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  1. BradyQuinnManCrush

    The MagicJack Offseason Bowl

    Tebow might as well come back, he'll be nothing more than a 4th round pick to play fullback or tight end.
  2. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    Episode irrellivant: Season 16 Seven-Beer Snitch
  3. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    Gert chooses Season 2 Bart the Daredevil I choose Season 4 The Front and Season 12 Children of a Lesser Clod I'll mace you good!!! Gert will be back tonight to make his next pick.....
  4. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    Gert is on vacation, so I'll be making his picks for him. Gert takes Season 5 Marge on the Lam starring miguel sanchez I'll take season 8 The Homer They Fall and Season 12 Homer vs Dignity Finally Gert now takes season 11 Take my wife sleaze
  5. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    I'll try to screw this up again, Season 9 Lisa the Skeptic Wiggum: Everybody's heard of an angel, who ever heard of a neanderthal? And...Season 11 Missionary: Impossible Homer: I'm not not licking toads.
  6. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    My bad, someone's already had some sweet can. So I will take season 10 Wizard of Evergreen Terrace.
  7. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    Sorry I"ve been a little out of the loop lately, but I'm back. Since I've got two missing picks, I'll take from season 6 Homer: Bad Man cuz who doesn't like some sweet can? and....season 12 Hungry, Hungry Homer. Homer: Why do you look like caesar romero? Ceasar Chavez: Cuz you don't know what caesar chavez looks like.
  8. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    Last pick in the third round: Season 8 The Springfield Files Homer: We were sitting in barney's car eating packets of mustard. And to start off round 4: The episode about the family from a town in Northern Kentucky from season 11"Simpsons: Behind the Laughter" Homer: The fame was like a drug. But what was more like a drug was the drugs.
  9. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Rock Band Draft

    Yo! I'm down!
  10. BradyQuinnManCrush

    The Smart Marks Greatest Song of the 60s Tournament. Round 5

    GROUP A "Respect" by Aretha Franklin vs "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye GROUP B "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival vs "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles GROUP C "My Generation" by The Who vs "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys GROUP D "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan vs "Gimme Shelter" by Rolling Stones Still pissed there's no Sam Cooke left
  11. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    I draft Homer at the Bat from season 3
  12. BradyQuinnManCrush

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    I draft from season 13, Weekend at Burnsie's.....
  13. BradyQuinnManCrush

    The Great TSM Wrestling Survey

    General Interest Questions 1. Who are you and what's your business here? I got here because a friend of mine, Gert T, told me about this. I'm a big sports fan and simpsons nerd so this seemed like a logical place to hang out. Also a former wrestling fan which I will go into shortly. 2. When did you discover an interest in wrestling? I got into wrestling when I was a kid in the 80's. Watching the All American wrestling every sunday afternoon. I rented all the ppvs on video. I loved wrestling. 3. The Company Line: A. Which companies have you actively followed in your tenure as a wrestling fan? WWF was always my fav, and it will always be WWF to me. B. What have some of your favourite companies been? Your least favourite? (In theory, your answer can be the same - if you were growing up a fan of the technical wrestling WCW brought to the table but thought the end of the line for them was some of the worst television this side of My Mother The Car, that's cool). Again WWF was my fav. Still watched WCW. I miss flipping back and forth on monday nights during the war. C. What is your favourite company right now? Any reason why? If I had a fav company now it would still be WWE. 4. (Not So) Favourites: A. Who were your favourite wrestlers (or gimmicks) growing up / when you first started watching wrestling? My favs were Tito Santana and Rick "the model" martel, plus jake the snake, the rockers, jimmy snuka, mr. perfect, undertaker, HHH, Sabu...too many to name B. Who were some guys you couldn't stand? not too many, there were some douchebags like the rougeaus and dino bravo C. Who are your current favourites (if applicable / different from A.) Undertaker and HHH are still my current favs D. There was a 4th question here, but it basically ripped off the entire premise of a thread (or more than one thread, in theory) that already exists in General. Specific Questions about your Interest 5. How would you gauge your current interest level in the product? Do you still get butterflies of excitement that make you look forward to upcoming PPVs? Did you ever? Do you watch every televsied wrestling program live, or just a few - and FF'd via DVR at that? If you consider right now to be the most interested in wrestling you've ever been, the rest of the questions in this section can be skipped over. I used to be intersted and occasionally excited to see ppvs. I would watch every monday and most ppv's. 6. At what point in wrestling history (if it's not now) would you consider your interest to have been at it's peak? When were you compelled to watch every second of televised wrestling AND shell out money on PPVs, get excited about the release of video games, have TV/PPV parties with friends, etc. During the late 90's at the height of the wars was a big time. I was all about it and the pressure of having to beat the other program made it one of the best times in wrestling. 7. At what point could you tell your interest was dipping and why do you think this happened, or what specific event(s) triggered the decrease? Was there anything even specific? Just a gradual interest loss of interest? Retirement (or death) of a favourite? A boring title reign on SmackDown in the Summer of 2004? I gave up wrestling a few years ago. I remember the exact ppv that did it. I was disturbed when I watched the crap that is mark henry fight for a title against JBL at royal rumble. Never thought I'd see that bs. Then the rumble threw me over the edge. After I saw that midget Rey Mysterio win the rumble tossing out Kane and HHH and 28 guys twice his size, I said they've finally done it. I can't watch this crap anymore. I can't suspend my disbelief this time. I gave it up and have not watched a whole show since. Cold turkey was my way to go. 8. Have you ALWAYS stuck with wrestling even during times of low interest, or are there any lengths of time you stopped watching for a period only to come back at a later date? I had a mid 90's break from wrestling, but came back in a couple years. 9. If applicable, at what point did you decide to pack in the wrestling fandom? see question 7......I'm still mostly done Interesting Questions of a Somewhat Random Nature 10. What style of pro wrestling best resonates with your personal tastes? Has it always been this way, or have your tastes changed over time? I just like a quality match, no necessary style. 11. Where do you "draw the line" with the whole "suspended disbelief" deal? Do you tell critics to "relax because it's just wrestling and you should enjoy the matches" (aka TNA fans about everything that happens on Impact!), do you come up with solutions that the writing team didn't bother to think about but you figure "it's there if you read between the lines" (aka "WWE Apologists"), somewhere inbetween, or do you take your greatest joy in watching wrestling to deconstruct everything that makes no sense? See question 7 again. 12. Do you attend live events? And more specifically, do you get a thrill out of big arena shows, do you prefer the smaller 'intimate' settings of the local indy show, or would you rather forget the whole thing and watch everything unfold on your HDTV without dealing with 'the marks'? I've been to a few RAW's live and they were great. I went to one ECW ppv and it was incredible. But the best show's I went to were 2 Brian Pillman memorial events. I'm sorry they ended. 13. If applicable, what are the best and worst experiences you've had going to a show live? Best match I've ever seen was the Pillman event match with Benoit vs. William Riegel right as Riegel was about to come back after I believe it was a drug rehab stint. The two put on the best show ever and I will never forget it. 14. What are your favourite matches, moments, or events? Benoit vs Riegel was number 1 Rock vs Hogan the first time at WM was an incredible experience and I'll rank it number 2 Undertaker vs Foley Hell in a cell number 3 My favorite events were always royal rumbles and survivor series just because the matches were so different. Plus any events with commentary by Bobby Heanan and Gorilla Monsoon. They were the best. The guys today can't hold a candle to them. 15. Freestyle Add any closing remarks you feel are absolutely necessary to letting TSM know your thoughts on wrestling. Even though I don't watch regurlarly I still miss it in a way. I still find myself checking in on old compilation DVDs. I own the jake roberts. I still own lots of old ppv videos. I rented the Piper DVD. I miss the old days. But I will probably never be in to it the way I was. Maybe when I have kids of my own I will get that feeling back. Here's to all of you still keeping it real. I might not watch anymore, but my memories will always be "absolutely perfect".
  14. BradyQuinnManCrush

    I hope Frank Caliendo dies soon

    I agree and disagree.....Caliendo is a piece of shit. But his Madden, Barkley, and Rome impressions are pretty spot on. He should have just been limited to doing those impressions in 2 minute skits on sports pregame shows. His show was awful the one time I gave it a shot. As for Dunham, I think he's funny as hell. I think he's gone a little hokey since his special got popular a couple years ago. Now it's starting to drag a little and he needs something new to spice it up again. (No jalepeno on a stick pun intended)
  15. BradyQuinnManCrush

    The Smart Marks Greatest Song of the 60s Tournament

    Round 4 GROUP A "Respect" by Aretha Franklin vs "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Cream "The House Of The Rising Sun" by the Animals vs "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye GROUP B "Hey Jude" by The Beatles vs "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles vs "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison GROUP C "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis Presley vs "My Generation" by The Who "Purple Haze" by The Jimi Hendriz Expierence vs "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys GROUP D "Venus in Furs" by The Velvet Underground vs "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan "Gimme Shelter" by Rolling Stones vs "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong I can't believe there's no Sam Cooke left........bastards!