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  1. dorianb

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    I demand a fancy graphic for the TSM Tournament final, Hypocrates.
  2. dorianb

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    Amazing how a bunch of fatties have girlfriends hotter than models. forums.thesmartmarks.com brings out the best in personality, I suppose.
  3. dorianb

    Cromartie Worst Poster Tournament

    No. On a wrestling board, everyone's girlfriend really is hotter than a model. The Somali man looks like he's playing peekaboo.
  4. dorianb

    ECW - January 13, 2009

    I think part of that reason is that we don't come into ECW with the same high expectations as Raw & Smackdown. It's much easier to like what they give us. The other shows at one time gave us much more than they do now.
  5. I promise that I'm not being confrontational at all when I ask this. My wife asked me the same thing the other day when I was watching RAW.... What could WWE do right now that would surprise you in a good way? I can start another thread if need be, but I saw Enigma's reply to the spoilers and it made me think to ask. The answer I gave her was so different from what WWE is giving right now, I'm just interested in what things others would like to see.
  6. dorianb

    The Royal Rumble 2009 Prediction Game

    good point, I changed my guess around a few times and forgot to make sure they worked. I barely catch smackdown any more so I didn't know edge wasn't in it. I'll change those.
  7. dorianb

    The Royal Rumble 2009 Prediction Game

    1. Who will win the 2009 Royal Rumble? Randy Orton 2. Who will be the runner-up? HBK 3. Who will be the iron-man? HBK 4. Who will have the shortest time? Santino 5. Who will have the most eliminated opponents? Koslov 6. Who will draw #1 and #2 (3 pts each, 3 bonus for accurately naming both) HHH (1) Shawn Michaels (2) 7. Who will draw the most successful entry # of 27? Santino 8. Who will draw the #30 spot? JBL 9. What will be the eventual winning #? 19 10. Will there be any surprise/unannounced entrants as of 1/25? (no point value), If yes, who will they be? Yes (unannounced) Goldust and Boogeyman. 11. Will the endurance record of 62:12 held by Mysterio be broken? (no point value) If yes, who breaks it? No 12. Who will be the final six men in the ring? (3 pts each, 10 pts for accurately naming all) JBL, Orton, HHH, Big Show, Koslov, HBK 13. How many instances of interference by non-competitors will we see? (2 pts) 2 14. Will anyone bleed? (no point value), if yes, who? (3 pts) No 15. If Charlie Haas is a participant, who does he imitate? (3 pts) Shawn Michaels
  8. dorianb

    Victoria Retires

    I don't have concrete evidence on the matter, but I think it's possible that Bret and Taker have probably vetoed other losses. Just because it wasn't reported doesn't mean it didn't happen. People care if they win or lose when they are top guys, it's as simple as that.
  9. dorianb

    Homicide and Dan Maff

    Wow, thanks for the info, I always thought that was going to be a mystery of mine forever.
  10. dorianb

    UFN 16 - Fight for the Troops

    With Cantwell, I could see being hyped about the break when all the adrenaline is pumping seconds after a fight, but I heard he was even doing it at the post fight press conference, that's messed up. There's such a fine line for me as a fan when it comes to fighting. Like Kos' KO was very visually appealing, but when Yoshida went down extra stiff, and stayed down all the way through the commercial and also during Kos' interview, I was very concerned. Al-Hassan's arm breaking (or popping, as I just read) was hard to watch period, but I've seen guys get out of tight looking armbars before, so I didn't turn away lol, sorry I didn't though. I'm surprised so many guys were able to still throw leg kicks after Hill's injury. I thought that some may have had second thoughts, but they didn't. Killa B's fight should have been stopped long before it was. Wolff was turning his back and the ref didn't even get closer to the action. He took a beating for so long and that ref really should have paid better attention in my opinion.
  11. dorianb

    UFN 16 - Fight for the Troops

    Yeah, that night of fights was not very good for the sport in terms of brutality, but that's mainly because it was a fund raiser for troops with brain injuries from fighting for us and the show was full of guys getting badly injured and high chances of brain damage of their own. I hadn't seen the Corey Hill fight the night of the show, but I was intrigued by Joe Rogan's comments at the end of the show about how after seeing those videos of the injured soldiers, the fights seem trivial and stupid. I thought that was very strong comments, but after all the injuries that were aired and seeing the Hill injury, I completely understand why he said what he said. But Koscheck's knockout looked straight out of Rocky 3, when Clubber knocked Rocky out lol. It was sick.
  12. dorianb

    Joey Styles JKO's JBL overseas

    LOL, this won't stop JBL's bullying. It's a nice victory for Styles, but it won't suddenly make Bradshaw scared to mess with a new guy. If he did, he knows he would be looked at as a bitch. A little off topic since Styles isn't new, but I never understood getting stiffed or ridiculously ribbed for being NEW. Like anyone can help being new lol. If I could help not being new, I wouldn't be new, but there's no way around it. I had a guy stiff me with a punch in my very first match ever, busting my nose, only for him to puss out every time he thought I might retaliate. It makes no sense to do it, especially if you're a bitch about it afterwards, that means you know it's stupid and wrong.
  13. dorianb

    Impact Spoilers for December 11th

    I honestly believe that if Tenay and West weren't commentating, I could enjoy TNA so much more. They're just too loud and uninteresting to me. Now West has come a long way since TNA began, but I just don't like hearing him. I wish TNA would go to a heel/face commentating team but not by keeping West face and turning Tenay. Heel Tenay makes me cringe lol.
  14. dorianb

    Homicide and Dan Maff

    I just found out the JAPW anniversary show is tonight and Dan Maff is advertised to be there. I remember few years back, Maff and Homicide had a big time falling out and Maff was basically blackballed from wrestling. Does anyone know for sure what the incident was that caused the falling out? I have the RF video "Get in the Ring" Homicide video/shoot and he talks about it somewhat, but he doesn't ever say anything about what it was that Maff did.