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  1. devo

    Spring Training 2009

    Mets released Jose Valentin today. Godspeed, 'Stache.
  2. devo

    Spring Training 2009

    For the Mets or another team? The Phillies do the same thing, which is an annoyance but inevitable in a 47000 seat stadium. They actually do the same for Red Sox and Yankee series. Well, I was referring to the Reds' Opening Day, since the Mets are opening in Cincinnati this year. It's just annoying because it's one of only three games that I need to attend at that stadium and there's no affordable way of getting in.
  3. devo

    Spring Training 2009

    And yet I can't get tickets to Opening Day at a reasonable price 'cause they went on sale via lottery. Jerks.
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  5. devo

    South Park Season 13

    This is fantastic.
  6. devo

    Where The Wild Things Are

    I dunno. The art direction is pretty interesting and Spike Jonze has an okay track record, so I'm not going to dismiss it out of hand.
  7. devo

    Asian horror films

    My experience with the genre is limited but I did enjoy "Audition" very, very much. One of only a few movies that have legitimately creeped me out.
  8. devo

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Tied at three in the bottom of the ninth after a two-out RBI single. This is intense.
  9. devo

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    This is a pretty great game. I'm surprised there's been no discussion.
  10. devo

    The Amazing Race: Season 14

    I've gotta say it's pretty irritating watching the competitors from any season get all weepy about how tragic living conditions are in whatever shithole they happen to end up at, as if they wouldn't forget about it the second their plane out of said shithole took off.
  11. devo

    NCAA Tournament

    These commercials with the NCAA athletes stepping out of bounds and turning into construction workers and pilots are kinda depressing. They remind me of Field of Dreams.
  12. devo

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Yeah. Didn't really strike me until I saw that the orange noise sticks are branded with GotoPuertoRico.com along with everything else.
  13. devo

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Not that it matters much anymore but does it strike anybody as odd that a team that was in the classic bought so much advertising for the event?
  14. devo

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Sunday's going to be freaking great.
  15. devo

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Cutler really must be as much of a pissant as the rest of the league seems to think he is.