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    I was born with a chronic lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis that affects the lungs & pancreas among other organs of the body. So when I'm sick a lot, I enjoy surfing on the web and watching 1970s and 1980s wrestling. <br /><br />In enjoy spending time on MySpace. I've created a MySpace page for WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand, which gives a weekly in-depth schedule of the content that's on WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand.
  1. WWEwrestling

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    Well, there goes the Wrestlemania IV build up. Why did they skip 3 weeks of Prime Time Wrestling? They skipped the following Prime Time Wrestling 2/29/88 Prime Time Wrestling 3/7/88 Prime Time Wrestling 3/14/88 That's a lot of shows to skip. Here are the matches from Graham Cawthon's History Of The WWE http://www.thehistoryofwwe.com/primetime88.htm
  2. WWEwrestling

    The "Vent about not having Program X on 24/7" Thread

    Yeah they really censored the John Cena VS. JBL "I Quit" match for the WWE Championship from Judgment Day 2005. They only censored close up shots of Cena and JBL, but when they were in the ring and it was a far away shot (even when they were facing the camera) they didn't censor it.
  3. WWEwrestling

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    Gorilla Monsoon's Hall Of Fame career was already celebrated back in June 2007. I believe this marks the 3rd time they've repeated a wrestlers Hall Of Fame career. Harley Race (October 2006 & September 2008), and Gorilla Monsoon (June 2007 & April 2009). I wanna say "Superstar" Billy Graham as well, but I don't think he's been repeated since I got this service in August 2006. I could be wrong. I don't have it wrote down as it being a repeat. That's ok, I can't wait for the classic Monsoon matches. Expect the 70s indeed.
  4. WWEwrestling

    Do you watch all the stuff?

    Yep, that one has been shown. It was back in August 2006, the same month WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand came to Comcast. It's on the schedule in my previous post. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll re-air it sometime in the near future.
  5. WWEwrestling

    Do you watch all the stuff?

    I watch all the shows from month to month. I admit to accidently not watching a match here and there. I even record (as in keep record here on the computer) of every match/event I watch so I don't watch it a second time. I'd have to check, but my last count was 2,200 matches that I've watched since August 2006 when WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand debuted on Comcast Digital Cable. I think Flight WWE 24/7 was the theme for that month. It was basically matches that took place across the world. They celebrated the Hall Of Fame career of Nikolai Volkoff. Here was the schedule WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand Schedule For August 2006
  6. WWEwrestling

    WWE Old School

    I really enjoy these old school cards. I just wish they'd show more cards from the 1970s. I'm not complaining one bit, because these gems are a real treat.
  7. WWEwrestling

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    I know it takes me about 2 hours to update the entire in-depth WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand schedule over on my page. Normally it's only about an hour, but each month it takes longer because more content is added in the beginning of the month. I figure tomorrow things will be updated over on WWE.com.
  8. WWEwrestling

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I apologize if this topic has been discussed before. Here's the cover artwork and match listings for the new "WWE Greatest Superstars Of The 90s" 3-disc DVD. This kinda looks like the advertisement poster from In Your House: Backlash 1999. The same font maybe. Release date: April 14th 2009 Artwork & match listings- Credit Silvervision.co.uk Match listings Disc 1 Tazz - Introduction Shawn Michaels From the Smallest Champion to the Largest Yokozuna Samoan Culture The Rock Drawing the Casual Fan Women of the 90s Tough and Sexy Kevin Nash Battle for Superstardom Owen Hart Fun Filled Memories Ric Flair Infamous Figure Mick Foley The Quest for Success Not So Great Stars of the 90s The Reinvention Hulk Hogan Attitude and Controversy Triple H Technical Savvy Bret Hart Pop Culture Phenomenon Vince McMahon / Eric Bischoff / Paul Heyman The Total Package Lex Luger The IT Factor Sting The Bad Guy Razor Ramon Respect The Undertaker A Rebel Stone Cold Steve Austin Tazz - Close Extras • Razor Ramon – Restaurant Vignette July 11, 1992 • The Undertaker Builds a Coffin for Yokozuna December 1993 • Bret Hart – New Generation Vignette July 1994 • Owen Hart Inside a Steel Cage August 20, 1994 • Shawn Michaels Press Conference Before WrestleMania XI February 28, 1995 • Hunter Hearst Helmsley - "Riff Raff" April 15, 1995 • Mankind – “And God Created Mankind” January 6, 1996 • Scott Hall & Kevin Nash N.W.O. Vignette August 19, 1996 • The Hart Foundation Reunites March 31, 1997 • D-Generation X Reenacts the Montreal Incident November 24, 1997 • The Rock Reads Steve Austin’s Eulogy April 19, 1999 • Steve Austin remembers the Shockmaster Disc 2 Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan Madison Square Garden - November 30, 1991 WWE Championship Match Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Survivor Series - November 25, 1992 WWE Championship Match Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna King of the Ring - June 13, 1993 Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart WrestleMania X - March 20, 1994 Intercontinental Championship Match Diesel vs. Razor Ramon Superstars – April 13, 1994 International World Heavyweight Championship Match Sting vs. Vader Slamboree – May 22, 1994 WWE Championship Match Bret Hart vs. Diesel Royal Rumble – January 22, 1995 WWE Women’s Championship Match Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano Monday Night Raw – April 3, 1995 Disc 3 Triple Header Match Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Yokozuna & British Bulldog In Your House – September 24, 1995 #1 Contender Match Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels In Your House – February 18, 1996 WWE Championship Match Shawn Michaels vs. Vader SummerSlam – August 18, 1996 Steel Cage Match Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley SummerSlam – August 3, 1997 WCW Championship Match Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan Monday Nitro – August 4, 1997 WWE Championship Match Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker SummerSlam – August 30, 1998 United States Championship Match Sting vs. Bret Hart Halloween Havoc – October 25, 1998 Strap Match Triple H vs. The Rock Fully Loaded – July 25, 1999
  9. WWEwrestling

    Coliseum and WWE Home Videos

    The fact that you put that pic in every one of your posts fascinates me. I'm sorry about that Bob. I couldn't see the last 6 buttons where you put your signature at. I was on a different computer, so that could've been the problem. I'm not sure what the problem was, but now I can see them.
  10. WWEwrestling

    WWE 24/7 Classics OnDemand General Discussion

    I'm sorry about that. I couldn't see the last 6 buttons where you put your signature at. I was on a different computer, so that could've been the problem. I'm not sure what the problem was, but now I can see them.
  11. WWEwrestling

    WWE Old School

  12. WWEwrestling

    WWF Survivor Series 1991 & This Tuesday In Texas

    I remember going to Survivor Series 1991 here in Detroit. It was a fun event. I believe it was my first time seeing the Undertaker in person. Definitely one of my favorite Survivor Series pay-per-view events, mostly since it was my first time going to a Survivor Series event. I enjoyed seeing this on WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand.
  13. WWEwrestling

    WWE Old School

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes. I didn't know this message board critiqued all that. I'll be sure to use a different spell check program, I guess it didn't catch the mistakes, nor did I. This is the program that I use. http://www.spellcheck.net/ I'm in the hospital (sick) so I had to finish up that post quickly. Wish I had more time on the PC. I think I typed 'Moonsoon' because I was talking to a nurse about moon pies just several minutes before that post. I guess it was on my mind still. HA! I'll be sure to use a better program in the future. Thanks for understanding.
  14. WWEwrestling

    WWE.com Legacy

    I can't wait for April, May, and June. Oh my!
  15. WWEwrestling

    WWE Old School

    How did I goof up? ::confused:: I thought it was Monsoon, just asking for other people's thoughts on the matter. Sorry if it sounded like I didn't think it was Monsoon.