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  1. I was watching an Edge match from a few years back. Couldn't remember if he was face or heel at this point but the reaction he got was for the most part good. There were a lot of front row smarks chiming in with their two cents on Litagate (this was before Hardy went public with it for no reason other than publicity) one master orator came up with "Why did you leave your wife?!" It ruined my enjoyment and seemed to get to Edge. Of all the off limits banging that probably goes on on the road it seemed unfair that Edge was getting so much heat. Take those pricks who think they are smart for reading Flat Hardy's myspace and show them HBK's or Trips' or ANYONE'S list of rats for that year. As if Copeland was the only wrestler ever to get caught up in infidelity on the road.
  2. Optimus Esc

    Moments So Contrived

    The reaction on commentary to Undertaker's intention to embalm Austin alive seemed very contrived. With such an extreme angle its always good to include some kafabe bending back at the arena such as Jim Ross calling the police and leaving the announce position and possibly showing a shot of him with a bunch of faces in a car racing to save Austin, leaving a confused King apologising for technical difficulties like it was a shoot. When they came back from commercial with everyone at the arena still just watching what was going on you knew Austin was going to be fine. "Bah Gawd that looks like a funeral home! Are they going to go through with this King?" or words to that effect.
  3. Optimus Esc

    Heel Characters That You Agreed With?

    On a side note, the way Angle no sold his pyro and just stared at the cell in fear was fantastic, especially for the short time he'd been there. I too agreed with Jericho on most of his anti HBK promos. What gets me is the prayer schtick. If it was part of his gimmick then fine, but we have seen no Sweet Psalm Music, no Holy Elbow drops. It seems the prayer thing was tacked on to the gimmick by Michaels for self indulgence. Out of all the baby faces with strong religious beliefs outside of kayfabe there have been none who include them in their gimmick out of character like that. They wouldn't be allowed to do that. Not to knock religion, my point is if Paul Levesque became a pagan we wouldn't see Triple H conduct a bloody goat sacrifice on the ramp and then continue his gimmick as normal. But then he does have an A and a B gimmick to keep him occupied when things get stale. Michaels has no such luxury other than using the DX theme on occassion.
  4. Optimus Esc

    24 -- Season 7

    Jack yelling "Get an ambulance!" after the president's husband was shot has to be the most Bauer-ific delivery so far. Take that miss female Curtis. You better get that ambulance. Jack doesn't care you're standing right there. The president's husband has been shot and he's going to yell as loud as he damn well pleases.
  5. Optimus Esc

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    This got me as well. Perhaps it was wishful thinking but I was expecting a better reaction when he returned to A or B. I don't know, when they stopped referring to him and Edge as brothers when they tagged together briefly as heels in 05 and then when he left for TNA I always had the feeling he would get lost in the shuffle if he ever came back.
  6. What some people fail to realise is the need to script all segments and matches to fit the time slot of the show and the storyline of the product. If you were to look at several scripts for different shows you would see that some guys follow them down to the last word, some use them as bullet points for a pretty much ad libbed promo, some follow most of the script but change a few things here and there to fit their character, some disregard the script entirely and cut their own promo with the same basic point and some Halls and Nashes get sauced and bury you in a way that is more comical and entertaining than a script could ever be. As for Edge, it was a good promo, the mapquest line was funny whether it was written for him or not and I'm sure if he had something funnier to add to it he would have. Fact is, the people who write these segments know what they are doing and it is the wrestler's job to put over the angles booked for them, not the other way round. Of course wrestlers are "Scripted to that extent". Its the whole point!