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    What the hell Japan

    Yet they edit the pubes out of their porno. Such a fucked-up society.
  2. nl5xsk1

    9/21: #10, Slinging Mohammad Toons

    kkk just has to think about hating Jews or Blacks and his little buddy gets as engorged as it needs to be.
  3. nl5xsk1

    The 2 Lamest Forms fo Pornography

    I count more than two on that list. And thank you for not naming any of the things that I like; I'd hate to e-argue with you over porn.
  4. nl5xsk1


    Hallelujah, holla back
  5. nl5xsk1

    Halloween wasn't that bad

    I read through the Halloween thread here, and have checked out a few others on-line, and I really don't see how people have such huge hatred for the movie. Was it a great movie? No, far from it. But compared to all of the other remakes, reimaginings, prequels, etc, that have come out in the last 5 years or so, it's far & away the best and most entertaining. I liked that Michael Myers was a larger-than-life, long-haired realistic psychopath. I hate horror movies that involve allegedly normal (e.g. not undead) boogie-men in which the bad guy can be shot, stabbed, plummet several stories, thrown through windows, etc, and still get up like it's nothing. But when it's a character that is well over 6' tall and of large proportions, it makes sense that it'll take more to kill them or even keep them down. And the long hair? It's a petty thing for me, but I can't see a psychopath that hasn't talked in 15 years willingly go to get his hair trimmed, nor can I see the administrators at Smiths Grove forcing him to stay close-cropped. And in terms of him just being a bullied kid with esteem issues that finally snaps? I prefer it; it's more realistic. (Plus, how so many people hate Myers but jerk off over Freddie Krueger is shocking to me. Krueger the child-rapist is cool; Krueger the wise-cracking funnyman is beyond lame, IMHO). I loved how they showed that Myers had made countless masks throughout the years; while the mask & hair combination made him look like a member of Slipknot occasionally, I still liked it as a theme throughout the movie. The kid thought that he was ugly and sought safety in a mask. Malcom McDowell was awesome, as expected. I was more suspicious of him in the Loomis role than I was anything else about the movie, and he pulled it off with ease. I dug the "He wrote an exploitative book about Michael Myers" angle, too ... it made him less altruistic. All of the other 'cameo' or guest-appearances was dope as well; I liked seeing so many "name" actors and actresses pop up throughout the movie. And while Sherri Moon Zombie is still a relative amateur as an actress, she's improved 100% since Ho1kC. Oh, and it goes without saying, Cheerleader tirts are a the best tirts of them all ... especially one that wears a Slayer shirt. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.
  6. nl5xsk1

    Halloween wasn't that bad

    He's the one that would rape the neighborhood kids. I'm the one that would have them fellate their dogs and piss in my mouth. So, yeah, you're getting us confused.
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    So, I lurk now

    As some of y'all know, even though I've left TSM, I'm still semi-active at The Pit. A few random TSM references have come up lately, and thus I meandered over to see how things are here at the infamous forums.thesmartmarks.com. I even entered the chat room for about 45 seconds & shared a dialog with Amnesia. I'm not sure if I'll start posting again or not, or even if I'll continue to blog or not. But rest assured, I'll be here silently and anonymously watching you all do what you do so well. +1
  8. nl5xsk1

    kkk Bowl V

  9. nl5xsk1

    So, I lurk now

    I've missed you, too, KKK.
  10. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    And I think phonetically, "windbag douche" would have sounded better than "douche windbag". But that's just one man's opinion. EDIT: And I'm not even sure that "phonetically" is the word that I should have used there. I guess mistakes like that are why I wasn't deemed worthy of the '07 tournament.
  11. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    I vote for Lushus. I just respect his abilities as a message boarder more.
  12. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    That is a picture by famed Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra. If my memory serves, it's of an Israeli soldier, but don't quote me on that part ... my memory's not all that great.
  13. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    We agree on the coolness of "insofar", Czech. That is a very underused word. I consider it comparable to "aforementioned". Both are words that I really like, but use much more frequently in the written form than I do conversationally. Regardless, and taking your usage of breathless with a grain of salt, I stand by what I said. Just because you're fired up to see a post by _______ doesn't mean that every one else is, and just because you're relatively apathetic about a post by _____ doesn't mean that everyone else is. "Vultures" made me laugh.
  14. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    No one - and I mean no one - should fit that description. If you're breathlessly anticipating someone's post on a message board, it's time to re-evaluate things. And just because Lushus doesn't leave you breathless, Czech, doesn't mean that he doesn't have that effect on anyone. Maybe your favorite 6 or 7 are just 'meh' to other people. Different strokes, different folks, as they say.
  15. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Lushus & Czech. And if anyone dares to disagree with my assessment of posters, I declare them dopes and/or cunts.
  16. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    Black Lushus - Lushus is like an e-brother to me Null vote - I can't choose between them, and thus voting for one over the other wouldn't be right. Vitamin X CanadianChris
  17. nl5xsk1

    TSM Poster Tournament 2007

    chave Black Lushus bob_barron Czech Ripper Kingofthe909 AndrewTS gary floyd
  18. nl5xsk1

    kkk Bowl IV: Week 17

    The Patriots will score 27 points on Sunday. N.Y. Giants Philadelphia Baltimore New Orleans Houston Dallas Chicago Jacksonville Indianapolis New England N.Y. Jets Cincinnati Seattle St. Louis San Diego San Francisco
  19. nl5xsk1

    NHL Thread: It's December Now.

    It was the closest thing to pee-wee hockey being on national television as you can get. The puck was by the benches and all 4 Bruins on the ice started going off for a change, leaving nobody at the blueline. Absolutely atrocious. That Columbus game was bad on a lot of levels, especially the officiating, but they really blew it on that line change. How much could TSN really pick it apart? It'd take about 20 seconds to analyze: "The Bruins made a shockingly amateurish line-change in tonight's game, leaving Vyborny a remarkably easy break-away that Tim Thomas couldn't stop." If they expanded their analysis to include all the head-scratching coaching moves that Lewis makes on a daily basis, though, that could last all night.
  20. nl5xsk1

    Chave's Heel Turn

    This is meant to be a legitimate question, and not a flame or a troll, but ... Whatever happened to your retirement from this folder? And, Chave, never go away again. You're too important to the well-being of TSM to leave us.
  21. nl5xsk1

    Another Reason Why Fox Sports Sucks.

    The morning sports recap/highlights show on FSN is infinitely better than Sportscenter ... they show more hockey coverage each morning than ESPN gives all week, combined. And that alone is enough to make me prefer FSN to ESPN.
  22. nl5xsk1

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    No one cares about the game. The derby and the slam-dunk contest are the feature attractions of their respective weekends. Give us a field-goal challenge or something of the sort on Saturday night and people will care for those two days. I've been at a few Pro Bowl and Hula Bowl games where the "Punt, Pass & Kick Challenge" with teenagers elicited more of a reaction from the crowd than the game itself. Actually, they already do a Field Goal Challenge ... I remember Vinatieri and the NFC kicker having a game of "horse" involving attempting difficult and/or off-field field goals. It wasn't more exciting than the actual game <yawn>. No, Ben Roethlisberger has already been named "the next Tom Brady" ... so they want Romo to be the next Ben Roethlisberger.
  23. nl5xsk1

    Best Games of 2006

    Italy over France in the WC Final
  24. nl5xsk1

    Post the number of profile views you have.

    Twenty-nine. Pitiful.
  25. nl5xsk1

    NHL Thread: It's December Now.

    So, the Bruins won last night. But basically played a penalty kill style of "offense" for the last 2 periods ... to the point that they had literally ZERO shots on net in the third period. Yes, it's good that they won. But if the Bruins have any chance of regaining the attention of the Boston sports fans or media, they really need to bring SOMETHING to the table in terms of offensive excitement.