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    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    LOL. I decided to take the internet less seriously. I don't really care where I post and neither should you, and I certainly don't care if people get mad about me posting here. The discussion on the site is dead so there isn't any reason to post a whole bunch here. In all honesty it was douchey of me to say that I wasn't going to come back here in the first place. There's still some old threads I want to read here for reference and those aren't gone. It's kinda like reading a history book but only not. For instance, I was watching UFC 59 and I wanted to see what dudes said about Tito/Forrest. All the same dudes (save maybe one or two who simply fell off the map) who posted in that thread post at the new forum but how the hell am I supposed to find out what they said at the time while only going there? If pathetically frequent means two unique views a day (cause it only counts one page view per hour as a unique view and all that) then I guess I'm pathetic. However I think that title is more apropos for someone who shows up within two minutes everytime a prodigal poster makes a post, and it never fails. It's too bad you don't have something else to do with your time. Read a book or something. In any case you are the most thickheaded person on this website, so if I post again I'm expecting you to follow me around again. I don't give a shit.
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    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    I can explain. First, I didn't know someone was going to start the fake board invasion the next day. I thought the idea would simmer until April Fools Day. So I just said it unknowingly. LOL at how that turned out. Big time LOL at the whole two month thing. Honestly I didn't know. Anyone with a brain could look at the moderating team page and see that we were fucking around. Once someone made the fake account I thought I could have some fun with it. I did. I shouldn't have. I don't remember which posts were made by me. I'd like to know though. Some of them were funny.
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    100 Posts of Solitude

    Nah. I've never talked to Milky and whenever I talk to Inc it's kinda weird. Neither are ever in the chats. NYU's never on anymore. You actually forgot some. Are you only looking for those who partake in our chats which I don't usually show up to anymore? I'm trying to start this whole "taking the internet less seriously" thing on the right foot. Relinquishing my mod spot at the new board because I think it being a mod makes me act like an ass is a good start as is trying to be nice or cordial to you even though you continually insult me (although I started it).
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    The State of TSM Address

    Yeah, I wrote part of/most of/don't know how much of the rules and I really wish I hadn't wasted a twelve character space on such a fucking idiot.
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    Battlenuts is clearly butthurt and should be left alone to wallow in the pool of blood that has dripped out of his rectum.
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    So... what happened?

    I'm hoping to be banned for this one, so I'm going to make it good. Fuck. You.
  9. Goldengreek vs. Roho Winner gets kicked out. I'm going to do something silly, but not serious, to the loser
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    New leader.

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    Sham-wow punches hookers

    There's another one in NHB.
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    Boxing Thread

    The two judges who had that one close are out of their mind. Apparently Andre Berto vs. Juan Urango and Kermit Cintron vs. Alfredo Angulo have been finalized for an HBO card on May 30th. I approve.
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    Legends of WrestleMania

    Geez dude, we get it. You don't like this game.
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    Boxing Thread

    Margarito's wraps tested positive for "elements of plaster of paris." That would be the end of his career I do believe.
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    DECLASSIFIED: Seriously

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    MLB Mock Draft

    Bruce Sutter, CL.
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    DECLASSIFIED: Seriously

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    More Gay Marriage?

    You are making it seem as if I am anti-gay or anti-gay rights. I have stated repeatedly in many other threads that it is wrong that gay people are not provided the same rights as heterosexual couples. You can find it if you want. Right now I'm eating and I'm not going to find something just to appease you. Given that my account was deleted a few weeks ago, it may be hard to find it. What I said here is A.) People vote against propositions featuring gay marriage because people find it gross. It is absolute, undeniable FACT that they do. B.) You'll also find that the number of people who don't want gays to be happy are also a fringe group. Then I provided an example. I don't speak for every Christian, just as those people who go on TV and spout garbage don't speak for every Christian. C.) That I get mad when gays compare their struggle to those of blacks and Mexicans. That's just an opinion, it has nothing to do with religion or whatnot, it's just my opinion. It is not right and it is not wrong. D.) Many people don't want their kids to be taught in school that it's okay for two people of the same sex to be married. And that was made clear on Election Day. I said I'd rather have my kids learn something like that at home, and that's not wrong. I don't go to church, but if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't want them learning it there. The only issue I have had with your argument is the talking snake thing. I'm not mad about any of this stuff, it's just talk. I don't appreciate that "909's going to wave his e-dick shit." You know I wouldn't, especially not over something like this. You are spouting that point without rhyme or reason, and making it seem as if people worship a talking snake. You have constantly gone back to this in every thread as if it were a crutch. I decided not to be rude until you ran away from discussing it.
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    National Security & Defense

    They have already used that tactic against Ukraine, as I'm sure you know. I do think they would use that tactic against our allies in Eastern Europe to keep us from accomplishing any sort of goal there that would be more beneficial to the United States than it would be to them. Would they do that to Western Europe though? Nope. Maybe reduce deliveries. Not stop them.
  20. 909

    National Security & Defense

    This is, frankly, absurd. The US outspends Russia militarily greater than 10 to 1. Let me say that again, TEN TO ONE. We also have have more active duty troops and close to as many total troops, not to mention that our troops have superior training and are way better equipped. I could go into our staggering naval and airpower advantages, but I believe I've made my point. Let me explain what I said, although that was admittedly a dumb statement. We are stretched on two fronts at the moment, morale is low, and our populace, by and large, has minimal to no interest in adding another front to the fold. Our allies in Europe aren't necessarily as willing to allow us to compete in a dickwaving contest with the Russians. They need their gas and Russia can cut it off whenever they please. A sizable (not saying large) portion of our military budget is waste, and were we to be drawn into a long, drawn out conflict with a large military, we would need to streamline and cut out the excess. I'm meaning to say that unfortunately some of that budget number is junk. I also have a hard time believing that Russia's budget number is actually that small. Yes, clearly, were we to pull back from those fronts, we have an advantage, and without it we also have a large advantage. Add NATO into the equation and it is even more so. yes One last thing, how are we supposed to normalize relations with Cuba when they're interested in strengthening military ties with Russia? Perhaps taking that step with Cuba is a good idea so as to assure that this Cuban-Russian relationship doesn't get taken to a point at which we start making demands of Cuba over a possible Russian problem when we could have had things a lot easier.
  21. 909

    More Gay Marriage?

    Oh trust me, I'm not about to do anything. But rather than running away like a bitch, you can point out where it says that we are supposed to worship the snake rather than repeating the same thing over and over again, unchecked by anyone. Now that someone confronts you about it (and unfortunately not very many people are going to say anything, because you are just going to repeat the same shit over and over again as if you're continually copying and pasting it from other posts rather than wasting time typing it more than once), you run away like a coward rather than argue whatever point it is that you're trying to make? I'm just pointing out how fucking lame that is.
  22. 909

    More Gay Marriage?

    Rather than continuing to post talking snake talking snake talking snake talking snake over and over and over and over and over again, snuffy can point out where it says that we are supposed to worship it and follow it as our God. And I'm only saying that because it is beginning to become a detriment to discussion. kplzthx
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    March PYBO: WrestleMania IV

    My meaningless ratings and tidbits that nobody will read. Battle Royale - 7/10. I only rate these matches by how the match was wrapped up. This went well. It's one big jobber fest, but that's okay. It served it's purpose at the end. Jim Duggan vs. Ted DiBiase - Average, nothing bad about it. But nothing good either. *1/2. Dino Bravo vs. Don Muraco - This was just horrible. Fortunately it was very short. Botches, bad finish, DUD. Ricky Steamboat vs. Greg Valentine - YES. ***. Butch Reed vs. Randy Savage - *1/2. I like Reed. One Man Gang vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - Really lame match, with a really lame finish. 1/4*. Rick Rude vs. Jake Roberts - Ugh. Started off well (I mean a very short start, mind), but finished with a lot of chinlock. Gotta dip into the negatives. -*. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hercules - I'll be nice and call it a DUD. In truth, it is worse than the other match I DUD'd, but at least this one had a finish. I don't know why in the world this was put on PPV. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant - It really isn't too bad. Speaking strictly in terms of whether the match was good or not, I like it better than the other two matches they had in that one year time-frame. As a spectacle, it doesn't compare, but that's okay. *. Don Muraco vs. Ted DiBiase - Good, but short. DiBiase could not possibly have carried Muraco through anything longer without it falling apart. Muraco was done. **. Greg Valentine vs. Randy Savage - Thank you. ***. If they wrestled at a house show and had a longer match, somebody tell me if and where I can track it down. This was the good stuff. Brutus Beefcake vs. Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Championship - There have been four worse matches already. I have always hated this match. I'll still give it 1/2*. Laughably bad. The British Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware vs. The Islanders and Bobby Heenan - As has already been mentioned, the angle was terrible. The match was not so much. We got a great line from Jesse in which he said that Heenan was dressed like a "china man." That was just as funny as when Heenan picked up the pinfall over Koko. I had forgotten all about that. *1/2. Randy Savage vs. One Man Gang - Another REALLY BAD finish. 1/4*. Demolition vs. Strike Force for the WWF Tag Team Championship - Huge pop for the Demolition win. Not surprising. See, I never liked Strike Force. One of the biggest no-brainer booking decisions I have ever seen. **1/4. Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase for the WWF Championship - The people wanted Hogan and they got him. He had to come out and be a factor in that match. At least we got a pretty good SummerSlam main event out of it. Of course they were trying to get there in the first place. Oh yeah, the match. One of my favorites. I love everything about it., the pop being the best part. ***1/4. If the WWF had pushed Savage harder, they would not have had this Hogan problem. Hogan was so over that it was almost a detriment to everything else on this show. That's not his fault. Nobody else even came close to his level. Just...nobody. Vince and company just did not bother with building up other guys. That evened out somewhat (I'm not trying to say it ever evened out, but that it became more balanced than this) as the years went on, thankfully. I hate a lot of the matches on this show, but still love it as a whole. If you follow.
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    Boxing Thread

    Sam Peter weighed in at 265 for his fight against Eddie Chambers tomorrow. What a fucking fat fuck.