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  1. 909

    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    LOL. I decided to take the internet less seriously. I don't really care where I post and neither should you, and I certainly don't care if people get mad about me posting here. The discussion on the site is dead so there isn't any reason to post a whole bunch here. In all honesty it was douchey of me to say that I wasn't going to come back here in the first place. There's still some old threads I want to read here for reference and those aren't gone. It's kinda like reading a history book but only not. For instance, I was watching UFC 59 and I wanted to see what dudes said about Tito/Forrest. All the same dudes (save maybe one or two who simply fell off the map) who posted in that thread post at the new forum but how the hell am I supposed to find out what they said at the time while only going there? If pathetically frequent means two unique views a day (cause it only counts one page view per hour as a unique view and all that) then I guess I'm pathetic. However I think that title is more apropos for someone who shows up within two minutes everytime a prodigal poster makes a post, and it never fails. It's too bad you don't have something else to do with your time. Read a book or something. In any case you are the most thickheaded person on this website, so if I post again I'm expecting you to follow me around again. I don't give a shit.
  2. 909

    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    I can explain. First, I didn't know someone was going to start the fake board invasion the next day. I thought the idea would simmer until April Fools Day. So I just said it unknowingly. LOL at how that turned out. Big time LOL at the whole two month thing. Honestly I didn't know. Anyone with a brain could look at the moderating team page and see that we were fucking around. Once someone made the fake account I thought I could have some fun with it. I did. I shouldn't have. I don't remember which posts were made by me. I'd like to know though. Some of them were funny.
  3. 909

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Nah. I've never talked to Milky and whenever I talk to Inc it's kinda weird. Neither are ever in the chats. NYU's never on anymore. You actually forgot some. Are you only looking for those who partake in our chats which I don't usually show up to anymore? I'm trying to start this whole "taking the internet less seriously" thing on the right foot. Relinquishing my mod spot at the new board because I think it being a mod makes me act like an ass is a good start as is trying to be nice or cordial to you even though you continually insult me (although I started it).
  4. 909

    The State of TSM Address

    Yeah, I wrote part of/most of/don't know how much of the rules and I really wish I hadn't wasted a twelve character space on such a fucking idiot.
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  7. 909


    Battlenuts is clearly butthurt and should be left alone to wallow in the pool of blood that has dripped out of his rectum.
  8. 909

    So... what happened?

    I'm hoping to be banned for this one, so I'm going to make it good. Fuck. You.
  9. 909

    New leader.

  10. 909

    Sham-wow punches hookers

    There's another one in NHB.
  11. 909

    Boxing Thread

    The two judges who had that one close are out of their mind. Apparently Andre Berto vs. Juan Urango and Kermit Cintron vs. Alfredo Angulo have been finalized for an HBO card on May 30th. I approve.
  12. 909

    Legends of WrestleMania

    Geez dude, we get it. You don't like this game.
  13. 909

    Boxing Thread

    Margarito's wraps tested positive for "elements of plaster of paris." That would be the end of his career I do believe.
  14. 909

    DECLASSIFIED: Seriously

  15. 909

    MLB Mock Draft

    Bruce Sutter, CL.