and catches her breath before stomping on the leg of Spyke who tries to crawl away. You can hear him scream through the roar of the crowd in pain as the punishment seems to fuels Taiga. She picks up and watches him stand on one leg as he keeps the other one slightly off the mat. She kicks him in the shin and he pulls his leg up in pain. She follows up with a punch to the face that makes him put pressure on the leg as he staggers back. Almost falling down she follows up with a double ended chop to the chest that leaves Spyke open. A triple combination of right jabs to the face and a dash to the ropes for what looks to be a huge clothesline in works. Taiga rebounds and comes charging as Spyke who’s eyes are closed as he tries to force himself from yelling in pain. She raises the left arm and taps it as if to activate some unforeseen power but Spyke playing the sacrificial lamb shifts his body sideways and opens his eyes just in time for his glare to meet her stare of ruthless aggression and he super kicks her right in the jaw with such force that he falls back clenching his foot while rolling around as she falls back like she’s just been knocked out. Suicide King I’ve said it before but it’s moment like this right now that will make Spyke take over the SWF in no time! Mak Francis Oh yeah? Is that why you’ve been kissing his ass since he arrived? Suicide King I know you are not pointing fingers. You back any superstar going against Spyke and when they lose you end up looking like a fool. I’m just betting smart. You don’t go to the dog track and put your money on the greyhound that’s lost just about every race for the season Mak Francis What does that have to even do with WRESTLING!? Taiga is the current cruiserweight champion. She has a take no prisoners attitude and has proven time and time again she can “play with the big boys” Before the referee can check on Taiga to see if she is actually out cold she starts grabbing at air before placing her hands over her face. He shifts over to Spyke who is on all fours as his tapping his leg as if trying to shake out the numbing sensation. Stepping back as Spyke tells him he’s able to continue the ref watches as Taiga slowly begins to roll over to her stomach and sits up. Spyke on the other end of the ring starts holding onto the ropes and turnbuckle padding to pull himself up. The two get up at the same time and Tagia shakes her head and pulls her hair back as she slowly walks towards Spyke. DVS’s self proclaimed greatest limps towards Taiga and the two meet face to face in the ring. They have a momentary stare down that leads to Taiga screaming at Spyke. Mak Francis Uh Oh, looks like a verbal spat is brewing Feeling insulted he begins to yell back but Taiga get up into his face and yells even louder. Spyke looks away in shame but remembers actions speaks louder than words and slaps Taiga clear across the face. Taiga stops yelling and without pause slaps Spyke right back across his face. The two look at each other and smack each other at the same time. Spyke smacks Taiga right back in the face. Taiga retaliates with a slap of her own, Spyke with another slap across the face, Taiga with an even harder slap. A series of hard slaps are just being traded with each of Taiga’s blows getting harder and harder, realizing he can’t match her; Spyke slaps Taiga and before she can slap him back he spins and hits her with a spinning wheel kick to the face. Spyke watches Taiga as she falls back like before. The crowd can simply utter a deafening mass of “OOOOOOOOOH” through the arena as Spyke kisses his middle and index fingers while putting his hands into the gun taunt and delivering a grounded shooting star press on Taiga. The referee dashes over both bodies as Spyke hooks the leg. ONE!........ TWO!........ TH........ Taiga gets the shoulder up and Spyke breaks the pin as though he knew he wasnt getting the three count anyway. He gets back up and looks into her eyes before ripping his du rag off his head and twirling it around in the air before tossing it down at her as if to say “Beat That.... Bitch!” Taiga just rolls back on all fours and starts pounding the mat out of frustration. Spyke takes the opportunity as she get back to her knees to bounce of the rope and go for the Royal Deliverance but Taiga catches the right leg. Spyke hops on one leg and goes to deliver an enziguri but Taiga lets go of the right leg and blocks the right shin. Spyke lands on his right leg and kicks again but Taiga blocks, he goes for another quick follow up attempt with the left leg once more but Taiga catches the leg and takes him down with a Dragon screw. She goes to mount him but he swings at her face, she ducks the punch and he follows up with a grounded enziguri to catch her off guard but she dodges that as well by ducking once more and breaking from the mounted attempt. Spyke sits up but Taiga kicks him with a stiff boot to the chest that sends him down to the mat. She goes to follow up with a stomp but he rolls out of the way. A bit dazed by the speed she follows up with a direct punch to the skull as he kicks her in the BUTT from behind. Her fist hits the mat and she staggers forward as Spyke does a weak kip up and turns to face her. Mak Francis ARE YOU FOLLOWING ALL THIS! Suicide King I’m TRYING, I’M TRYING!!! Taiga turns to face a fist to the face that she smacks out the way, Spyke follows up with a left hook but Taiga smacks that as well. He swings with another right but this time she dodges it. Spyke insistent on hitting the punch swings on what would be his last offensive attack as Taiga has had enough and straight up headbutts him on his chin. Spyke stumbles back, tripping over the weak leg into the corner where Taiga follows up an punches him in the face causing him to pop down into the seated position where she just wails on him with several repeated punches as the referee rushes over to break up the corner assault. Taiga ignores him as the crowd gets behind her ruthlessness and begins to stomp away until the referee starts the count. ONE......... TWO......... THREE........ FOUR......... FI.......... Taiga breaks away from the corner pounding on her own chest and yelling as the crowd gets to their feet in support of her offense. She takes off to the opposite ropes and rebounds off the ropes and charges at Spyke to deliver a face wash with the bottom of her boot. As Spyke almost falls back motionless Taiga grabs him up by the head and pulls him out the corner. Dragging him to the center of the ring she keeps his head between her legs and signals for the classic pliedriver. She hooks him by the waist and goes to lift him but Spyke forces his body into sit up position causing Taiga to raise him higher than she expected. She has him in a powerbomb position that drives the crowd crazy as she starts stumbling towards the ropes Mak Francis OH MY G....I Think she’s going for an Awesome Bomb! Suicide King Almost jumping out of his seat. NO! NO! NO! Spyke hooks the top rope and hurricanrannas Taiga over the top rope to the outside. She flies into the barricade and lands on her feet. Flipping back into the ring Spyke looks out to Taiga and runs to the opposite ropes as the fans around her all reach out to tap her on the shoulder and on the back. She turns around to see Spyke charging back at her at minimal speed, somewhat slowed down by the leg damage delivered earlier. Spyke leaps over the rope but hooks onto the top rope once again as Taiga steps out of the way and points at her head as if to say she was to smart and fast for him. The crowd screams for her as she turns and notices Spyke isn’t curled up in pain and being beaten by the fans on the barricade. She quickly looks to the apron to see Spyke waiting for her with his middle and index fingers pointed at her, thumb extended in the gun taunt position as he motions to fire off an imaginary shot at her before taking two steps forward and leaping at her to deliver a hurricanranna that sends her skidding across the padded floor. Mak Francis HOLY HELL LETS GET A REPLAY! WE NEED A REPLAY!!!!! Out of hatred for Spyke but respect for the business the fans let out an series “SWF” chants in succession as a quick double feature is shown on screen and a replay of hurricanranna to the outside and the follow up are shown. The screen cuts away as the referee has already begun his count out as Spyke is on all fours favoring his leg and catching his breath. FIVE.......... SIX.......... SEVEN.......... Taiga is left on the mat laid out looking at the fans screaming at her to get up. Getting distracted by the lights she tries to grab at them for a brief moment before rolling over. EIGHT.......... NINE.......... Spyke crawls over to the ring steps and uses it to pull himself up. Looking around he spots the World Cruiserweight championship in the time keepers lap and shakes his head as if to free it from distractions. Before rolling into the ring as the referee continues to count out Taiga. TEN......... ELEVEN.......... TWELVE......... Realizing he cant win the championship by count out, Spyke rolls back out to Taiga and picks her up. She just stands there groggy as Spyke mocks her dazed stance and goes over to the commentary table where he snatches a bottle of water that Mak was using to soothe his throat during the yelling. Mak Francis HEY! GIVE THAT BACK! Spyke motions to slap Mak with the back of his hand and Francis covers up as Spyke laughs at him and unscrews the top of the bottle while walking away from him. He pours some water all over his face, chugs some and tosses the bottle at the back of Taiga’s head. She turns around and he spits water in her face before smashing her face against the barricade and tossing her back into the ring. Taiga rolls all the way to the middle of the ring and pops back up on the offensive as an unaware Spyke rolls in after her. Spyke gets to his feet only to be faced with Taiga who kicks Spyke in the groin after the ref notices Spyke’s du rag was still sitting on the mat and takes his attention off the match to kick it out of the ring. The ref turns back in time to see Taiga shift and take position behind a prone Spyke. She under hooks her arms under Spyke's arms. Twisting her body around so that Spyke is facing the ground with his back resting against her back. She stands up straight and hoists Spyke into an upside down position. Mak Francis ........serves him right........ Suicide King TAIGA GOING FOR THE REVERSE GORY SPECIAL PILEDRIVER! OR AS SHE LIKES TO CALL IT THE KUDO DRIVER!!!!! Spyke starts flailing around causing strain on Taiga’s arms. He rolls off her back and with his heads once again between her legs he raises her into the Electric Chair position. Taiga flails around on his shoulders but rather than slamming her face first he ducks his head and shoves her off his shoulders. Taiga lands on her feet but with Spyke now behind her he puts one arm between the legs, the other arm on the shoulders he flips the cruiserweight champion upside down and plants her on his head. Taiga pops up and falls back as if she has no more to give, Spyke shows no hesitation as he crawls on top of her, sitting on her chest he hooks both of her legs as the referee slides into position Mak Francis OH MY GOD!!!! Suicide King THIS IS HOW HE BEAT MANSON!!!! TAIGA JUST GOT SCREWED!!!! Referee ONE............... TWO............. THREE! The referee signals for the bell as the crowd erupts in a “THIS IS BULLSHIT” chant. Spyke unhooks the legs and falls back. Rolling off Taiga he gets on all fours as the referee runs to the side and gets the Cruiserweight championship. Funyon AND THE WINNER OF THE MATCH VIA PIN FALL ....THE NEW SWF WORLD CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION, SPYKE!!!! “Don’t You Wish You Were Me” starts up and the name of the theme couldn’t be anymore appropriate as the referee hands the championship over to Spyke and raises his hand. Spyke looks at the SWF cruiserweight championship in his hands for the first time ever and clings to the referee as he uses him for leverage to stand up. With the match finally over Spyke starts favoring his leg again as he limps around with the championship held high over his head. The crowds boos just continue to get even louder as Spyke clenches the title. As the referee goes to check on Taiga, Spyke stops him and demands that the belt be placed on him. The reluctant referee gets up and hooks the belt around Spykes waist to get him out of the ring but Spyke continues to show his arrogance by placing his foot on the chest of Taiga, posing for several seconds before finally exiting the ring and heading to the back.
  6. Spyke

    Genesis Discussions

    Damn two losses in a row, Guess I'm losing my stuff
  7. Spyke

    Genesis Promo

    JESUS CHRIST, MARY, JOSEPH, LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!! Can you go on and on and babble about more utter useless crap nobody cares about!? Taiga you seem to fail to realize that I like wine get better with time! The crowd boos as Spyke walks out on the stage and paces back and forth waiting for them to quiet down. Spyke The only thing you said worth listening to just now was that the more things change is the more the stay the same. Because the more I continue to drift away from the delinquent I was in the DVS and further place myself on the mantle of superstar greatness is the more you remain as the stepping stone of all those that come after you. You don’t believe me? You don’t want to hear me!? PLAY THE FOOTAGE! The footage of Spyke with the other members of the DVS Invasion beating down Taiga is played. Spyke See? Did you see them walk all over you Taiga!? You are nothing, you will never be anything, You will leave this business just as you entered it, a nothing, a stepping stone, nobody will remember your name, in the history books it will be listed “some chick Spyke destroyed for his first title before moving onto bigger and better things in the SWF” I have not strayed from my mission to save these people from the mundane crap you deliver in the ring and call a match. Tonight they will see the real definition of a champion, they will see DVS vs DVS one on one and they will know why I have continued to dominate month after month and remain Undefeated in singles competition. You? All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience. The new era is starting and I alone shall carry it on my shoulders to the top of the mountain and hold it high above the masses for I am absolute perfection in the ring and you my pawns are nothing more than the audience gathered to watch the destruction of everything you have known. Spyke takes the mic off and flips it into the air, not bothering to catch it as it hits the stage floor he returns to the back.
  8. Spyke

    Genesis Talk

    Doesn't matter what you make me look like babes, I've been re inspired and I don't think your write up will see the light of day. Shine my belt up, The DVS representative is taking home a new title
  9. Spyke

    The One And Only 'Hassle Landon' thread

    It took me 2 minutes to type Spyke with a wii mote. It's too responsive and the keys on the tv are too small. the slightest shift will screw you up. I mean this sentence alone is 5 minutes to type on a wii.
  10. “DON’T YOU WISH YOU WERE ME!?”blares on the loud speakers before Spyke makes his out to the stage ramp as the fan boo him. He doesn’t even bother to bow and blow them a kiss as he normally does. He just makes his way down the arena ramp. Funyon Making his way to the ring at this time.... Spyke slides in through the bottom ropes and gets up in Funyon’s face. Snatching the microphone before he can finish introducing him he motions to slap him with a back hand before Funyon escapes out of the ring Spyke CUT MY DAMN MUSIC! Don’t you wish you were me cuts off as Spyke places the microphone to his mouth. Spyke Laugh it up, Laugh it all up, the great almighty Spyke who ran his mouth about how great the DVS is lost his first SWF tag match. The crowd cheers. Spyke Yeah, Yeah, Yeah well the laughs on you. First of all I am still undefeated in singles competition and will remain that was as I become your NEW WORLD CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION! The crowd boos and Spyke nods his head in approval as though he expected the response. Spyke See I am by far the best the DVS has to offer and I mean instead of teaming me up with X-Punk I get paired off with some joke who someone thought “Hey Spike and Spyke, lets team them up and make a clever gimmick infringed name off the two.” Well you can not put greatness with a half ass superstar like Spike Jenkins and expect me to pull of the impossible. Tonight I face the biggest sack of crap. The DVS superstar that handed me the loss one of your own SWF elite couldn’t do. Taiga “the squirt of semen that should have been shot in a sock rather than into a woman” Star Spyke gets a mixed reaction of boos for his insult but cheers for the mention of the cruiserweight champions name. Spyke Tonight before each and everyone of you she defends her title in a match that is my freaking speciality. She gets an opportunity to show you all that I am everything that I say I am as I defeat her one on one. No tag team gimmicks to hinder my in ring performance and when it’s all said and done you can boo, throw your cups, walk out of the arena in angered frustration but I shall stand before you as the savior of this company. As the man taking one step higher up the ladder in this company and those of you watching at home because you were too cheap to buy tickets you wont turn your televisions off because as much as you all hate me for speaking the truth you just cant get enough of me beating your heroes asses week, after week, after WEEK! Spyke drops the microphone having filled up his own confidence and bows for the crowd as his music starts up once again and he heads out the ring and back up the ramp.
  11. Spyke

    Genesis Talk

    Oh trust me after you got your win I'm keeping my eye on you. I usually check my opponents stats during my matches anyways so I use them well without having them looking weak.
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    Prelude To Grandeur Talk

    Oh! Thanks for clearing that up
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    What's Your Handicap?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it!
  14. Spyke

    What's Your Handicap?

    The scene opens up with Spyke standing by with Ben Hardy backstage already in a discussion about the line up for tonight. Spyke So what I don’t get is if we are the ones invading this place why the hell am I being teamed up with an SWF superstar. They don’t like us, I don’t like them. Is this some sort of revenge for me defeating yet another waste of space that they consider a challenge here? Ben Hardy Well if it helps you, your partner is quite an accomplished member here in the SWF Spyke Sounding unamused Yeah I’m sure he is.....What’s his deal? Ben Well his name is “Hollywood”Spyke Jenk... Spyke WHAT!? Ben Spike Jenkins Spyke His name is Spike.....? Ben Yeah. Spyke Who the hell names their kid Spike? Im doomed tonight Ben In all do fairness he is the former cruiserweight champion and um...Your name is Spyke too. Spyke Yeah S-p-Y-k-e! The “Y” makes me cool where as he’s S-p-i-k-e that’s the way a dog spells it. Im teaming with a damn dog tonight and you say he’s the former cruiserweight champion. Who’d he lose the title to? Ben Oh you are going to love this. Taiga Spyke TAIGA! He lost to TAIGA! It’s official I’m going into a handicapped match Spyke begins pacing back and forth And TAIGA! How the hell is she allowed to qualifiy for a cruiserweight championship? She’s like the size of three of me! Ben We’ll don’t look at the negatives. He was good enough to hold a title so that shows he knows what he’s doing in the ring. Also based on last weeks events in your interview with Emma word around the back is you sealed the deal just like Jenkins did a while back. Spyke looks around and with the most guiltiest face ever. Spyke I don’t know what you are talking about......This interview is over! Spyke walks off as Ben shrugs. Ben Hardy Well ladies and gentlemen there you have it....sort of tonight the team of Spyke Jenkins and Spyke take on Divefire and Taiga Star in what is indeed going to be absolute chaos in the ring. With so many factors like Spyke’s hatred towards Taiga and Jenkins looking for some retribution tonight against her as well along with her partner Divefire being the number one contender. Spyke might be right about one thing, He may have to prepare for a handicap match but it may become a three on one with Taiga on the receiving end!
  15. Spyke

    Prelude To Grandeur Talk

    Whoa i've been busy lately with work, DVS and neglecting here for Too Human on 360 but I'm back now and quick question to Manson....whatever happened to those stat changes I was supposed to be getting like how does that whole thing work?