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  1. notJames

    Monday Night Raw 7/27/09

    Was it me or did they tease dissension between Mickie James and Gail Kim? Looks like that might be the next title match, possibly with Beth Phoenix in a three-way. Hopefully that will cut down on James' botchtasticity. And it's good to see a guest host who is genuinely enthusiastic about wrestling. They should have Shaq on more often.
  2. notJames

    UFC 100

    My bad. But I do recall Mir not letting the hold go for seven seconds after the ref stopped the fight. Granted in the heat of the battle guys tend to go a little longer even after ref stoppage, but seven seconds is a bit much.
  3. notJames

    UFC 100

    I hope Brock wins also. I just saw the footage of Mir breaking Tim Silvia's arm after holding the submission long after the whistle. Not that I'm a fan of Silvia, but damn, that's just wrong. I also hope Bisping loses. Not a fan of his, though I rooted for Team UK on TUF. I still think Matt Hamill was robbed when they fought in England. He definitely should have gotten the decision, but the hooligans would've probably rioted if their golden boy had lost. I'll be stopping in Georgia on my way to Disney on Saturday night, so hopefully there will be a Hooters somewhere where I can catch the PPV.
  4. notJames

    ECW 6/30/09

    10-Q. 10-Q very much.
  5. notJames

    WWE General Discussion - July 2009

    It's that old Vaudeville edict... "Will it play in Peoria?" Vince is still under the impression that unless you play on the standard stereotypes, the "simple" folks in Smalltown USA who make up his constituency won't get it. That's why all all Russians are commies, all Hispanics talk like Speedy Gonzalez, and all Asians speak broken Engrish and come out to the same music. Jimmy Wang Yang is the exception... a horrible, horrible exception.
  6. notJames

    WWE General Discussion - July 2009

    Sometimes from far away, Orton looks like one of those overly-caricatured superheroes Arthur Adams draws. Overemphasized muscular limbs and skinny torso. The orange skin doesn't help, especially with his tattoo sleeves. It looks like he's got bruised arms. Speaking of discoloured skin, Christian looks like he's got scurvy. Much too yellow for my taste. Some people might start mistaking him for Yoshitatsu. (I can make that joke because I'm Asian.)
  7. notJames

    ECW 6/30/09

    I wouldn't team all three together at once. Maybe some point down the line, maybe for Survivor Series. And if you had to make Sheamus a face, there's an easy out -- have the Brits oust the Irish rookie and play on the political tension a bit. Stryker would be killer giving the historical background and such. Finley could make a guest appearance now and again to help him out. But yeah, definitely get Burchill and Regal together, if only to ensure more Katie Lea. Woo woo woo!
  8. notJames

    ECW 6/30/09

    I have accepted ECW's role as the proving ground for the young'uns, and was not surprised to see everyone go to the Big Two. It was inevitable. I am, however, excited to see how these new guys pan out, especially Sheamus. Can't way to see Christian remarking on just how pasty white he is. And I like his "Fiery Red Hand" finisher. Not too enthused about Abraham Washington. And I don't like the prospects for Yoshitatsu in an environment that hasn't been too Asian-friendly in the longest time. And as Masked Heel pointed out, it would be great if Regal and Burchill could team again and possibly make them both relevant. And if they hook up with Sheamus for an all-UK team, that could be sick.
  9. notJames

    The 2009 (Great American) Bash thread!

    Because you asked so nicely: Dreamer retained his ECW championship. Rey Rey beat Jericho for the IC title when Jericho ripped off Rey's mask only to find a second one underneath. Rey hit 619, then the springboard splash to win. Ziggler beat Khali when Kane pummeled the Punjabi Playboy with a chair, leaving him easy pickin's for Ziggler's cheap pin. In the tag match, Teddy Long inserted Edge and Jericho making it a triple threat, and the Canucks won the belts. McCool pinned Melina with the Styles Clash to be the first to be both Diva and Women's champ. (ugh) CM Punk retained via DQ when he kicked the ref. Toward the end of the match, Hardy got a three count on Punk, but the ref overruled because Punk's foot was under the ropes and the match was restarted. At some point, Hardy caught Punk in the eye, and Punk "blindly" kicked the ref causing the DQ. (Great subtle heel stuff from Punk throughout and after the match) Cena STF'd the Miz for the victory. Orton retained the WWE belt. First decision went to Orton when Trips got himself DQ'd with a chairshot. With Orton dazed, HHH pedigree'd him on the floor for the Falls Count Anywhere decision. Then for the stretcher portion, Legacy interfered (after teasing dissension backstage) and gave Orton the victory.
  10. notJames


    That would be a Zack Ryder match. You know it...
  11. notJames

    TNA Impact 6/18/09

    The only thing I enjoyed on the programme was the interaction between Black Machismo and SoCal Val. Good stuff. Oh, and Daffney's rack. Woo woo woo!
  12. notJames

    Does anyone remember GLOW?

    Wasn't Tina Ferrari Ivory? I remember one episode where one of the girls in a tag match tried a cartwheel and ended up breaking her arm or dislocating her elbow. I mean you could see the bone almost sticking out of her arm. They played up the injury for weeks after that as a "heinous attack" by whatever opponents were in the rings with her (I think it was Hollywood and Vine). The replays were nasty and abundant. Loved those Farmer's Daughters...
  13. notJames

    No More Mrs. Latina Heat

    Agreed. Hope the family Guerrero is financially secure. And I for one am going to miss evil GM Vickie. She was one of the few bright spots on a shoddy Raw. Seriously. I actually felt sorry for her when she was lambasting the crowd for laughing at her, and even more so when Edge asked for the divorce. Incidentally, does that make Edge a face? The crowd didn't seem to cheer for him at all until he actually said "divorce". If that's what they were going for, I don't think it worked. Evil GM or not, it's usually not cool to dress down a pathetic woman in public, and I think the crowd bought into that.
  14. notJames

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    Does anyone have footage of Kennedy dropping Orton on his bad shoulder? I think I dozed off during Raw's main event and missed it. Nevertheless, good riddance to Kennedy (pause) Kennedy. One trick ponies should all be put out to pasture.
  15. notJames

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    That dude looked like poker pro Mike Matusow. Heh. That's what I thought, too. Didn't know anybody else on here was familiar with the poker pros.