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  1. lee_hero

    CTDWAT: Indies/Overseas/General

    would be nice to see the pic. at the Nashville show on December 2nd, a guy was at the end of the entrance in the crowd when Aries was going back to the locker room. They ended up getting into a major confrontation and had to be separated. The guy didn't get thrown out, but as soon as the incident was over he went to the bleacher area and sat with a bunch of people that looked to be there in some other capacity than to watch the show. The whole incident just seemed like a work to me then. And now with another Aries fan incident happening. I just wonder if it was the same guy?
  2. lee_hero

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Tell me about it. For some reason though, I never picked up The Jake The Snake dvd. May drop by the local FYE tomorrow and pick up the set that has it since they are so cheap.
  3. lee_hero

    Best Looking Championship Belts

    Bradshaw's Texas Hardcore Title. Wish I could find a good pic of it. For some reason that belt just always struck me as being amazing. I'm a huge fan of the belts for Dragon Gate as well. The whole thing with having to have the key to the belt to challenge for it intrigues me as well.
  4. Don't really know if this is when Austin was cut or not, but it could be another factor in Austin wanting another belt made. This is an excerpt from a Joe Marshall interview in WWE Magazine.
  5. According to WWE Magazine's The Complete History of Champions Special Edition from 2007, here are some of the facts regarding the "Making of the Spinner Belt" 8 Plates on the belt [main plate, 4 side plates, the spinner, the eagle and the champ banner], most belts have only 5 plates. $8,000 - cost of the computer software used to design the belt 90 - days it took to construct the belt 4,000 stones painstakingly attached by hand to the title $60 - cost of the special Japanese skateboard bearings used to formerly make the belt spin
  6. lee_hero

    TNA DVD Thread

    Here's a couple of upcoming releases January 6 - Bound For Glory 2008 April 14 - Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain and for those of you who collect, the recent Cross The Line 3-pack including Victory Road 2008, Hard Justice 2008 and No Surrender 2008 has 3 different covers. Booker T Cover - available at FYE stores {the local FYE has this thing on sale for $14.99] AJ Styles Cover - Best Buy only Christian Cage Cover - all other outlets
  7. lee_hero

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    few new dates.... March 10 - SummerSlam Anthology Vol 1 & 2 March 17 - No Way Out 2009
  8. I never liked the spinner belt. but however, I think the new ECW belt is pretty sweet. And ECW doesn't have a big enough roster to support another title. Maybe they could have a hardcore title to span across all 3 shows. Like have a tourney or something to declare the inagural champ, then make it where any wrestler who wins like say 3 hardcore/no dq/extreme matches in a row could challenge for the belt. If it meant they were gonna bring back the stupid 24/7 rule, I would totally be against the hardcore belt coming back. That whole tirade was a cluster-fuck of epic proportions. You couldn't keep up with who the champ was.
  9. lee_hero

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    You get 2 extras.... 1] Great Khali and Ranjin talk with Shawn Michaels about their Survivor Series win. 2] Jeff Hardy VS Undertaker Extreme Rules Match from November 14 Smackdown
  10. lee_hero

    Merry Xmas!

    Jericho book is amazing. My favorite wrestling book to date. Haven't gotten a chance to read Hitman's new one. I got some pretty cool wrestling related gifts. [to get back on topic] new CM Punk "Fists" t-shirt pack with the hat and dog-tags CM Punk "Ribs" t-shirt Edge Decade of Decadence set Survivor Series 2008 Definitive Ric Flair Collection Most Powerful Families in Wrestling Pretty good haul. All my friends and family know I love wrestling, so that's what they always get me.
  11. lee_hero

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    In regards to the bonus tribute shows packed in the Eddie sets, all Benoit appearances and mentions are cut out. I just watched the both of them the other night. On another note, while watching the Kane dvd, there's a match with X-Pac & Kane VS Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett for the tag straps from Raw that seems to have the audio edited. Sounds kinda like they tried to edit the crowd chants of "You're a nugget". Anyone else notice this?
  12. lee_hero

    WWE SmackDown - December 19, 2008

    I sure as hell hope not. This could lead to a feud with Mark Henry over Mae.
  13. lee_hero

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Elijah may indeed be TNA bound.... Elijah Burke posted photos of himself kissing TNA Knockout SoCal Val on his Myspace page. He released the following statement regarding the photos. "Well, since some of you have heard, asked, or seen the pics in the tagged photos section (and who knows where else), I have only this to say, 'I love Val, she is my friend, and whatever happened between her and I, will stay between us.'"
  14. lee_hero

    The Shoot Interview Thread

    For the most part Memphis is just low-rent and so deeply southern-fried that it could only be tolerated in small doses. It was racial. Outside of Lawler the wrestling wasnt great. They had some of the stupidest, lamest gimmicks ever conceived and they had this horrible penchant for siphoning all the talent out of their heels so that they were all cookie-cutter bastard types that had to rely on cheating to win. The glass ceiling was built into their infrastructure. Memphis was either for washouts and local rednecks or for guys who were up and coming and would leave before they arrived because the conditions were so bad. Its sad to hear over and over that guys were just starving there. Bill Dundee and Dutch Mantell say otherwise. Also Koko B Ware was awesome as was the RNR Express, Ricky Gibson, Eddie Gilbert, Tommy Rich(before he got fat), Buddy Landell etc etc. But yeah it's not for everybody. Anyone have the Fuller Shoot? Being a local, I grew up on Memphis wrestling and am very saddened to see it become what it has under the Cory Maclin regime. I have to agree with you on all of those great names out of Memphis except for Dundee. I never cared for that guy and every dealing I've ever had with him was bad. Eddie Gilbert is probably the greatest talent to ever come out of the territory, arguably. You left out the one guy I always thought was the best though, Austin Idol. That guy could get a crowd riled up like no one I've ever seen. And on the Koko B. Ware note, I was watching the 1991 Royal Rumble the other day and during his match with The Mountie, Koko hit what I think to be the best swinging neckbreaker I've ever seen. Never been a fan of this move as it pretty much always looks like shit, but somehow Koko nailed the perfect one. I was just wondering why he never used that move more often.