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  1. the.weej

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    I don't see anybody here. I'm gonna' take my office back. -Z
  2. the.weej

    Campaign 2008: Canadian Version

    I understand this perspective, but it's important to consider how much more disciplined Canadian political parties are than ones in the US or UK. It's not unusual for Congressmen or Senators in America to vote against the party line for various reasons - up here, simply abstaining in a vote is asking to be marginalized in caucus. Voting AGAINST the party leader means you better be crossing the floor tomorrow, because you're guaranteed to be turfed. Most Canadians definitely vote because they identify with a party/party leader, and it makes sense, because what the party leader believes is the de facto ideology of all the rest of his MPs.
  3. the.weej

    The Hockey Thread - October

    Looking at the box scores from Friday, I can't help but be confused. Did the Oilers really score three power play goals? Really? The Oilers? It really is a brave new world. The weird happenings that always pop up at the start of a new hockey season are exciting, but I've learned to never, EVER trust anything that happens in October. Habs fans should remember the strange performances of Brian Savage in Octobers past, that's always my favourite example. Czech - I think the idea of "keeping it in the family" springs from the success certain organizations have had with it, although I guess it might just be TWO organizations that have ever had any success with it, since the Oilers and Canadiens are the only ones that come to mind. Still, sports teams seem to be easily seduced by ideas that have no proof of success in any other environment. Not to rain on the parade or anything, but be wary of Quenneville. You're right about his history with goaltenders; a friend of mine is a big Avs fan and has nearly had his head explode multiple times over the last couple of seasons thanks to Coach Q. He's also probably chiefly responsible for the Avs' mortifyingly poor specials teams last season, and holds at least 40% of the blame for the Blues going from the best team in the NHL to a team that sorta kinda looks like it could be the best team in the NHL. I really don't understand this coaching change at all, frankly.
  4. the.weej

    Ground Zero Talk

    Nobody made me aware of this thread, per se, but I did a randomly fortnightly check-in at the right time, I suppose. I'm disappointed Toxxic does not wish to drink deep of my invigorating, wholly organic masculinity, but amused that Holly still thinks I'm a douchebag. It's all good, though - I am a major douche, when you get right down to it. See, I never felt too bad about being surly over making cards, but that's probably because I'm surly basically all of the time. -Z
  5. the.weej

    Next In Line preview thread

    We came up with it in concert. I think. I'm pretty sure one or the other suggested it, and the other one egged 'im on to do it. Generally speaking, it's usually my fault for coming up with something and Janus's fault for making sure it sees the light of day. What a team. By the way, Lost at Sea was awesome. How dare you guys? Definitely one of Strangler's better ideas, and he participated in a match on ice. -Z
  6. the.weej

    Next In Line preview thread

    It's at this point I feel obligated to chime in, because everyone seems to have purged it from their memories, but at my insistence Raynor and Janus booked a series of matches taking place in fictional worlds like Racoon fucking City and the furry world in the comic he writes for. Landon has a long way to go before he catches up to me and mine with our terrible, madcap ideas. -Z
  7. the.weej

    Guess what Pretzler's up to these days?

    Ran a little long, but that had some real highlights. "...they do, however, reflect the views of the United States government." Satire is the most difficult, and also the most rewarding, form of comedy. Was the girl intended to be driving a BMW, or was that an unintentional bit of delicious irony? -Z
  8. the.weej

    Clusterfuck discussion thread

    Yeah, but I mean, assuming you include the principle of choosing your own entrance order, many of your own competitors and a list of people who for sure wanted to be included or write the match, it still should've worked. Consider me duly impressed. Also, the correct answer is that nobody thought of it three years ago because I have never actually booked a CF card. Obviously. -Z
  9. the.weej

    Clusterfuck discussion thread

    Posting the Clusterfuck card a month ahead of time... God, that's so simple. Why didn't we think of this three years ago? -Z
  10. the.weej

    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    I am neither amused nor intrigued, but rather, gladdened. Also... wait, what? Oh, Muzzums, you didn't.
  11. the.weej


    Define "unnecessary." Baby, you knows I gots love for you. But I gotta lay down the law. Seriously, WC, I'm not sure I've ever jobbed you to anybody. I think I even gave you a win over Ejiro... -Z
  12. the.weej


    Oh, and having me removed from the SWF mods list? Autojobs eternally. -Z
  13. the.weej


    Yes, and I even remembered to send my matches in. Since it's Genesis, I actually even read them! For those of you who missed the memo, this is how I roll, with no roll ups. Those are autojobs. Finishers out of nowhere? Autojob. Head drop, followed by no selling long enough to lariat somebody and then selling? Autojob. Mat work that you think looks cool to start a match and then goes nowhere? Autojob. Unnecessarily retarded flipflopery? Autojob. Chairshots, ref-bumps and Dusty finishes? Autojob. Spike Jenkins? Autojob. Failure to display an appropriate reverence and military-like command of the English language? Autojob. Basically anything I see or deem to be unworthy of my considerably important time? Autojob. Compliance is not optional. That will result in an autojob. Further complainers will be autojobbed again, and then booked in a match against Ebony. What, you don't think I can still make that happen? You underestimate my power. -Z
  14. the.weej

    THE (kinda) *NEW* SWF!

    Force chokes for all, insolent fool!
  15. the.weej

    Help Chris Become A Better Person...

    Yes. I'm genuinely surprised you've never listened to Echo & the Bunnymen before, but I was positive you'd be all over Ocean Rain. It's one of those albums I get swallowed up in and lets the world disappear for a little while. Supes: I'm surviving - it's been a busy couple of years. You're actually still on my AIM list, having endured as one of those "I don't really talk to this guy but keep him around for his amusing away messages" people. -Z